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  1. @Duvel, thanks for checking on food options in Dresden. Can you by chance recommend a place to stay? We are, in general, going to try to find airbnbs where we can all stay together. One son is not a wine drinker and one daughter-in-law doesn't drink at al,l but if the festivals have good food they might still be an option.
  2. @Duvel, thanks for taking the time to reply. I read and enjoyed your piece. We will be traveling by rail. There will be either 4 or 5 adults, depending on how much time my daughter-in-law can take off from work (she will have just started a new job). She and my son live in Mannheim, although they may move to Cologne after the first of the year. My US-residing son and daughter-in-law and I are flying into Frankfurt. We will be celebrating a birthday while in Berlin. All are adventurous eaters.
  3. I have searched this forum and enjoyed the reading, but there were no recent recommendation for the cities in my upcoming trip in mid-November: Frankfurt, Berlin, Prague, Dresden, back to Frankfurt. I would be grateful for any input.
  4. cyalexa


    I've been adding kimchee to cole slaw recently.
  5. I have returned 2. The first leaked. Anova provided a replacement. It worked for a while then wouldn't maintain the proper temp. I returned it for a refund. I really liked it when it was working properly and hope to buy another one, or maybe a competitor's product, after waiting for the technology kinks to be ironed out.
  6. Has anyone cooked polenta or grits in their CSO? I have been using it for rice and will probably use a similar technique but would be pleased to hear from others about their experience.
  7. Is it empty? It might not move once you have stuff in it.
  8. I posted in March about having my APO replaced due to a leak. The replacement which arrived mid-March does not heat to the set temperature or properly display the correct internal temperature. I contacted Anova support and as directed, I jumped through the trouble shooting hoops, none of which made a difference. I want to return the oven for a refund. I was told that since the original order was in November on 2021 I do not qualify for a refund but they will send a replacement. I have requested the issue be escalated to someone that can authorize a refund as I have had the new oven only about 60 days. I loved the APO when it was working properly. I did not love it enough to repeatedly go through the hassle of wrestling it back into a box and driving to the UPS store, waiting for then unpacking a new one and getting it set up .
  9. My new CSO is up and running. The instructions specify tap water but I wonder if anyone uses distilled water? Also, the instructions specify emptying the water tank after use. Does anyone do that?
  10. cyalexa

    Bacon Jam

    I like bacon jam but really, really like bacon baklava. This is the recipe I used https://www.sunset.com/recipe/bacon-baklava . I usually make a half recipe in an 8x8 because I have no self-control and devour any leftovers.
  11. I have a traditional knife block which I keep covered with a shower cap to prevent dust from getting in the slots. It looks funny but I can remove it if someone is coming over.
  12. @TdeV, I used the sous vide function on some ribs (too rainy and cold to smoke or grill). As best I can tell, the new oven might get a bit steamier than the original.
  13. Couldn't resist. I'll give my leaky one to my engineer son.
  14. There was a fun, active forum associated with that website. It deteriorated after the sale and after trying a couple other forums I found eGullet. A number of the members of the original Taunton forum migrated to a Delphi format as CooksTalk Classic and then to Facebook Cooks talk Classic FB group. The Facebook group is a different group that the "official" Fine Cooking FB Community. The Delphi group is not very active but the Facebook group maintains a core of long-time Taunton hold-overs.
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