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  1. Ah right. I used to have a lemony pepper rub from somewhere (Sainsbury's I think) that was great on roast chicken! Discontinued now, sadly.
  2. Put the veggie plot and the cutting garden to bed for the winter today - harvested the last of the cornflowers and cosmos, and took the seed heads off the nigella to open later. Found a last rogue courgette and picked some autumn raspberries. Made parsley pesto last week and ravaged the plants but decided not to dig the roots up just yet. Sure enough I have baby parsley leaves! The chard and the spinach beet are still pretty happy, even after my depredations to pick chard stems for pickling. We had our first frost last week and it doesn't seem to have harmed them so I will see how far I can stretch them! The oka looks like I should look up when I am supposed to lift the things Now to look at the seed catalogue and decide whether it's worth planting any of the seeds I have to overwinter!
  3. Tere

    Mystery Ingredients

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myoga ?
  4. Yes, please update us when you are able to! I can't help feel that Channel 4 have been sold a pup. They have basically spent an awful lot of money on a tent. But we shall see. I like Paul Hollywood, so at least they have him to carry over. They should get someone like Delia or Nigella in.
  5. Koffman's underneath the Berkeley is great. I don't know how much of their business comes from the hotel.
  6. Along the same lines, quite a lot of the UK libraries use Zinio. I am not a major magazine reader, but there's pretty decent choice. And it's free! Here's an example page: http://www.leeds.gov.uk/leisure/Pages/eMagazines.aspx Might be worth investigating elsewhere too?
  7. Rutabaga = swede correct? I love cheesy swede casserole with haggis. Boiled mashed swede layered with cheese, lots of salt and pepper. Some butter if I am feeling extra naughty. Delicious.
  8. Tere

    Dinner 2016 (Part 9)

    No pictures because it was essentially brown on brown but I adapted this recipe https://www.cooked.com/uk/Anjum-Anand/Quadrille-Publishing/Indian-Food-Made-Easy/Meat/Easy-all-in-one-lamb-curry-recipe for slow cooked hogget neck steaks - just chopped them up and simmered until done (about 4 hours). Really tasty, would do again. Only change apart from the timings were nigella seeds in place of poppy seeds and I took out the chili half way through as hubby was bitching about the heat. Served with simple mint and cucumber raita, a thrown together spinach curry sauteed with various whole seeds toasted and some left over passata, and some home made paratha, easily my favourite Indian bread. Just eaten leftovers which were equally yummy Would cook again!
  9. I've stuck it on my wishlist as I am sure my mother will love buying this for me and I am the world's hardest person to buy for. I guess I will get over the cups
  10. Tere

    Mystery Ingredients

    I think it's a sweet thing since they look like a giant fruit pastille. Candied Chinese hawthorn?
  11. By rice she said a cup of rice, but this wouldn't be American cup measurements. This is probably half a mug of whatever thing she was measuring from in the cupboard. I'd probably start with half an American cup and go from there. I might pin her down and get her to make it. Possibly
  12. I was binge watching a Chef's Life and got to the episode where she makes chicken and rice with her mum. And then I thought about a recipe my Mum called "Chicken Lyonnaise" - we were pretty broke as a kid and Dad was out of work a lot but I remembered this as being a thing she made with the legs and wings from a cheap chicken she roasted. This or coq au vin from a packet. I got curious and asked her. She also did an excellent lamb kidney dish which consisted of frying up onions, adding the gravy from Sunday roast, cooking the kidneys, serving with rice. Clearly very tasty since I can still remember it. Also below. Anyway. Have the recipe. "Although we talked about Chicken Lyonnaise, I’ve only just got round to reading the email. Ingredients Chicken legs, Bacon, Onions, Carrots, Mushrooms, Campbell’s condensed Mushroom Soup and Rice with a bay leaf and mixed herbs as required Fry everything to brown. Leave onions in pan and add rice, cook until translucent and add soup. Pour over other ingredients and cook for an hour until the soup has gone into the rice. Don’t let dry out. Kidneys and rice is simply fry kidneys until cooked and brown, add some thick gravy and cook together to get juices combined. Cook rice in normal way. Pour /place kidneys on top. See you soon. Love Mum xx" Haven't tried it yet as still slightly boggled there seems to be no additional liquid in the soup. But will see how it goes! Mum is a big believer in bacon in anything savoury
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