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  1. Chelsea Miller knives. Website of the same name and an article in today's New York Times, "At One With Her Knife." Now, if I just had an extra $800 lying around... I'm sure it would be worth every penny. (and I need a green-with-envy emoticon, too). K
  2. Wasn't sure where to put this, but I bought them, so ... USPS Celebrity Chefs Forever stamps - Edna Lewis, Felipe Rojas-Lombardi, Joyce Chen, James Beard and Julia Child - so cool! Goggle it on the Interwebs - I can't seem to paste a link.
  3. In the topic "Best Fried Chicken," which was redirected here, Scolobey asked if anyone had tried pre-cooking the chicken before frying. I think his plan was to poach them and then fry them. Today in thekitchn.com I ran across this tip: season, brine, marinate or whatever and bake the chicken first, cool, then proceed with the breading and frying. Seems like much less stress. I'm going to try it tonight. Kay
  4. Hi AnnieLo, and welcome to eGullet! I have several sizes of the Romertopf unglazed clay pots. I have used one to bake no-knead bread for years (I don't even soak it first) and the other two are for chicken, lamb, all sorts of things. I got all three of my Romertopfs at Value Village or Goodwill for not much money at all (two of them were brand new in their boxes - I think they must have been gifts the receiver wasn't interested in trying), and I'd suggest that you start there. Get one, try it out! K
  5. October 23, between 6:02 am and 6:02 pm, is Mole Day ( Avogadro's number). Big day for high school chemistry students! We don't serve moles, though. We serve avocados.
  6. The other day I reached into the fridge for some pre-cut butternut squash and I got to thinking, what other shortcuts do I take, and why? And what do I insist on doing myself that makes friends and family members look at me funny? Here are a few things I would rather just buy: Fried chicken - It takes a while, it's messy, and the kitchen smells like fried chicken for days. It's handy at the grocery store, just like ... Rotisserie chicken - It just smells too good in the store to pass by. So handy. Butternut Squash cubes - Because I nearly chopped off my thumb that one time. Homegrown tomatoes
  7. According to this website: http://www.yumsugar.com/Burning-Question-Why-Dont-Limes-Have-Seeds-3281585, limes are parthenocarpic, meaning they are naturally seedless. Who knew?
  8. I just did this yesterday! (I was avoiding a huge pile of filing.) I started with the "junk" drawer and then found myself moving on to the rest, taking everything out, cleaning the crumbs out of the drawers (!), and putting only about half of the stuff back in. Then I moved on to the cabinets. Each object went through the "Have I used this in the last year?" test, and if it failed, out it went. (Now if I could only force myself to do this with my closet!) Then, "Do I really need three of these? Which is the one (or maybe two - I'm only human) that I actually use?" and out went the extras. Some
  9. Or asparagus. That was 20 years ago, and I still think twice about putting anything in there. We ended up replacing the disposal altogether. Reminds me of a joke: Guest: Where's the switch for the garbage disposal? Host: We don't have a garbage disposal. Guest: Oops!
  10. I've been using Mark Bittman's slow cooker method (http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2013/06/30/magazine/bittman-slow-cooker.html?_r=0) since it ran in the NYT last June. Works every time. I mean, sometimes you just want to spend about five minutes in the morning and have a nice, hearty comfort dish when you get home. I was quite surprised that this didn't pop up here at the time.
  11. This is just a little stocking stuffer, but I love it - Melitta makes a little cutie called a "JavaJig," a reusable coffee filter thingy for use with Keurig-style brewers. BPA-free, the "starter kit" includes 2 reusable cups and 30 teensy little filters. No need to remove the machine's filter holder - this little guy pops right in and then the grounds and the filter can go straight into the compost bin. http://www.amazon.com/Melitta-Reusable-Brewers-Filters-filters/dp/B0091146V8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1387226264&sr=8-1&keywords=melitta+java+jig
  12. Anna, that is gorgeous. I didn't take a photo of mine (bottom round, not prime rib) the other night, but it was just about the same size and the finished roast looked exactly like yours, was juicy, tender and delicious - and took just over an hour. That's why I like Dave's method so much - easy weeknight dinner! Prep, shove in the hot oven, switch to broil, watch for a few minutes to see when the fat cap starts to brown, turn the oven off and go on about your business until it's done. I had plenty of time to make mashed potatoes with garlic and chevre to go with it. Steamed some frozen peas at
  13. You know, I skipped right over the tenderizing part - I never do that, for the reason you stated. I just "didn't worry," as Dave said. ETA: Although I think that probably the screaming hot oven/broiler until the fat cap browned probably was hot enough. Thanks for the warning, though.
  14. Just wanted to say thanks to Dave Weinstein for the Simple Roast Beef recipe above. Tried it last night and it worked like a charm! And no kidding, it IS simple! Easy, in fact, and the best roast I've ever cooked. This was a test run for Christmas dinner. Went very well with mashed potatoes mixed with garlic and chevre. Yum! K
  15. I recently read Luke Barr's Provence 1970, about MFK Fisher, Simca Beck, James Beard, Paul and Julia Child and Richard Olney all being in Provence at the same time in what was a pivotal year for each of them. It's an OK book; about what you'd expect from MFK's great nephew - hagiographies of one and all - with the exception of Olney, who comes across as a cantankerous know-it-all and a grumpy loner. BUT! that book led me to Olney's Reflexions, which was wonderful. After reading this uncompleted memoir, which was published posthumously, I don't think he was curmudgeonly at all. In fact, he see
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