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  1. Thank you Jim, this gives me much more perspective. I definitely don't have the compressor to pursue the spraygun option and thats ok for me. But how dramatic/important do you think the difference is between those $200 Grex airbrushes, and the similar styled yet cheaper ones you see on amazon, for example: Yosoo Gravity Paint Spray Gun All-Purpose Gravity Spray Gun Trigger Airbrush with 0.3mm 0.5mm 0.8mm Nozzles Cups Set Kit (eG-friendly Amazon.com link) What makes some airbrushes so much more expensive?
  2. Hi, decorating chocolate molds with cocao butter is something I'm interested in doing, I've tried using smaller guns but I'm interested in totally covering my molds where larger nozzles seem to work best, from what I've heard. My compressor isnt the best, its a 1/5 HP with 3 liter air tank 60 PSI but it gets the job done with patience, however its possible it would be too weak of a system for a larger sprayer. Really have been looking for a 1mm. From what i've heard people find 1mm+ nozzles are easiest to use for this type of work, given the viscosity of cocao butter, but these seem to only be available in larger spray gun products like chef rubber's LvlP Top Gravity Fed Spray. Though products like that are hundreds of dollars and I only want to spend so much for a side-hobby. While It seems pretty easy to find .3mm, .5mm, .8mm food grade airbrush's for under $100, anything 1mm+ on amazon is either HVLP or LVLP for industrial purposes it seems. https://www.amazon.com/Auarita-F-3-Painting-Automotive-Finishing/dp/B07ZFW3GP2 For instance this is LVLP, like chef rubber, and while I'm not able to tell how this mechanically compares to those sold by artisan/food grade sellers ; given it's description and intended use I wouldnt think this would be smart to use on anything edible? But Do cheap, appropriate options exist for what I'm looking for? Thanks, folks Robert
  3. This summer I've been trying to find a good system for decorating my chocolate molds with colored cocao butter. I've got a decent compressor with some Chefrubber cocao butter. What type of airbrush do folks usually use to spray cocao butter? I've tried a .5mm nozzle but it seems really hard to get much to come out. Just seems too viscous. Was thinking about getting a lvlp spraygun, however I don't have the equipment to hook it up with my air system. Was just wondering what type of spraygun most people use to get a good spray.
  4. Hello! I'm Robbie, I'm a student from Virginia, and I joined this site because I found some really interesting discussion on chocolate making, its something I've become really interested in over the last year (regardless of the fact that I'm pretty shoddy at doing it myself!) After browsing for a bit, It really seems to me like this community is the best for advice and discussion about the projects I'm most interested in, so I'm really excited to join!
  5. Over the past couple months I've been trying to airbrush cocao butter and get it right. More specifically I've been trying to spray onto Polycarbonate molds. What type of gun do people usually use for this? I tried the masterbrush 0.5mm and it took forever to cover the cavities, so I've been thinking about getting a HVLP or LVLP spray gun with 1.4mm-2mm nozzles, however I don't really know the differences. For covering chocolate molds, what do most people use?
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