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Found 234 results

  1. Just got an interesting press release from the Living Language (Random House) people with their list of commonly mispronounced food-and-wine words. Thought I'd share it with you all:
  2. Free Tacos in Boston

    It's kind of late to be posting this, but an email just came in from the Boston Globe announcing Pollo Campero is celebrating National Taco Day with free tacos "As food buffs know, Oct. 4 looms large on the culinary calendar --- it’s National Taco Day --- and to celebrate, the Pollo Campero chain said it is giving away free tacos at its East Boston and Chelsea restaurants." I've never had a Pollo Campero taco, so I don't know if this is worth hurrying to or not.
  3. Over at Serious Eats, Kenji Lopez-Alt really outdid himself this time: "The Food Lab, Drinks Edition: Is Mexican Coke Better?" I suspect anyone reading this is at least superficially aware that Mexican Coke is made with sugar and that American Coke is made with HFCS: Kenji set up a daunting battery of tests to determine which tasters preferred. SPOILER ALERT: Anyone care to dispute his methods or results?
  4. Ground Beef Tacos

    One of the staple meals in my family when I was growing up was ground beef tacos, made from the Ortega "taco kit" (it came with shells, seasoning for the beef, and hot sauce: you supplied the lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese). Well, I've sworn off the kit... but not the tacos. Surely I'm not alone here: who else makes this quintessential Tex-Mex favorite from scratch? What do you put in yours?
  5. Found this interesting article, The Mexican Kitchen's Islamic Connection , although I can't figure out quite how I got there... Wasn't sure where to post it. It certainly made me sit up and think. No wonder I love both Mexican and Indian food.
  6. Mexican cooking shows?

    So a friend told me she had found a Mexican cooking show on the Food Network (Canada) and I thought. Oh boy! Just what I need. So I watched it. Marcela Valladolid. And boy was it awful. Meatloaf a la Mexican. This dish and that dish with a dash of "Mexican" spices or ingredients. But then the subtitle was: "A spin on American Classics". I didn't look at that part of the title obviously. Are there any useful Mexican/Hispanic/Latino type cooking shows on television either in the USA (which no doubt we Canucks cannot get) or in Canada? Right. Thanks.
  7. Best Mexican blogs:

    Wasn't quite sure whether to put this request in the internet section or in the Mexican cooking section. Tell me your favorite Mexican and Hispanic cooking blogs, please.
  8. Freezing fresh chili peppers

    The scene: we live in the Canadian frozen north and never get fresh tomatillos or chile peppers except for Jalapenos. We cannot get canned tomatillos or chile peppers except for Jalapenos. Well, maybe somewhere in Toronto, but I don't live in Toronto. WE brought back canned tomatillos and Hatch chiles from the Southwest. Now, to my open-mouthed surprise in a local higher end grocery story, Sobey's, I find what? FRESH POBLANOS. Smaller than usual, but beautiful dark green, proper shaped, etc. I ask the manager about it. He says he's trying it and so far so good, and they'll have them as long as the season lasts. And he can't speak for any other local Sobey's. SO: how long does the 'season' last? He didn't know. (That's better than another store in which the manager had never heard of a tomatillo.) Should I buy a huge lot and what? I know I can cook and freeze them. Can I freeze them whole and use them for Chiles Rellenos? What else? Give me your best shots please.
  9. Taco Bell's Cantina Tacos

    I had lunch at Taco Hell today, and they had some new tacos on the menu. In soft corn tortillas, no less. I was intrigued, so grabbed two of them, one beef and one carnitas. The beef was too bland for my tastes, but the onion and cilantro relish was pretty good. I liked the carnitas much better, the flavor was not bad at all, with the same relish, and a fresh lime wedge. The tortillas themselves were past their prime, but I think that was a function of this particular location and it being Monday: they were at the end of a batch, I suspect. Ardent Taco Bell haters still won't like them, but those of you who occasionally indulge might want to give these a shot.
  10. Mexican cooking is my latest obsession and am I having fun! Now planned is a Mexican feast for the Dog Weekend folks at the end of August with much practice beforehand. From a couple of the eG Mexican cooking threads I have compiled a list of ingredients needed for the most modest of Mexican or even Tex/Mex cooking. I'll list some of them and then ask, where O where in Ontario...I'll even go right into Toronto...can I find them? (I am keeping in mind that I'll be able to pick some up in Ann Arbor in early August if the good lord is willin' and the crick don't rise and I can actually make it to the Heartland Gathering. A visit to a Mexican market is part of the festivities. Plus, friends are coming from NJ at the end of August and can bring stuff. There is no doubt a Mexican market in NJ...although I still have to ask.) Fresh chiles: anjo, pasilla, poblano, arbol, cascabel, etc, etc. Cajeta Cheeses achiote/anatto piloncillo canela vanilla Mostly it's the chiles and cheeses... I think I can get some dried chiles in Peterpatch even.
  11. Caribbean flavors for a taco bar?

