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  1. @Okanagancook it takes practice. I remember my first pies were just atrocious (and I even posted them online! I was so proud of them) but then I worked in a bakery for a year and I got really good working with dough and now I can make pies in my sleep. Quickness and a good sense of touch-feel are key, imo. I think lard leaf makes a superior crust. Keep going! You'll get there.
  2. What a depressing thread, what a way to start my Saturday morning.
  3. @chromedome good advice. Thanks. A few few things I’ve learned: 1. I’m solely using my Nikon D60, a DSLR, for taking photos. I love my iPhone, but if I’m to get serious, I have to use my DSLR for every shoot. Many more options and the photos are much better. 2. I got a tripod. Why did I wait so long? Again, this goes hand-in-hand with using the manual functions on the DSLR. And I can change settings on the same shot and see the differences and how I like some settings better for certain shots. And the overhead shots have improved 100%. 3. Styling matters. Styling matters a lot. It elevates the photo from good to great. Small details matter. Those crumbs show up when youve got a good photo. 4. And of course, always improving with lighting, I’m getting more creative with my reflectors. I’m switching the angle to cast different shadows, see how it affects the shot. Another reason I need a tripod. 5. I’m learning post processing, getting my feet wet with Lightroom. There’s an entire world out there, it’s amazing what simple Instagram filters will do to make an image pop. Thats is it for now. I’ll post more photos when I get home (in a week). I plan on doing another marathon photo session this weekend.
  4. This is an amazing thread, I read it months ago and I didn’t understand what half the comments were saying. I went back today and reread it and the comments are gold. Real knowledgeable people here. Using the polarizing sunglasses is epic, thank you @dcarch
  5. One of my goals is to process raw files in Lightroom.
  6. I feel like I’m the only one posting? Does anyone care? Or should this thread just die? (Edit: I wrote this a few secs before @paulraphael replied. It’s a sign. Awesome, let’s keep it going!) Ive gotten serious about food photography the last few weeks and even though I’m a itty bitty baby in an ocean of knowledge, I’ve made huge gains just by changing some things. If anyone wants to join me, please post along. Today, I present the blueberry friand. Discuss.
  7. It was fine. There's no hard and fast rule that I can't use Crema de Mezcal, which was what the store carried. It's still a Mezcal. But since you're being nit-picky, the Death & Co book calls for Del Maguey San Luis Del Rio, which is what 90% of what Crema is made of.
  8. @cdh This is the mezcal I bought a few months ago I thought it was excellent. I used it to make Death & Co's famous Oaxaca Old-Fashioned. https://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1012967-oaxaca-old-fashioned (I hope it isn't behind a pay wall, if it is, I'll find another link)
  9. Smokeydoke

    Dinner 2018

    Thanks @Raamo. Your cheese tray pic looks gorgeous. And I didn't know the Béarnaise was siphoned, now it makes sense. At first, I was like this
  10. Smokeydoke

    Dinner 2018

    @Raamo Interesting. I put Béarnaise sauce on cheap sirloin and I liked it, but even then, it was a bit much. Actually, I posted it to eGullet a few years back. I'll try to find it later (I'm at work). I used much less Béarnaise than you did. And I agree, American Wagyu isn't cheap! I've only had it at restaurants.
  11. Smokeydoke

    Dinner 2018

    @Raamo I'm just curious, it says Minnesota on your profile but do you originally come from another country? In all seriousness, I've never seen anyone eat a Wagyu steak like that. And Wagyu is hella expensive, so I know you're not trolling.
  12. @cdh I bought a bottle of mezcal earlier this year, I forgot the brand (I'm at work) and I enjoyed it, much more than tequila or scotch, which I do not have an appreciation for. But I do like bourbon. A lot.
  13. Smokeydoke

    Dinner 2018

    @kayb that sounds really good. I learn something new every day.
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