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Grocery Shopping


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Round this part of China it is known as 卷心菜 (juǎn xīn cài), which roughly translates as 'rolled heart greens'.

But in other parts of China, this can mean 'cabbage' in general.

Vegetable nomenclature in Chinese is a minefield.

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...your dancing child with his Chinese suit.


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Liuzhou, I'm not familiar with that term (卷心菜) for this kind of cabbage ("Napa cabbage" type) - does it refer especially to this "skinnier type" or to the squatter/rounder type as well, where you are? Baike does seem to give 卷心菜 as the sort of round "cabbage" one thinks of when envisioning dishes like corned beef & cabbage, and as you mentioned.

Anna, "Wong nga pak/wong nga bak" (黃芽白)("yellow sprout white") is the Cantonese term I grew up with (SE Asia) and is also known/used in other parts especially Cantonese-speaking ones (e.g. Hong Kong). The other term I commonly hear and know of is "tai pak/bak choy" (大白菜)("big white vegetable"), not to be confused with "Bok Choy" in English which is a common term in the US and refers to a different plant. (Whereas 白菜 in Chinese ("white vegetable"; and which "bok choy" is the transliteration of) could refer to either the Napa cabbage type OR to the dark green leaf looser non-rolled-up type [also known as "small white vegetable" 小白菜 in Chinese] one associates with the English term "bok choy", depending on who is talking.) :smile:

Heh, certainly Chinese names of vegetables vary for the same thing depending on where you are - but in a way that is also true for many vegetables in different parts of the world with the same or almost identical vegetable in each of those cases. The wrinkle is that in Chinese sometimes the exact same name can refer to different vegetables depending on who is speaking and where.

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Liuzhou, I'm not familiar with that term (卷心菜) for this kind of cabbage ("Napa cabbage" type) - does it refer especially to this "skinnier type" or to the squatter/rounder type as well, where you are?

Here it seems to refer to this specific 'skinnier type'. Most places, it refers to cabbage in general, as I said.

You really should learn proper Chinese instead of that obscure minority language you insist on using!

(That was a joke. Laugh.)

...your dancing child with his Chinese suit.


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Round this part of China it is known as 卷心菜 (juǎn xīn cài), which roughly translates as 'rolled heart greens'.

I went to a different supermarket today and they have the same long skinnier type, too. However they refer to it as '

卷同青'. Two different names within 2 kilometers.

I remember the first time I came across avocados in my local supermarket here in China. The sign by the vegetable shelves had one name (I forget what now.) I took then to the weigh station and the price label had a completely different name. Then the checkout receipt had a third name. All in a day's shopping here.

...your dancing child with his Chinese suit.


The Kitchen Scale Manifesto

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Interesting, Liuzhou. Is there any suggestion you get that those names were, umm, inventions or adoptions of the specific local vendors as separate from a generalized "common consensus" (so to speak) for the locality?

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Today's shopping. (Saturday 2013-09-21)

Broad Ripple Farmers/ Market:

• Incredible Edibles: Various tomatoes - Siberian Tiger, Cherokee Black Heart, Chocolate Stripe.

• Lee's Apple Farm: 'Pristine' apples. I'd never consciously seen these before.

• Nicole-Taylor's: 1 bag fresh radiatore pasta, 2 bundles fresh spaghettini.

• Funny Bone Farm: 1 head curly kale, 2 small heads densely packed broccoli + 1 teeny head cauliflower.

• Silverthorn Farms: 1 bunch celery leaves (Western type), 1 bunch French Breakfast radishes.

• Norman Mullet Farms: I bunch gnarly baby orange carrots.

• Schacht Farms: 1 doz farm-fresh brown eggs.

I have a fondness for distorted/non-perfect/lumpy vegetables, especially those which might be usually offered as or expected to be found as symmetrical perfectly formed things. These were around 3 inches or so in length.

Carmel Farmers/ Market:

• Farming Engineers: 1 head of fresh young ginger. First time I've seen this kind of young-harvested pink-bract ginger around here. The topmost "rhizome"/"corm" in the pic was less than 1.5 inches across.

• Mulberry Creek Farm: 6 heads of fresh Music garlic.

Kincaid & Sons:

• 1 whole Top Sirloin Cap, trimmed a bit.

• 1 rack of baby pork back ribs (never frozen) (on sale!)

• 1 boneless ribeye

Claus' German Sausage & Meats:

• Zungenwurst (thin slices)

• coarse Braunschweiger (a nice chunk)

• 2 Schnecken sausages

• chunk of Ring Liverwurst




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Heidi, it is young ginger/early-harvested ginger. I intend to treat it more as a vegetable and in fact is intending to cook it w/ that ribeye I got (sliced up; it will not be a "steak") plus scallions with good oil and good salt. Nothing else.

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Friday/Saturday food shopping this week.

