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Grocery Shopping


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If you should decide that you want to do that to your body, I would recommend Biscoff brand cookie butter.

I find it superior to Trader Joe's -- I can't eat TJs. There's a light . . . grit to it I don't like and the taste if off. Everyone else goes mad for it, though.

I like to bake nice things. And then I eat them. Then I can bake some more.

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I can get the Biscoff stuff here - it's a whole lot more expensive though for just fooling around with. And I've made my own which turned out just fine.

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Friday-Saturday shopping:


Atlantic salmon fillets, wild-caught Atlantic shrimp, "Country-style" pork ribs, button/white mushrooms, celery, Romaine lettuce.


• Silverthorn Farm - Potatoes: Rose Finn, Kipfler, Carola, Red Pontiac. Acorn squash.

• Funny Bone Farm - Curly kale, mini cauliflowers (Cute!!!).

• Annabelle's Garden - Fat fennel bulb.

• Fields Farm Fresh - Broccoli heads.

• Lee's Orchard - Gold Rush apples.

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Friday-Saturday grocery shopping this week:

Goose the Market

Fresh hamachi, certified from Japan. I got a slab from the collar end, so I also have hamachi kama to play with.

Fresh tuna, Sri Lankan, from the invoice the Asst. Mgr. showed me. Probably bigeye tuna.

Debreziner sausages, straight out of the pack they got in that day from Stiglmeier in Wheeling IL.

Shagbark oatmeal cookie, from H2O Sushi. This sort-of disappeared pretty quickly... ;-)

Broad Ripple Farmers' Market

Silverthorn Farm: Baby leeks, miscellaneous gnarly yellow & purple carrots.

Funny Bone Farm: Standard orange carrots.

Norman Mullet Farm: Leaf celery.

Asia Mart

Snow fungus (Tremella fuciformis) [Domega brand], Yow Char Kwai (fried crullers), dark soy sauce (老抽王) [Yuet Heung Yuen], spiced sunflower seeds, Ponzu sauce [Kikkoman], seafood & cabbage dumplings [Prime Food], preserved mustard stems (榨菜) [Da Xing brand], preserved mustard (Fukien-type) (梅菜), spicy preserved pot herb (雪菜), short-cut (across the bone) pork spare ribs, stewing chicken (frozen), coriander leaves (3 bunches @ $1), green onion/scallions (9 bunches @ 3 bunches/$1), fuzzy squash (mou kwa), long hot green chilli peppers, skinny wonton noodles, edible chrysanthemum leaves (dong ho), lemon grass, bitter melon, Chinese long beans, pea tips, Taiwan bok choy, fresh Chinese mushrooms (far koo variety), fresh oyster mushrooms, fresh "seafood mushrooms", Fuzhou vermicelli (min sin/mee sua) [sun Kee & Lam Sheng Kee brands], calamansi juice drinks (1 case) [Gina].

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Porthos, you still have local asparagus where you are? That's fantastic! (Where are you located, exactly?)

I live about 50 miles east of downtown Los Angeles.

Porthos Potwatcher
The Once and Future Cook


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Indy Winter Farmers' Market: Small head of curly kale, two long leeks, stout-stemmed quasi-"winter" spinach, fresh shiitake mushrooms.

Claus' German Sausage & Meats: Coarse Braunschweiger, Ring Liverwurst, a slice of Leberkäse.

Goose the Market: nice crusty baguette.

The Fresh Market: (Broad Ripple, Indy) Alaskan cod (wild), Cook Inlet sockeye salmon (wild), large shell-on American shrimp (wild), Gorgonzola Dolcelatte, grated Parmigiano Reggiano, mini-slice La Panzanella Croccantini, whole grain Lavasch crackers, shelled walnut halves, broccoli rabe, Italian parsley.

Nicole-Taylor's Pasta and Market: Fresh wide tagliatelle, fresh spaghettini.

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Saturday 2013-1207:

Indy Winter Farmers' Market (various vendors):

Miniature cauliflowers (heaped-form, common-form), winter-type stout spinach, farm eggs, leaf celery, Cherriette radishes, Shunkyo radishes, apricot-preserves latticed-crostata, "Epi" 'wheat-branch' loaf, tomatoes, yellow & red carrots.

Saraga International Market:

Two whole small red groupers, a dozen littleneck clams, Thai basil, Garland chrysanthemum 'Tiger Leaf' variety (broad leaf type), lemons, limes, Thai chilli peppers, a pomelo, standard white button mushrooms, maitake mushrooms (Japanese, imported), whole tamarind pods (Thai), Napa cabbage kimchi.

