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  1. Is it empty? It might not move once you have stuff in it.
  2. I posted in March about having my APO replaced due to a leak. The replacement which arrived mid-March does not heat to the set temperature or properly display the correct internal temperature. I contacted Anova support and as directed, I jumped through the trouble shooting hoops, none of which made a difference. I want to return the oven for a refund. I was told that since the original order was in November on 2021 I do not qualify for a refund but they will send a replacement. I have requested the issue be escalated to someone that can authorize a refund as I have had the new oven only about 60 days. I loved the APO when it was working properly. I did not love it enough to repeatedly go through the hassle of wrestling it back into a box and driving to the UPS store, waiting for then unpacking a new one and getting it set up .
  3. My new CSO is up and running. The instructions specify tap water but I wonder if anyone uses distilled water? Also, the instructions specify emptying the water tank after use. Does anyone do that?
  4. cyalexa

    Bacon Jam

    I like bacon jam but really, really like bacon baklava. This is the recipe I used https://www.sunset.com/recipe/bacon-baklava . I usually make a half recipe in an 8x8 because I have no self-control and devour any leftovers.
  5. I have a traditional knife block which I keep covered with a shower cap to prevent dust from getting in the slots. It looks funny but I can remove it if someone is coming over.
  6. @TdeV, I used the sous vide function on some ribs (too rainy and cold to smoke or grill). As best I can tell, the new oven might get a bit steamier than the original.
  7. Couldn't resist. I'll give my leaky one to my engineer son.
  8. There was a fun, active forum associated with that website. It deteriorated after the sale and after trying a couple other forums I found eGullet. A number of the members of the original Taunton forum migrated to a Delphi format as CooksTalk Classic and then to Facebook Cooks talk Classic FB group. The Facebook group is a different group that the "official" Fine Cooking FB Community. The Delphi group is not very active but the Facebook group maintains a core of long-time Taunton hold-overs.
  9. I just got my replacement set up and haven't used it with steam yet. It arrived just in time, my CSO started leaking yesterday.
  10. cyalexa


    This Crofton brand measuring cup is from Aldi. The lines are in the right place as verified by water and a scale but note the labels on the lines!
  11. Prepared the second of 2 cheap CBs from Aldi's. The first was very salty. Soaked the second one overnight, dumped the water, braised in beer as per my usual. The second specimen was not overly salty. Maybe it was the soaking step, maybe it was something else.
  12. Please explain how you desalinate.
  13. My oven is also being replaced (due to drip tray overflow issues). I'm grateful for the good customer service but annoyed by the hassle. I kept my original box (in a guest bathtub!) but that wasn't a requirement for the return.
  14. @rotuts, thanks for the advice.
  15. Aldi had points on sale last week. I bought two. Braised one so far. It was the saltiest corned beef I ever prepared. I rinsed it well before I cooked it. I have purchased corned beef from Aldi in years past and always enjoyed it. I am thinking of soaking the remaining one in several changes of cold water before I cook it.
  16. Sounds great. I may be in St Louis next month on my way to and from Bloomington, where my son and daughter-in-law live. I should be able to make plans late nest week.
  17. @TdeV, I got 24 ounces of liquid upon draining the bag. It turned into a firm gel once refrigerated. It's in the freezer and will likely be used like a stock. What ended up on my counter was just water overflowing from the collection tray.
  18. Yesterday I started the sous vide function for a pork shoulder (in a bag, 165F, 20hrs). I dried the drip tray a couple times, including right before I went to bed. I woke up this morning to an overflowing drip tray and really wet counter. Has anyone else had this problem? BTW, the meat was great, I'm still futzing with the skin which I removed after cooking. I removed most of the fat from it, laid it flat on the pan that came with the oven, salted it and am leaving it in the refrigerator over night. Tomorrow I plan to broil it.
  19. We have had bare pasta aisles in OK too. I have not seen whole wheat rotini for months. While I have not become a hoarder, I no longer practice "just in time inventory".
  20. I just tried the TJ dark russet potato chips and thought they were amazing. Made me think of my mother who loved Wise potato chips.
  21. Aldi occasionally has lamb racks for $9.99. After an APO sous vide session they were seared on my gas grill (upside down grill grates). Really good and no cumbersome bag!
  22. I have also modified some of my tools. When a silicone utensil develops a crack or nick that I think will accumulate bacteria or other junk, I cut that bit off. I have also sanded the edges of my nylon spreaders when they get roughed up.
  23. I'm a somewhat above average home cook. I have a half dozen spoonula-type doodads, six nylon spreaders, and 3 pair (not enough) good quality tongs.
  24. The many things I purchased as a result of reading about them here are a result of being educated, not enabled. CSO, immersion circulator and APO were the three most recent but there have been several others.
  25. A Pike's Peak roast was tossed in as a freebie on a recent order from the farmer from whom I buy my beef. It's a pyramid-shaped roast from the bottom round. It has minimal marbling and connective tissue and weighs about 3 lbs. I want to try to sous vide at 135 F, in a bag, in my APO and slice it thin for sandwiches. I am not sure how long I should cook it. Recipes for chuck roasts (which are a different shape and have marbling and connective tissue) range from 24-36 hours, depending on the source. I'm interested in suggestions. BTW, I didn't like the fan running while proofing dough so put a shallow dish of previously heated water on a low shelf, the bowl (covered) with the dough on the shelf above the water. Bottom heat, 78F, sous vide and fan off. Works well for me.
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