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  1. That seems to be a huge menu for such a small restaurant. I would be concerned about his ability both to make a profit and to maintain fresh food stocks !!!!
  2. ... actually, I shouldn't laugh because I am one of Basil's customers
  3. At least that's better than being old and poor, Autumn.....or so they tell me Where is Incognico ?
  4. Pied a Terre is on my "I think I want to go but I'm not entirely sure" list so I can't tell you much about it, except that there have been mixed reports here and elsewhere. I have always found this to be the case in London, as in New York. My only (and hugely enjoyed) visit was for a weekday lunch. The menu was the same as the dinner menu, I believe, and does provide extensive table d'hote options.
  5. Yeah, but they do deliver every week There is something of a shortage of kosher butchers in South London. At the last count there were approximately ... umm .... well about ... er .... none So we phone our order in to Norman and he delivers to us, except every now and then we go there to browse what he has on display, and make sure we're selecting what looks specially good. Norman is very inventive, and he keeps coming up with new pre-prepared dishes, like chicken wings in barbecue sauce, or stuffed lamb chops, or sweet and sour ribs. It was on one of those visits that we smelled the
  6. I enjoyed Gavroche, but found it very very far from quiet. I noted a general high-level buzz when we arrived and by 10pm it had become intrusively noisy. Foliage, Capital and RHR would fulfil your requirements for peace and quiet.
  7. I've had salt beef at Selfrdiges twice in the last four months, and I found it appallingly bad. There is no merit in "authentic" salt beef (whatever that might be taken to mean, since there are five different recipes for every four Jewish mothers). What matters is "Is it delicious?" and on that test my experience is that Selfridges fails. Their beef was tough (unforgiveable) and bland (unacceptable) and phenomenally expensive, I believe. Three weeks ago I discovered by accident that our (kosher) butcher sells hot salt beef sandwiches on Sundays. For £3.50 I got the most divine, perfect, hugel
  8. That absoklutely would have to be the case, CountryGirl, if only the government would allow market forces to take their natural and inevitable effect. But politicians like to wield the power that they worked so hard to obtain, so they insist on interfering in matters where they are neither needed nor wanted. Given that in the USA and UK about 65-70% of people don't smoke, and all of those are bound to prefer a smoke-free environment, restaurants (like all other commercial establishments) would gradually represent that ratio in what they offer the market. Of course that takes time, and since po
  9. This really does surprize me. Even if they ignore humanity of treatment, surely for purely commercial reasons farmers would protect their investment by preventing conditions which make their produce ill. I suspect that much of the treatment referred to in this report is of extreme cases of negligence rather than institutionalized cruelty. This is exactly my reading. That is not to say that exceptional cases of cruelty don't exist, and where they do I am in favor of these being prevented. The AVMA guidelines sound reasonable to me, but I didn't find any mention of whether they have the force o
  10. It's precisely because they're one of the most loved restaurants in NYC that they do get so much criticism I think we've come to expect a lot of Babbo, and we're extra disappointed when we don't get it. I'm glad you got that letter, FID, and even more glad you told us. Please do take up their offer and contact them to say you'll give them that chjance they asked for. I sincerely hope that Ms Selzer's first name isn't Alma or some very similarly spelled name
  11. Wow, Jonathan, that sounds like a truly appalling service experience Dare I ask if you paid, and if so how much tip you left ?
  12. The grouse was the best game bird I've had, and I will certainly go to Wilton's again for game. As Tony says, it is certainly over-priced, and I think even too fuddy for him and me. So you understand we are talking serious fuddiness, folks While I was waiting at the bar, I observed the maitre d' fitting a Frenchman (one of a group of six) with a jacket. The m d' tried three on the poor man before he was satisfied with the result. Oh boy, you should have seen the one he liked
  13. I like your post, McDowell. It saddens me that, as you say, these important and difficult discussions sometimes fall into disrepute. I think it may be that some people just enjoy a fight, maybe there is just a lack of mutual confidence and respect between members of eGullet. It also saddens me when a moderator, who has the responsibility and the authority to moderate the discussion, instead chooses to walk away and leave the thread to degenerate into a rabble-rousing polemic. What is good is that this didn't happen to this thread, and I think that's because Sam did fulfil the moderator's role.
  14. Oh boy, it's such a pleasure to have someone who has real knowledge of the subject, and can even provide source material, unlike a couple of amateurs like Sam and myself Sam, I found your last post surprizingly defenisive, as (I surmise) did Badthings. Your main ripostes to my concerns about the negatives of GM is to say they're no worse than the negatives we already have. While I have said repeatedly that I have reached no conclusion about GM, but I insist on proper research and publication of evidence, you only seem to say that GM has the potential to do wondrous things so let's get goin
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