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  1. I too like goldfish, although my favorite are the Parmesan variety (just look for the green and white bag!). Nothing shameful about that though, at least to my perspective. Have you tried the White Cheddar Cheese-its? DIVINE! A little bit more shameful, but I could give a hoot anyhow: I like velveta cheese at times, meted on tortilla chips or even pasta. YUM There is a time and a place when the green shaker plastic can of fake Parmesan cheese is really good with pasta. Sometimes I want the real stuff, freshly granted, albeit at times I have a hankering for the good old green bottle. Again, YUM. I like American cheese (however I also love aged artisan sharp cheddar, all stinky cheeses and all goats, cows, sheep's, and buffalo milk cheeses I have tried...and that is a whole lotta cheeses trust me. I suppose I just don't discriminate . I like cheese puffs....and the cheese balls rule all!
  2. A few weeks ago I tried their chicken meatballs with sun dried tomatoes. Really good ! Glad you liked (since i suggested! Also - glad I am not alone in my fondness of them
  3. I vary. Sometimes i like the mixed snack bowls, often times not though. It's interesting, I tend to eat things is order when there are mixed snack bowl. I will surely grab a handful of everything, but I will eat the X first, the the Y, then the Z....saving my favorite for last. I go in that order, least favorite to most favorite item in the bowl. I LOVE having a variety of food though....just not as much the mixed snackies. For instance, I love having a plate of various cheeses and crackers. But I usually eat in order, similar to preference as stated above. Come to think of it, I actually like mixe3d snack bowls but I would rather "cluster" the items in groups (i.e. goldfish in a lil' pile, pretzels in a lil' pile, etc...and eat in order.). Chex mix is similar, eat the pretzels, then some of the cracker sticks, then some of the dark brown rye/buffalo chips (cause those are the best part). I like the chex mix in regular (traditional) flavor most, then cheddar next. I have a bag of the original unopened in the cabinet now! HAHA. I also like those lentil twists from Trader Joes. I am a HUGE fan of Trader Joes in general. Love their frozen foods (convenience foods, eat or bake and eat items), dried fruits and nuts, chips/other snacky items, sweets/cookies in the boxes and often packaged in the plastic clear tubs like the animal crackers, biscotis(sp?), chocolate covered items, etc....YUM! So pass me the mixed snack bowl, and I will eat it all (usually, I am not too picky) just in groups P.S. A good item for the mixed snack bowl - Trader Joes Peanut Butter filled pretzel nuggets. BEST PB PRETZ NUGGETS on the market by FAR!~
  4. A new product I picked up yesterday....forget the name of them (threw out the packaging already to save space in freezer, packed em' in a ziplock baggie instead )....but they're these Japanese Rice Snack...found in the freezer case. Little triangles on white sticky rice surrounded by some sorta breading type thing....flavored with soy, bonito, and some other things right along the lines of those flavor profiles. They're really really YUM! You just throw them in the oven at 350 for 10 mins or so, or you can even microwave (I did mine in oven to make them better). 8 come in a package, 80 calories each and fat free! Those are just added perks. They are really good. I have never had them before but I guess they are popular...again, they're Japanese. TRY THEM! Anyone know what these are called?
  5. LindsayAnn