Asia Mart

Lemongrass, 2 fat stalks

Pull Mustard (雪裡紅)

Thai basil

Malunggay leaves

Chinese long beans (Vigna unguiculata subsp. sesquipedalis)

White beech mushrooms (bunapi shimeji)

Pea tips

Young (pink bract) ginger, packaged; a little older than what I got last week at the CFM

Duck wings (raw)

Cantonese roast duck, 1/2 a bird

Frozen pre-made crab shumai [JFC]

Frozen pre-made har gow (shrimp dumplings) [Prime Food]

Fried bean curd [Water Lilies Food Inc.]

Fried soy bean curd (Japanese; [Daiei]; 'zen sushi age')

Ryori-shu [Morita]

Yibin ya cai (Suimiyacai) (四川宜碎米芽菜)/(四川宜賓 碎米芽菜)

Jinjja Jinjja "Flamin' Hot & Nutty Noodle Soup" instant ramen-type stuff [Nong Shim]

Goose the Market

Hawaiian Ono (Wahoo), nice large fillet

Debreziner sausages

Culatello [smoking Goose], shaved thinly (made w/ Red Wattle Pork)

Freshly-baked Shagbark Oatmeal Cookie [H2O Sushi; locally renowned cookie]

Broad Ripple Farmers' Market

Bloomer's Greenhouse: 3 1/2 ft long fully packed stalk of Brussels sprouts

Silverthorn Farm: 1 bunch baby leeks

Fields Farm Fresh: Regular tomatoes (for soup), Japanese Black Trifele tomatoes

Eden Farms: 1 head young Tuscan kale (hydroponic)

Carmel Farmers' Market

Nading Farm: 1 bunch Chioggia beets

Brotgarten: 1 loaf walnut-cranberry bread

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This week's food/grocery shopping, most (but not all) of it; a fair bit of re-stocking.

Goose the Market

Finocchiona, sliced thinly.

Debreziner sausages.

Pistacchio gelato.

Pasta: Fusilli col buco [Rustichella d'Abruzzo]

Broad Ripple Farmers' Market

Silverthorn Farm: Baby daikon radishes.

Yeager Farms Produce: Japanese 'Mangan' eggplants, Shishito peppers.

Fields Farm Fresh: Standard tomatoes, Japanese Trifele tomatoes.

Eden Farms: Collard greens (hydroponic).

Funny Bone Farm: Red chard, Red Russian kale.

Norman Mullet Farm: Standard orange carrots, smaller/gnarly ones.

Annabelle's Garden: Fresh oyster mushrooms.

The Fresh Market

EV olive oil [House brand, 'Novello', Italian, 2012 harvest].

EV olive oil [California Olive Ranch, 2012 harvest].

Pasta: tagliarelle [Cipriani] & tagliolini [Cipriani] On sale!.

Pasta: Capellini, linguine [both Ferrara] On sale!.

Pasta: Spaghetti [Garofalo].

Maille mustards (Dijon, Old Style) On sale!.

Asia Mart

Soured pickled mustard [Pigeon brand (Thai)].

Dried snow fungus.

'Shaoxing cooking wine' (紹興花雕酒) [Lam Sheng Kee] A kind of "Shaoxing cooking wine".

'Nuerhong cooking rice wine', "fish/seafood" variety, Premium Matured [Gold Plum] (金梅陳釀 優質紹興料酒) Another kind of "Shaoxing cooking wine".

Luscious soy paste [Kim Lan].

Slender bamboo shoots [Asian Taste].

Slender bamboo shoot tips [Evergreen].

Mango nectar [Gina].

Beef & tendon balls [Venus].

Soft tofu & regular tofu [Hinoichi][House Foods].

Fresh pork spare ribs (short cut).

Fresh beef shin.

Fresh vegetables: Mung bean sprouts, Taiwan bok choy (a variety of "Napa cabbage"), green onions, fuzzy squash (Chinese hairy gourd), bitter melon.

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Grocery shopping between 10/12/13 and 10/19/13...

Broad Ripple Farmers' Market (2 visits)

• Silverthorn Farm: Baby leeks, Tuscan kale, young daikon.

• Bloomer's Greenhouse: Brussels sprouts on the stalk, Purple Peruvian fingerling potatoes.

• Funny Bone Farm: Ripe tomatoes, parsnips, std orange carrots, red Russian kale.

• Brotgarten: Epi wheat branch loaf.

• Fields Farm Fresh: Trifele tomatoes, orange snack peppers, Romaine lettuce, Red Leaf lettuce, Marconi sweet peppers (green-streaked red ones).

• Earthly Delights: LARGE head of cauliflower ($3 only!)

• Norman Mullet Farm: orange carrots.

• Annabelle's Garden: Maitake mushroom (a large piece) (Grifola frondosa), Lion's Mane mushroom (Hericium erinaceus), Pear Puffball mushrooms (Lycoperdon pyriforme).

