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St.Patrick , AKA CornedBeef 2018


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35 minutes ago, gfweb said:

At what point does a smoked CB be classified as pastrami? Is it a matter of prior intent....or a function of location? Montreal Smoked Meat is for all intents and purposes pastrami...

In my opinion, its #1 smoked. #2 rub consist of coriander, mustard seed, black pepper, and variations of onion, and garlic powder. I leave out paprika because i find it too bitter, especially with long cooks. 

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35 minutes ago, Smokeydoke said:

Just want to report that I steamed my pastrami on the InstantPot for 10 mins and it was primo! So moist and tender. If that's all my Instant Pot can do, it was worth the price of admission.

You are going to want to buy new seal rings on amazon for your Instant Pot. They cost like $10 for two new ring seals. Reason i mention this is because when you steam smoked meats in the instant pot, the seal ring never gets that smell not matter how many times you run it in the dishwasher. 

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Shame !   for Shame !


""  Montreal Smoked Meat is for all intents and purposes pastrami... ""


MHSM is nothing like Pastrami , 


but I had it several times a long time ago at Schwartz's  in Montreal.


I thought it would be the same , but its not.   now the current Schwartz's  seems to be run by different hands , and Ive not been there


might be the same Rx. but can't say


Ive always been surprised that ive never had anything like HSM  except in Montreal and at Schwartz's




NYC Katz's is very different.



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BTW :      Ive always though of pastrami as beef w a certain spice-mixture .


granted , they you get turkey P  etc


but w/o an initial qualifier , its beef


Ive never seen a navel cut , but isn't that flank ?


and is not brisket  the two pectoral muscles ?

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10 hours ago, FeChef said:

You are going to want to buy new seal rings on amazon for your Instant Pot. They cost like $10 for two new ring seals. Reason i mention this is because when you steam smoked meats in the instant pot, the seal ring never gets that smell not matter how many times you run it in the dishwasher. 


Done. I was going to do that anyways.

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I took out 6 refrigerated CB's this AM to cold smoke.


I weighed the pouches and then the jus :


48 and 66 were essentially the same :  Jus was 35 % by weight of the CB + Jus.  for both times


and it was quite salty , which implies the CB's had lost quite a bit of salt.  a good thing I think.


the set-up for the cold smoke :




its 45 F and overcast.  fired-up the weber to fill blast to ' sterilize it '     500 f for about 15 M.  let cool , open.




6 CB's  w my smoker-thing-ey , using cherry pellets 




I closed the lid and kept an eye on it to make sure  the pellets did't go out,  I use a torch to get them going well first.




midway , for an hour + total time


Sun came out so :




put some snow on the top for the last 30 min.  the snow did not compl;etely melt




done.  the neighborhood smells really delicious !  neighbors no doubt are getting crabby.  they cannot see my backyard !


bagged and into the freezer




they stayed cold.  I had a small slice and it was delicious.


previously I smoked after a similar cook way back when at 130 because I wanted to try to keep them paasteurized


those were a tad dry but not too much.  mayo or a juicy tomato fixed that.


its colder tomorrow.  I going to do the rest that have not been Fz.  maybe 6 or so.


and if I remember , freeze the jus and add one Fz cube to each finished bag before I use the ChamberVac


Why not ?


this is one of my finest projects


If Im able next year ill add some new dried herbs from Penzey's that mimic Pastrami when I do the first step in the cooking


just sprinkle it on the hunks w plenty of fresh ground pepper.


I think smoking after the cooking , esp when cold outside , makes for a moister finished  cut


maybe the FzCube of Jus will also help.


Good Eating All Summer Long !



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@rotuts -- I am confused (which is not uncommon). You say you are cold smoking, yet the wood chips emitting the smoke are on the grill rack with your meat. What is the heat source that sets them alight and keeps them smouldering? I have been unsuccessful in keeping chips smouldering w/o an external heat source (they just go out). I thought the only way to achieve cold smoke was to have fire and chips in a separate chamber and pipe the smoke into the cold smoker.


Enlighten me, please!



Don't ask. Eat it.


