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  1. I was so glad to be a part of this trip. We had many great experiences in addition to the amazing dinner. I particularly enjoyed the Farmers' market. Thanks to Alex for organizing and to Chris for the report.
  2. cyalexa


    For everyday meals I don't use a recipe and only make 2 servings at a time. I like a little crumbled blue cheese or Gorgonzola, a little buttermilk, a little mayo, shredded carrot and finely sliced cabbage. I've been meaning to try @kayb's jail slaw but haven't yet. If I'm entertaining (which I rarely do anymore) and have time for a lot of prep work I like this: Apple Cowboy Slaw adapted from http://www.cdkitchen.com Serves 8 105g mayonnaise 3 TB fruity vinegar 2 TB sugar 3 TB coarse-grain brown mustard ¾ tsp fine sea salt ½ tsp black pepper 6 cups coarsely shredded cabbage 2 small-to-medium tart red and/or green apples, cored and cut into matchsticks 140 g dill pickles, cut into matchsticks 130g green or red seedless grapes, quartered lengthwise 2TB minced red onion In a large bowl, stir together the mayo, vinegar, sugar, mustard, salt, and pepper. Add the cabbage, apples, pickles, grapes, and onion. Stir to coat. Cover and chill in the refrigerator for 2 to 6 hours before serving. Stir before serving.
  3. @gfron1 or anyone else, lodging ideas?
  4. My preferences 5:45 5 6:15 4 6:45 4 7:45 4 8:15 1 8:45 1 May I have more info about the air bnb? BTW, I will be driving.
  5. @Alex, I may have a plus one. When do you need confirmation?
  6. @Smithy - thanks for the link, I guess my search skills on this site have gotten rusty @kayb - thanks for your kind words. Life is generally good but I am very busy. My new "hobby", being a community activist and organizer seems to be taking up all my time. I still cook most nights and bake all our bread but rarely try a new recipe or do a complicated menu. Looking forward to seeing you in July.
  7. Similar route (Stillwater, Springfield/Osage Beach, STL, Manhattan KS, Wichita KS, Stillwater), new request for ideas. I've eaten at Cafe Cusco. Hoping to get into Bulrush while in STL.
  8. Count me in for the dinner. I'm not a sports fan so probably won't go to the game. Any other activities being planned?
  9. I will be in STL 4/17-4/18 or 19 and am hoping to get a reservation. I unsuccessfully searched for the "eG weekend" @kayb please advise!
  10. So beautiful. I am hoping to dine with you during my upcoming trip to STL.
  11. @kayb and others, 800 watt Ambiano immersion circulatory at Aldi. I assume sale ends 12/12.
  12. Thanks for the reply. I had a great trip - one of my best eating trips ever and that is saying a lot! I had Lucky's on my list but didn't make it. I haven't been on egullet for the last year and a half because I have a new more than full-time volunteer job - political activist and community organizer. I still cook dinner from scratch pretty much every night and bake all our bread but have probably only tried 2 or 3 new recipes in all that time. I noticed your new tag line regarding steaks. I spent $40 on a "Wagyu" rib eye at the farmers' market a couple weeks ago. It looked the part with the extreme marbling and I was pleased with the cook (blazing hot GrillGrate plancha) but it did not taste appreciably better than a good grocery store choice steak. The vendor is my neighbor and I try to buy from him every couple weeks but I think I will stick to his grass fed less expensive cuts in the future. His grass fed round steak did make some kick-ass chicken-fry.
  13. I'm driving to a meeting in NOLA from Oklahoma. I am looking for good food options on the drive. I'll probably drive home thru Dallas but am thinking of making Shreveport my overnight stop on the way south. I have some flexibility and may take 3 days instead of 2 on one leg of the trip - the food orientated version of the scenic route. I'm reading the threads in this forum and am planning on Restaurant Rebirth and Cochon in NOLA. Thanks in advance.
  14. Good afternoon.  Hope your fall is going as planned, I have my experimental fall garden in, now to see what happens.  The reason I am messaging is the Oklahoma Center for the Humanities is having a program coming up in April that sounds very intersting.   Hope this link works.    If not it is on their facebook page.  Here is a brief description.  


    A two-day symposium featuring native foods, films, lectures, and discussion centering on food sovereignty and native food ways.

    I realize it is a long ways out but i have to block things like this otherwise I might schedule a bbq or a steak judging. This program happens at TU btw and every program I have attended by them has been thought provoking.  

    1. cyalexa


      Thank you for thinking of me. I have been devoting all my free time to political and community activism. Right now I'm working on the Oklahoma ACA Open Enrollment Awareness Project. If you are interested send me an email at indivisiblestillwater@gmail.com.


  15. Cuisinart is replacing my rusted oven rack.
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