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Asia Mart yesterday:

• Garlic

• Roasted blachen (shrimp paste; Belacan; Blachan) [North South Pte Ltd, Malaysia]

• Pickled Cabbage Flavor Instant Vermicelli, family pack [白家]

• Mushroom Vegetable Noodles [Little Cook]

• Abalone/Chicken Bowl Noodle [Noodle King]

• Wonton Flavor Bowl Noodle [Noodle King]

• Fresh Littleneck clams

• Striped/Big Mouth Bass (live; killed & gutted there)

• Palm sugar nuggets (in container) [Caravelle]

• Pearl Green Tea [Asian Taste]

• Ryori-shu [Morita]

• Rice vinegar [Marukan]

• Somen noodles (wheat flour thin noodles) [MiZuki International, Japan]

• Fine & White Plain Noodle (wheat flour thin noodles) [Kam Fen]

• Bamboo shoots (packaged,not tinned) [Dragonfly]

• Pork, Cabbage & Mushroom dumplings (sui kow) [Prime Food]

• Scallions/Green Onions 6 bunches @ 3/$1

• Coriander leaves/Cilantro 3 bunches @ 3/$1

• Chinese chives

• Small bok choy

• Bitter melon

• fresh lotus roots

Seng Choy (red-streaked edible amaranth)

• Long hot green peppers/chillies

• Fresh Chinese mushrooms (far koo variety)

• Fresh King Oyster mushrooms

Gai Lan

• Shallots (2.25 kilo mesh bag @ $8.59

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Time for an update.

Saturday, 2014-0118:

Claus' German Sausage & Meats:

Weisswurst, Ring Liverwurst, coarse Braunschweiger, pressed tongue, Zungenwurst, barrel Sauerkraut, pork brat Schnecken, Bruno's Hunza hearth-baked bread.


Semolina bread.

Goose the Market:

Debreziner sausages, Caso Bolo Mellage cheese, House Capocolla, Pistachio Gelato.

The Fresh Market:

Lindt 85% Cocoa chocolate bar, Creme Fraiche, unsalted butter, La Panzanella Mini Croccantini, whole grain Lavasch seeded crackers, linguine [De Cecco], spaghetti [Garofalo], bottled marinated mushrooms [Cento], fresh wild American shrimp, canned San Marzano tomatoes [Cento], fresh walnut halves, fresh pecan halves & pieces, fresh grated Pecorino Romano, fresh ginger root, tinned smoked wild kippers [bar Harbor], broccoli rabe.

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Green beans.

I had wanted black beans. How can a store be out of black beans? When I got home from the store I thought "This gives me a perfect opportunity to order from Rancho Gordo!" All the beans I'd been waiting to order from Rancho Gordo are sold out.

Cooking is cool.  And kitchen gear is even cooler.  -- Chad Ward

Whatever you crave, there's a dumpling for you. -- Hsiao-Ching Chou

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Green beans.

I had wanted black beans. How can a store be out of black beans? When I got home from the store I thought "This gives me a perfect opportunity to order from Rancho Gordo!" All the beans I'd been waiting to order from Rancho Gordo are sold out.

Yes, I know the frustration. Getting unique types of beans as fresh as Rancho Gordo's means limited supply; my daughter gave me some of their Yellow Indian beans for xmas, and I was hooked, but they are sold out. For certain beans they don't carry, or when they are out of my favorites, I order from Purcell Mountain Farms. The selection is huge, and they offer a number of organics as well. They have terrific rattlesnake beans (just about impossible to find anywhere else) and the best dark red kidney beans I ever tasted.

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The local Mexican supermarket (Vallarta) has begun stocking bulk black beans and yellow "Peru" beans in addition to the pinto and pink beans that have been offered in the past.

It is interesting that the black beans are not all the same size. Some are as large as a kidney bean and some as small as a Navy bean. They seem to be very fresh and cook up rapidly and produce a very rich, purple "liquor" in the pot.

Sometimes you can find ethnic markets by doing a Google search of your area - if you don't live in the "usual" places for such. One friend was surprised to find a Mexican market not far from her home in Des Moines, Iowa. She had no idea it existed and for the past couple of years it has become one of her regular shopping jaunts. She says she finds something "new and interesting" at every visit.

"There are, it has been said, two types of people in the world. There are those who say: this glass is half full. And then there are those who say: this glass is half empty. The world belongs, however, to those who can look at the glass and say: What's up with this glass? Excuse me? Excuse me? This is my glass? I don't think so. My glass was full! And it was a bigger glass!" Terry Pratchett


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Yes, turtle beans...which I call black beans even though I do have a degree in biology. I particularly wish I had some now as I am snowed in and would love a big pot of black beans. However I do have a couple pounds of green beans that need eating up.

