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  1. For pastries, I like 85C (Genesee and Balboa). Also occasionally Arely (Clairemont Square) for something richer. I like the soft Taiwanese breads for what they are. I havent tried Arely's bread.
  2. I've never seen a grate-able formerly soft cheese before, unless I accidentally created it myself by forgetting about it in the cheese drawer. I'd guess its french ... ?
  3. Awesome! Can you contact radio stations in or near your tour cities and try to get some airtime on an appropriate show? Will you be able to tour west as well as east?
  4. Jammed through this today. Wow, what a journey and what beautiful food! Looking forward to the cookbook. What about including your book-order website in your eGullet signature or under your avatar?
  5. Little Miss BBQ brunch, Wed before Thanksgiving. We arrived at 10 to stand in line and ate at 1130. Parking lot was well managed and the line is nicely appointed with shade, water, and tantalizing smells. Tried the beans, cole slaw, cheese jalapeno grits, turkey, sausage, pork ribs, pulled pork, brisket (fatty) and 'smoked pecan pie'. We were short a body so skipped the lean brisket. May never make it here on a Thursday for pastrami or a Saturday for beef ribs, but that's ok because it was brisket for the win! ( everything was good but the turkey and sausage couldn't stand up to the pork and beef). Excellent pecan tart tho I couldn't find any smokiness in it. House and mustard sauces were enjoyed by others (i dont like barbecue sauce). Meats were tender moist perfectly seasoned and perfectly smoky. So worth the drive and the wait! We'll be back! Newe(er) smoker = #3
  6. Chinese inspired, eaten at home. bokchoy, onions, mushrooms - stirfried together mahi mahi chunks cooked with black beans, ginger, szechuan peppercorns. rice
  7. Arent the panko crumbs crispy enough as they are, despite the lack of browning?
  8. There's a book, 'A Day No Pigs Would Die', which describes an interesting way of getting enough shelled hickory nuts to top a cake. Not a method most of us would choose, I think.
  9. Got the revised TJ's soysauce. I hadnt noticed the change on the label, but had noticed that the munchkin uses it much less frequently, so I tasted it. Its not bad but what were they thinking? Their old version was really good!
  10. I love using the dishwasher, but my cutting board and my knives are washed each time I use them. Its not so much to protect them from the dishwasher, but because I need them again before the next cycle. We run the DW about every 1 1/2 days. Couldnt go that long without the cutting board. I'm fascinated that its an option for some people.
  11. That is signature-line worthy!
  12. Until not liquid in the center. I concur w minas6907
  13. For a first go, try udon noodles (japanese). I think I know the noodles you mean, but I dont know how to buy them at the asian grocery either. I usually cheat with spaghetti noodles. Not perfect tho. Wrong 'chew'.
  14. I got the cast iron corn-on-the-cob shaped cornbread pan I've been craving. Now to make cornbread! (shame I'm the only one in the family that likes it.)
  15. Turon! Thank you - I love those and had no idea what the name was. I can eat 6 or more of those in a sitting, after eating lunch. Great topic!
  16. Things on sticks look like smaller scorpions. The festival looks like it was fun.
  17. Quick report - I keep thinking I'll put one together with restaurant names, photos, etc, but so far, no, so ... Night market in Tainan was very fine. We're working on making the sugar coated sweet potato cubes when the weather cools. Funny to see open bins of candy exactly the same as the candy in the bins at the grocery across the street in the US. Traditional milk pudding very close to mexican flan and equally delicious. Beard Papa creampuffs in Kaohsiung were good. Special fish-flavored crackers from Tamsui are delicious and travel well back to the States. Ping Xi has a new street stand selling egg or lantern shaped puffs, filled with cheese or served with icecream. There's also a 'traditional' icecream there, flower shaped, and famous sausage stand. The sausage is not to my taste. Indian food was fabulous, and pricey. Greek food was very good, pricey and different from in California - more seafood (good), sweetish tzatziki sause (weird). Dumplings of all sizes and shapes are good, everywhere. Night market near NTNU / Guting MRT station has best fried chicken in the world, and the highly amusing Ni Hao Girls.
  18. I regret I cant eat food that's more than barely picante. So much good food in the world that I have to pass on because the first bite is taste, and then its all pain!
  19. Two recent dishes with baby bok choy: onion, mushroom, fermented black beans and bok choy stirfried, served with shrimp onion, lots of garlic, sesame oil, bok choy. I couldnt decide if this was better as is, or with soysauce so I ate a portion each way.
  20. Recently had hotpot at Mr Dumpling in Kearny Mesa. Everyone gets to play with their food . There's a Taiwanese place opened up in the 99 Ranch. Havent tried it yet.
  21. Tomatoes still ripening, especially the grape variety. Got a surprise plant which is working on giving us a sizeable pumpkin, strawberries still setting new fruit. Hoping I can get a mango tree to start from seed.
  22. Linda's Donuts in Pacific Beach - especially their signature wholewheat raisin bars.
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