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  1. DaveFaris

    White Castle

    miracle whip is salad dressing... it's got sugar in it, for one thing.
  2. See, I never think to snap a pic. I'm too busy getting out the knife and fork... I ordered the hanger steak because I've never, ever seen one at the places where I buy meat. And while I thought the steaks were great, I sort of figured that a dog biscuit from Loebels had darned well better taste orgasmic, considering the prices they charge. And I'll ixnay on the orescray of another ouponcay.
  3. thanks for the advice, fg. quite tender and delicious, with lots of steaky good flavor. Now I'm trying to figure out a way to score another coupon.
  4. well, my steaks just showed up. little bit put off on the amount of blood that escaped from the cryo-vac packages of meat. I imagine many of us who got in on the coupon deal last week will be enjoying steak tonight or tomorrow! So, as I said earlier, I bought 2 hanger steaks, mostly from what has been mentioned here on egullet in the past. But a search of past messages doesn't really give me any ideas on how best to serve the steak. Grilling, unfortunately, is out for me. Should I treat the steaks the same as another? (Hot cast iron, flip after 4 minutes, then into a medium oven?) Or is there a better way to treat these steaks?
  5. As far as dry-aged steaks at the grocery store, I can't shake the sneaking suspicion that the dry-aged strip steaks at Whole Foods Market (at $17.99 a pound) are just the regular strip steaks (at $14.99 a pound) that they didn't sell from two days ago.
  6. DaveFaris

    White Castle

    White Castles were the meal my wife and I ate on our wedding night. After our big wedding party, on the way to the honeymoon suite, we picked up a little suitcase of sliders. I was a little non-plussed, but my wife adores them, so that's what we had. And all in all, I'd guess I'd say that pretty much sums up our marriage in a nutshell.
  7. canola and peanut oil have very high smoke points. I use them when I'm frying any deeper than a half-inch in the pan. When I make southern fried chicken, I go with peanut oil all the way, and I strain it and re-use it a couple times.
  8. Just out of curiousity, FG, since you live nearby to them, I presume you bought them at their store. Do their in-store prices compare with their online prices, not counting the exorbitant shipping fees?
  9. Sorry, marie-louise... I just did the video because I couldn't explain the technique verbally. My knife techniques run the gamut from A to B. You might want to pose the question to the eGullet Culinary Institute, though. (Or were you directing your question to everyone?)
  10. Two 16 to 18 oz. hanger steaks for me. $12.98 with shipping.
  11. I've never seen the infomercial for the product that you mention. That said, in my experience, smaller isn't always better when it comes to food processors. if all you plan to do is chop an onion or make some breadcrumbs, or mince a head of garlic, than a small unit would probably be ok for you. But that's about all they can handle, with the small cup. If you ever plan on making dough or pasta, or making a batch of hummus, or anthing with more volume than about 8 ounces, a small cup processor is not going to get you very far. As far as processing concrete into dust... well, what will it do to an onion? I don't know many recipes that call for onion paste!
  12. 12 lbs. of bone-in free range legs of lamb, $144.98. For that price, I think you should get the rest of the lamb, too.
  13. someone with a mac pm'ed me to say they couldn't watch the onion video I uploaded yesterday. Here's an mpeg version which apparently works better, even though it takes twice as long to download (4 megs).
  14. IrishCream: Here's a little video I made. Maybe it'll help. onion.avi (2.59 mb)
  15. I'm pretty sure that Lidia Bastianich suggests you drain the ricotta in a cheese cloth or a fine strainer for several hours to get a better texture.
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