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  1. I'm driving to a meeting in NOLA from Oklahoma. I am looking for good food options on the drive. I'll probably drive home thru Dallas but am thinking of making Shreveport my overnight stop on the way south. I have some flexibility and may take 3 days instead of 2 on one leg of the trip - the food orientated version of the scenic route. I'm reading the threads in this forum and am planning on Restaurant Rebirth and Cochon in NOLA. Thanks in advance.
  2. Good afternoon.  Hope your fall is going as planned, I have my experimental fall garden in, now to see what happens.  The reason I am messaging is the Oklahoma Center for the Humanities is having a program coming up in April that sounds very intersting.   Hope this link works.    If not it is on their facebook page.  Here is a brief description.  


    A two-day symposium featuring native foods, films, lectures, and discussion centering on food sovereignty and native food ways.

    I realize it is a long ways out but i have to block things like this otherwise I might schedule a bbq or a steak judging. This program happens at TU btw and every program I have attended by them has been thought provoking.  

    1. cyalexa


      Thank you for thinking of me. I have been devoting all my free time to political and community activism. Right now I'm working on the Oklahoma ACA Open Enrollment Awareness Project. If you are interested send me an email at indivisiblestillwater@gmail.com.


  3. Cuisinart is replacing my rusted oven rack.
  4. cyalexa


    Tried the frozen mussels recently (plain variety). They were quite good.
  5. Re. tops of loaves getting too brown; once the tops are as dark as I want them I have been switching from the bread setting to the warm setting at the max temp of 300F. Only the bottom element heats on the warm setting. I pull the loaves when the desired internal temp is reached. I have only done this with bread in loaf pans as I use my full size oven for other breads. I have also found that periodic rotating and switching helpful for even browning.
  6. Looking forward to the 2/26 pop-up and REALLY looking forward to the open kitchen a la Catbird Seat restaurant.
  7. cyalexa

    What's New in Kitchen Gadgets?

    also good for squeezing salted eggplant slices
  8. cyalexa

    Tomato soup - How to perfect it?

    I like a little blue cheese (50 grams in about a liter of soup) and touch of sriracha in my tomato soup.
  9. Thanks for the reply. I'll probably be going that way again so the info is still useful.
  10. I have done the same, more than once.
  11. I'll check today and PM you. You must promise, however, not to blame me if they become invasive!
  12. If these are the same as garlic chives, and you would like, I will see if I have any seed heads left outside.
  13. cyalexa


    I have purchased individual boneless rib steaks at Aldi and been pleased with their quality for the price (generally $8.99 per lb). I recently bought a standing rib roast for $5.99 per lb and it wasn't very good. It was adequately marbled but not tender.
  14. cyalexa

    The Soup Topic (2013–)

    Yes, let's reconvene then!
  15. cyalexa

    The Soup Topic (2013–)

    I was experimenting with cooking then freezing beets and processing them from the frozen state into soup. I never quite got it the way I wanted it but will probably go back to the drawing board once summer returns.