    Superbowl Food

    Ginos East Frozen Deep Dish Pizza in oven right now, Jewel (local grocery store) layered taco dip that is known by just about everyone in the Chicagoland area, and it's a really good layer dip, assorted cheese and crackers, cheese fondue, white cheddar popcorn (smartfood brand, my favorite no matter how many "gourmet" brands I try....nothing beats Smartfood brand, Munchos potato chips All Junk food that will be delish nonetheless!!!
  6. OH MY GOODNESS... I think I have found a NEW favorite cheese. And by new, I mean all-time favorite, as in #1. Not just "one" of my favorites. And, it's not every day that I find a cheese to top off my list of BEST cheese. I love cheese, mild and strong/stinky cheese (although I think more often than not I prefer stinky and/or strong/sharp USUALLY). I love hard cheeses, crumbly/firm/crystallized....and I also love soft cheeses, especially OOZY flowing cheeses. One of my favorite cheeses for sometime has been Winnemere. I also like Epoisses a lot. Love Taleggio, etc... Strong/Sharp cheddar's, as in super aged Love them all. Also, I have become a big fan of Goats cheeses, both fresh chevres and aged raw milk goats. I really tend to try not to discriminate when it comes to cheese So, what is this NEW cheese (new for me that is) you ask? Found today, at our local Binny's wine depot, in the gourmet cheese section in the rear of the store I tasted - and immediately purchased - Brescianella. Its a Pasteurized (too bad it's not raw, ) cows milk cheese from Italy. It was located in the glass cheese window next to the Taleggio, and on the description card stated, among other descriptors, "Similar to Taleggio". So I tasted it, since I like Talleggio a lot. Well, I didn't find it similar to Taleggio actually. I liked it WAY better. I could tell just looking at the half wheel of cheese in the case that is was at a MUCH softer, oozier state than the Taleggio that sat next to it. And I was right. This is super super oozy, as in ripe Winnemear Oozy...which is when Winnemere is at its BEST, in my humble opinion. Similar to Winnemere in a sense that they both carry, relatively, the same 'strength' or, 'pungency' factor. As in they are both outta this world delicious strong. So so good. Anyone else try this? And - what are yours thoughts? If you ahve not tried this cheese, please seek it out if you like intense cheeses. MMMM I should also note that I bought a second (new to me) cheese. Dunbarton Glue. It's a mix of raw and pasteurized cows milk, hard/firm cheese. Predominantly cheddar (white, not yellow) with a blue essence (and streak) in it that is actually viable - not just flavored with blue noted....there is a streak of blue within the center-ish of the cheese. This is also very very good. Good for snacking and I am sure everything else. I wanna see how this one melts actually :raz: So, all in all my VERY lazy day was SUPER productive since I found two new delicious cheeses, one being super-duper-stellar.
  7. Funny the mention of sour cream to replace butter/milk in mac and cheese mixes....I do a spin of that with the kraft and/or velveta mac and cheeses (the ones with the silver envelope of gooey cheese, not the cheese powder like the kraft boxed mac and cheeses. With the kraft and/or velveta versions you are only meant to add the cheese (it's already gooey, no milk/butter needed or directed). But, so up the yummy/creamy factor, I use all the cheese sauce it comes with and add a few dallops of sour cream (has to be trader joes sour cream, the best version I have ever found...TRY IT). I add a bit of black pepper also. YUM! (I used to add dried onions...you know those little flakes in the spice area...but I have been out for a while and completely forgot. I love adding those, so now those are on my grocery list!). YUM!
  8. I think Trader Joes has carried this product for quite a while, but while shopping earlier in the week I was motivated to finally pick up a bag to try! I decided to rip em' open today (10 mins ago, haha) and they were actually really really yummy. What are they? The frozen chicken meatballs (in a bag). Pretty good size, and really yummy. Now I believe they were nicely seasoned, maybe a little but salty (which I love, I like overly salty food I think....since I salt soo soo many things that seem to be seasoned fine to others)...but these were good just on their own. I actually tried them as is....no sauce, no add-ons, just the meatballs. I did so because I wanted to determine how much I liked the actual product, not so much what I turned it into or added them to. These wold be great on a pasta, or in a meatball sandwhich! YUM! Anyone else a fan of these??? I haven't seen them mentioned yet on this forum.
  9. Wow, I just noticed all of my confessions have cheese in them! Haha. I do love my cheese that's for sure!
  10. I love Love love Munchos. I used to buy a large size individual bag (funny, that barely makes since, you know the bags with 3 or so servings in them that you ALWAYS eat the entire thing of, hence in reality its ONE serving thank you very much!) when I was in junior high. Every Single Day! YUM! I love canned cheese dip (non spicy please, just pure cheesy goodness, and I always have a few cans stocked in the house. I love making up large batches of pasta (so that there are extras in the fridge...ok ok OR so I can eat multiple servings at once, I prefer spaghetti or egg noodles for some odd reason, and my favorite way to top said pasta is with either butter and Parmesan cheese, or with butter and grated/shredded sharp cheddar cheese. Salt and pepper on both combination's please. Simple and so so yummy. I love eating peanut butter straight from the jar, on a spoon....but hey I am not shamed at all about that one now that I think about it. I Love Bagel Bites pizzas, just bought some today. I enjoy frozen pizzas - totally different than delivery but both have their place in my diet And, I haven't read this one on here yet....wait for it, wait for it......I LIKE, I honestly really really like lunchables. Shutter the glares in my direction!!!! Yup, I said it, and it feels GOOD Just the plain old cracker, ham or turkey and cheese Lunchables. They are so different than making up your own deli meat/cheese/cracker sandwichs. Totally different. While both are good, Lunchables find their way into my shopping cart quite regularly. Kinda similar, I also like Handisnacks (you know the little mini packs that come with four of those butter crackers and a little mini tub of spreadable cheese that you spread onto the crackers with that cute little red cheese wand-things. Love those. Still buy them too!!! P.S. I always like Tostitos Lime Chips!
  11. Not yet! Fingers crossed it'll stay that way. It seems like whenever I need/want canned pumpkin there is strangely a shortage....this happened a couple months ago (like two months ago!).
  12. I got those a few weeks ago! They're still here (I have soo many snack type foods it takes a while to get through them all). But they are opened and about 1/4 eaten. I agree, they're good. Smaller little circles than cheese balls, same airy texture/crunch, salty and yummy with a slightly seaweed taste. Nice light snack!
  13. LindsayAnn


    I enjoy Triscuits....but I have to admit I also have a love affair with Wheat Thins. The original. There are many many other flavored variaties as of late, and they are still coming out with mew flavors of Wheat Things every time I look. Some of the options off the top of my head: Sour Cream and Onion, Rnach, Reduced Fat, Herb and Garlic (I think thats the exact combination), harvest Cheddar, White Cheddar....and there are even more. Again, I prefer the original. So yummy. I love em' plain, and at times with toppings (slices of cheese, etc...).
  14. I haven't seen them in Chicago yet! I even asked a manager at one of the large grocery stores, Dominicks, last week. He told me "Not yet, too early". So - maybe it's just Chicago (or the Midwest) that is slow on the bandwagon. Darnit!
  15. Their Frozen Macaroni and Cheese is to die for. I am/was always a Stoffers Mac and Cheese girl (the red box), but the trader Joes is just as good, if not BETTER. YUM. Cheesy, buttery, so rich
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