Cooking is cool.  And kitchen gear is even cooler.  -- Chad Ward

Whatever you crave, there's a dumpling for you. -- Hsiao-Ching Chou

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Saturday 2014-0201

Indy Winter Farmers' Market:

Farming for Life: Red, yellow, deep orange carrots (stocking up);

Eden Farms: hydroponic Tuscan kale;

Rolling in the Dough: fresh fettucine & a blueberry scone;

Shamrock Farm: Fresh shiitake mushrooms;

Sapori Italia: Toscana cheese & Rustica alle Noci cheese.

Goose the Market:

Dodge City salame; Bohemian Blue cheese; Polkton Corners cheese.

Asia Mart:

Kong Yen rice vinegar, Xuefeng Ti Kuan Yin (雪峰鐵觀音) tea, teeny dried Chinese far-koo type mushrooms, Japanese cucumbers, Chinese long beans (Vigna unguiculata subsp. sesquipedalis), daikon (@49¢/lb), limes, lemons, fresh lotus roots, Napa cabbage (@49¢/lb), green onions (@$1/3 bunches), Taiwan AA Choy, pork bones, stewing chicken, half a Chinese roast duck.

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Asia Mart:

Canola oil; Yu Choy Sum; rice vinegar [Kong Yen]; Shangxi Superior Mature Vinegar [Donghu], Hokkaido Kelp Flavor Soy Sauce [Wei Chuan]; West Lake Dragon Well Tea [Asian Taste]; fresh thin wonton noodles; scallions; daikon; Chinese okra (Luffa acutangula); Japanese cucumbers (lots!); bitter melon; chayote; hon-shimeji; thin wonton wrappers (HK style); fresh Chinese crullers (yow char kwai); fried tofu puffs [Phoenix]; fresh duck wings; pork hock slices; fresh beef shin; fresh ground pork (right off the grinder, I watched what went into it); frozen stewing chicken; Chinese roast pork; frozen "fresh"shaved coconut.

Sakura Mart:

Higeta Honzen Soy Sauce; Otafuku okonomiyaki sauce; Kewpie mayonnaise; Wasabi Fumi Furikake; Hondashi Bonito soup stock granules; aburaage; Kameya izu-oroshi wasabi paste; Shin-Shu aka miso.

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Time to kick this thread up a bit.  (Isn't anyone else getting some nice or interesting things?)




Indy Winter Farmers' Market:

• Several pounds of red, yellow, orange carrots.

• Reasonable quasi-"winter-type" fresh spinach (two different vendors).

• Fresh shiitake mushrooms.

• A dozen farm eggs.

• A couple of "chicken frames" (grass-fed chickens), lots of meat still left on, for stock/soup.


Amelia's Bakery:

• Half a loaf of semolina bread.


Claus' German Sausage & Meats:

• Zungenwurst.

• Westphalian ham.

• Coarse Braunschweiger.


"Winter spinach" - I love the spinach grown in winter when the plants get somewhat "stunted"/squat, with thick reddish short stems and thick smaller leaves.  What I regard as "real" winter spinach are much sweeter and more tasty with great texture compared with "summer spinach".  Only available (in my area, anyway) from farmers/growers who specifically plant spinach to grow over Dec-Jan-Feb in hoop houses or equivalent, and usually available sporadically at the winter farmers' markets.  The ones I picked up yesterday were at $10-12/lb, which is typical.  The spring/summer varieties are much cheaper, of course.  When "true winter spinach" (in my books) is available I splurge and get a BIG bag of it, then simply blanch it in oiled hot water, drain, dress w/ a little oyster sauce or ponzu sauce plus white pepper, and stuff my face with it. :-) 

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From USGM:

paneer from Tonjes Farm Dairy
sweet Italian sausage from Flying Pigs Farm
heirloom carrots from Gorzynski Ornery Farm
heirloom potatoes and shallots from Paffenroth Gardens
baby mesclun from Windfall Farm
salad greens from Monkshood Nursery
squid from Blue Moon Fish
cremini mushrooms from John D. Madura Farm
a sourdough baguette from Our Daily Bread
honey from Tremblay Apiaries
a curried vegetable turnover from Body & Soul Vegan Bakery

pretty sure I'm missing one or two things


from the corner store: milk, frozen spinach, escarole.


ETA:  the paneer, some of the salad greens/mesclun and spinach were in Saturday's dinner, although I still have some leftover paneer that will be in an app later this week.  the squid and some of the potatoes were in last night's dinner.  I'll be using the salad greens all week long. 

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