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Beef "roll ups"


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do luv' a good thin slice of rolled up beef.  made a pair of homemade gadgets so I can produce thin even slices.


now . . . my typical world of experience is German "rouladen" - thin slices rolled with fine diced mushroom, onion, pickles.
good stuff, but there has to be more / other delectable beef roll ups.


any ideas for alternate "stuffings"?

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I am only familiar with the rollups in Austrian or Italian cuisine. That is a thicker cut of meat with various stuffings often with a hard boiled egg i iddle - looks nice sliced.. Your thin thing - heated? Browned? People here sometimes show a simple cold one with the thin slices and maybe just a smear of mustard and a pickle spear - cold. Not something I enjoy.

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I have fond childhood memories of British beef olives stuffed with breadcrumbs, shallots, mushrooms and Stilton. I haven't had them in over half a century, a situation I should remedy.





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...your dancing child with his Chinese suit.


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When I first saw the title of this thread, I believed it to be referencing a product known as "rolled beef."  I'm guessing not too many people have tried "rolled beef."



You don’t see authentic rolled beef, once a beloved staple of Jewish delis and a sort of cold, seasoned pastrami, much anymor


From the classic Sarge's!

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my fillings were always


one thick strip of good quality bacon


dijon style mustard , do not be skimpy with either


braised in beef stock , turned 1/2 way through , as the top browns.


mashed potatoes , the gravy is the reduced // thicken stock the R's cook in 

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My very favorite is:


Tahe a round steak. Pound it thin. Wrap it around a good bratwurst and a dill pickle spear. Wrap that in bacon. Brown, and braise in Warsteiner.

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Don't ask. Eat it.


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