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the wood pellets are placed in the Smokey-thng-ey


its this one :




then they are started w a torch until they really get going..    they stay smoking w no flame if you take the time to start them correctly


w a torch.   I have 6 - 8 packets of these , and only the pellets from old JackDaniels barrel's say to add a different pellet with them or they go out.


these :




Ive done this sort of thing w aluminum foil in a roll w real my own wood chips


you just need to give the system enough air , but not too much so it smolders


lots of places say you need to soak wood chips first to get smoke


I don't think so.  just adjust the air w either a smoky=thing-ie above or just enough but not too many hole in your 


aluminum foil roll


it helps that its still cold here and their is snow on the ground.


Good Luck


one you get this , and the temps are right outside , you will never look back.


the key is to really really get the chips going first and then control the oxygen to your chosen system

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here is a closerlcook at the pellets :




I think these items have been getting more and more popular


Ive done quid a bit of woodworking in the past 


my Friend , a Powermatic 66 w a 5 HP motor


( no longer made :wacko: )  and with a razor sharp Forrest 10 " 1/4 " thick  blades 


these ones :




I know what Hard Fruit wood and Nut wood smells like  :  Walnut , like burnt toast etc 


and no , the blade did not burn the wood


be careful when you look for packs of pellets


they should be hard wood trimmings , bark and wood , ground up and compassed into the pellets you see




they must be food grade !


there are other pellets from hard wood that are used for Pellet burners in your basement for heat


do not get that stuff.  old socks , motor oil etc might be in them


but these or similar quality hardwood pellets work fine in a container or your choce


15 USD is not bad for the one I have , Im sure I got it for 19 !


there are threads on eG about this sort of thing


some use hardwood sawdust and those can go four hours !


this :




and these 









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I have not seen Last Vegas, looks interesting.


Not used to snow, California born and raised, lived in Las Vegas for the past 8 years, going on 9.


But when people tell me 100F is hot, I start laughing. It'll be here soon enough.


Actually, I'm wondering if I can make yogurt if I just leave it outside overnight? It can be 100-105F at night in the summertime.

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45 minutes ago, rotuts said:

I doubt there is 1 " left .


Glad to hear it. I was worried we'd have to leave the car out on the street until I shoveled the snow plow ridge at the base of the driveway when we return on Wed.

I think I managed to put 8 CB's in the freezer before we left. Looking forward to smoking one or 2.



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this is an aside on this topic-ish :


pellet smoking after you SV your CB


previously I mentioned these :


BBQrs Delight Smoker Pellets (Variety Pack)


which is what Ive had for some time


this group is a bit different , no Orange tree pellets.


Ive just used mine


no matter


I needed a re-supply


and bought these :


Smokehouse Products Wood Pellets, 4-pack


needing computer Gafas


I did not realize for the price


26.18  w free shgipping


its 20 lbs.


of corse it now




am I on top of things or 


what ?









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I had a Trial Sandwich from my CB fz cold smoked stash :




took a bite :




sorry its a bit blurry.  Im grateful I did not fall on the floor and break my head !


this was extraordinarily good.


the smoke   ( pecan pellets , cold smoked as above.  Meat  SV  140  48 - 66 hrs , made no notes on the pack for the dif )


was very full flavored but not acrid in any way.


one of the finest sandwiches Ive ever made.


sourdough sandwich bread  ( TJ's n not the ' SF stuff  this comes from N.H.) , lettuce , tomato, mayo , mustard , and pecan cold smoked CB


I could not buy this sandwich any ware  , even NYC.


it suits me perfectly.   can't wait for garden ripe tomatoes  , etc.


Guess what's for dinner w some soup ?




im very much looking forward to the SV'd  TurkeyBr's that were also cold smoked.


Great Eating All Summer !


OK , Ok, Ok ,   


a few week only, its so good.

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  • 4 years later...

I expected piled meat coolers with the vac packed corned beef and heaps of on sale cabbages. At grocery store yesterday - Ralphs (Kroger) zip/nada. Not my favorite but thought I'd grab one to crock pot and use as seasoning/filler if price good. Times change.

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