Asia mart

Bamboo shoots (whole; and sliced) [First World brand].

Baby "Yu Choy Sum".

Scallions (6 bunches @ 3 bunches/US$1).

Chinese long beans (Vigna unguiculata ssp sesquipedalis).

Coriander leaves (3 bunches/US$1).


Malabar spinach (Suay Choy).

Fresh wood ear mushrooms.

Fresh small "tung koo" mushrooms (Chinese shiitake type).

Bitter melons.

Stewing chickens (frozen).

Shaohsing wine (cooking) [Wei Chuan].

Rose wine (Mei Kuei Lu Chiew) [Golden Star].

Sour (pickled) mustard (Harm Choy/Syun Choy).

Cantonese roast pork.

Chinese crullers (Yau Char Kwai).

Fuzhou flour vermicelli, extra thin [sun Kee].

Flour vermicelli, Taiwanese, hand-made [Hung-Ming].

Cellophane noodles (mung bean threads) [Long Kow].

Fine rice noodles (Mei Fun) [buddha brand].

Carniceria Guanajuato #3

Chicken drumsticks.

Chicken wings.

Beef short ribs.

Limes (10/US$1).

Bosc pears.

This place has a fresh meat counter about 90-100 feet long. Heaps of meats, often at very good prices.

Om India Plaza

Basmati rice (10 lb) [Zebra].

Basmati rice (15 lb) [Royal].

Shoop (brand) instant noodles: 'Spicy Lemon', 'Bombay Biryani', 'Masala' flavors.

Sweets: fresh Ghujia; & Gulab Jamun "sandwiches" (stuffed w/ paneer).

Lee Supermarket

'Instant Noodle King' Wonton Soup Flavored noodle packs.

'Dragonfly' Hot & Sour Shrimp Flavor instant noodle packs.

Guyabayano (Soursop) nectar drinks.

'Maeploy' sweet chili sauce.

Vegetable oil (2.6 L).

Plus sockeye salmon fillets and wild-harvested shrimp from my standard Western grocery down the road.

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Broad Ripple Farmers' Market

• Silverthorn Farm - Carnival squash, Delicata squashes, leafy-type celery, Tuscan kale, coriander w/ roots attached. (Yay! He finally came through with some stuff where he sequestered stuff before his harvesters cut the roots off...he mentioned that he chose ones with nice roots - thanks, Nate)

• Fields Farm Fresh - standard tomatoes. His last harvest, brought in before the first hard frost of the year a few days ago.

• Annabelle's Garden - Maitake mushrooms (2 different cultivars, both also different from the one I got last week), oyster mushrooms.

• Schacht Farm - eggs.

Funny Bone Farm - daikon, std orange carrots.

• Whipker Azalia Farm Market - Carnival squash.




Goose the Market

Merguez sausages, prosciutto ham (this one is much redder than normal, I think the manager said something like it being "Prosciutto rosa"...?), Finocchiona salami, Belgian Chocolate gelato, local yellow carrots.

Asia Mart

Fresh ginger, fresh turmeric, Opo squash (浦瓜), Taiwan Bok Choy (台灣白菜), scallions (lots), a small striped bass (live from the tank, head bopped & gutted there), stewing chicken (frozen), fish meat "emulsion" [Venus brand], fresh skinny wonton noodles, Kimchi bowl noodles [Nong Shim] (a case).

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Food shopping today:

Broad Ripple Farmers' Market (various vendors):

Baby daikon, orange carrots, ripe tomatoes (harvested before the freeze), leeks w/ really long white parts, turnip greens, baby curly kale, broccoli florets, brown-mottled eggs, green eggs, beautiful big fresh Napa cabbage, small orange sweet "snacking peppers".

The Fresh Mart:

Crème fraîche, California Olive Ranch EVOO, Godiva chocolate, nice fillet of turbot, salted potato chips [Kettle].

Claus' German Sausage & Meats:

Bauernschinken, coarse Braunschweiger, pressed tongue, smoked Kielbasa.

Amelia's Bakery:

Half a loaf of semolina bread, honey-oatmeal biscotti.

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Yesterday I went in to the new Trader Joe's in Buffalo - didn't have a fridge to keep things overnight so limited myself to foods not requiring refrigeration.

Speculoos cookies

Ginger, lemon and toasted coconut cookie thins

Ak Mak crackers

a bottle of cookie butter

freeze dried strawberries, blueberries and mango

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a bottle of cookie butter

I have never heard of this until now. There is a facebook page fro fans of it. I will look to see if it is available here in southern California.

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Picked up a jar of the crunchy. I was going to pass since that balance of ingredients did not seem South Beach Diet friendly to me. My DW thought is looked interesting so we bought a jar. I had a taste off of a spoon. I could get into serious trouble calorie-wise if I started eating it. Very tasty but I want to keep my A1C down where it belongs.

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