    The theme for our next local outdoor gathering is Caribbean. I plan to grill some jerk chicken over an open fire (duh). Furthermore, there are a ton of Caribbean drink recipes (another duh). Since there are a variety of people, and flavor palates in the crowd, I thought it would be nice to put out a taco bar and let people choose from more or less spicy ingredients and build their own tacos (mixing foodies and neophytes can be a challenge). I have a large outdoor griddle and can sauté any combination of meat/vegetable/spice combination. A quick search on Google found a ton of restaurants and tacorias that are reported to have awesome Caribbean style tacos, but almost no recipes. In addition, a number of people in my crowd are known for not appreciating seafood, and living in the Midwest we can’t get great seafood anyway, so I don’t plan on serving fish tacos. Also, while I have enjoyed the goat curry the last couple times I was in Jamaica, Goat is not readily available in our local mega marts. So, to finally get to my question, does anyone have any good recipes for Caribbean style tacos (flour or corn) using chicken/ beef/pork. I also have a couple of side notes. 1. A couple of web sites suggested that homemade tortillas are superior to store bought. Since the outdoor griddle will be up and running is it worthwhile to make my own, or should I buy store bought? I have a tortilla press that I bought on a whim some years ago, but have never really used. 2. I already got a jar of Mango salsa from Sam’s thinking that has to fit with the theme but could use suggestions on how to use it. Thank
  12. Del Taco

    There didn't seem to be an existing discussion about this fast food franchise so I thought I would start one. I think they have an overall image problem in that there is no one thing that stands out on the menu or makes it a destination like McDonald's. They're just...there...when I drive by. Is there something on the menu that draws you in that I'm missing, perhaps? That being said, right now they're offering battered and deep fried jalapeño rings as a side. I'm not sure if this is a specialty item or if they plan on adding them to their everyday menu. The rings weren't overly spicy hot but they did have some zip to them. Of course, I'm a chilehead so take that with a grain of salt. A small container of a ranch dressing-ish sauce comes with the rings. Interestingly, the jalapeño rings are both the green and red variety. Of course, now I'm hitting my forehead with a Homeresque "DOH!" since I could have tossed some of the rings into my burrito, thus kicking it up an Emeril-notch (to mix popular culture references). Has anyone else tried the jalapeño rings?
  13. Recipe for testing chilies?

    I have just obtained some dried chilhaucle chiles, and before I use them for mole, I'd like to try one in a really simple recipe that I can use to compare to some of the more easily obtained varieties. I want the flavors of the different chiles to stand out, and it to be simple enough to make several versions at a time for comparison. Would it make more sense to rehydrate a piece of each and mix with otherwise plain rice, or make a quesadilla with a bit of queso fresco, or mix with some cooked sweet corn or hominy? How would you or do you test chiles?
  14. Will be in San Diego for the first time. Would like to experience some authentic Mexican food. I heard of Aquí es Texcoco. Any other suggestion that would have at least one vegetarian option on the menu? Thanks.
  15. Does anyone know of a goiod place to buy specialist mexican ingredients (flour for making tortillas, dried chillies etc) Have a newly acquired Rick Bayless book and am desperate to get cracking but there are sooo many specialist ingredients i have no idea where i might find them? Any help would be gretaly appreciated
  16. KogiBBQ Taco Truck

    I first heard about kogibbq when reading an article in the IHT when in Europe last February. Great concept but not going to spend an hour or more in traffic just to grab a taco. Fast forward to 2 weeks ago today; I was just about to plate our dinner when I saw a tweet from kogi stating that they would be arriving in Long Beach shortly. Many bad words were said since we live in long beach. No Kogi for us that night. Fortunately they tweeted last thursday (in the AM) that Long Beach was again on the agenda - 1800 @ the Queen Mary. I called my wife to let her know that kogi was on the menu for that night's dinner. We arrived at the Queen Mary's parking lot around 1730, already a nascent line forming. The truck was delayed and finally about 1/2 hour late the object of our desire arrived. (video). Of course the line we were in was not the real line and the parking police made the truck move to its customary spot. The same spot where there were already another 50 or so kogiphiles already lined up. So much for the plum spot in line. Ridiculous right? Chasing after a roach coach with a twist. Guess we are easily amused. The real line: After a few minutes to set up things got under way: The line was remarkably cheerful with just a couple of malcontents (thankfully). The truck had 4 guys working in it, one taking the orders with the remaining 3 just hammering out the food from a space smaller than most office cubicles. That alone was a thing of beauty to watch. We ordered 2 beef short rib tacos, 1 ea spicy pork and spicy chicken + 1ea beef short rib and spicy pork burrito. The Kimchi Quesadilla was also ordered. We enjoyed the food on a nice grassy spot: The food was incredibly good. I usually avoid fusion like the plague but that is perhaps because I've rarely encountered well executed fusion before. Tacos were $2 each, other items all priced @ $5. Word on the street is that the sliders and Kogi dogs(!) are also excellent but we'll have to wait for next time. This my friends is a taco truck worth chasing! An hour later the line was a bit better but still substantial: Neat concept; hope their success continues.
  17. Does anyone know anything about a camper (not really a mobile home or a professional lunch truck) parked on the northbound side of Routes 1 & 9 in the Rahway/Woodbridge area selling Mexican food. I drove past the other day and saw it (it was pouring and I was going to fast to stop). I think maybe the sign said Macho Nacho but I thought that was the name of a restaurant in Morristown. The sign said tacos, guac, chicken with rice and beans.
  18. Kimchi tacos

    I read online articles in the New York Times and LA Times about kimchi tacos. Has anyone here ever eaten them, and if so, would you have any idea on how to make them? They sound delish but I probably won't have the chance to eat at these taco trucks anytime soon because I live in Hong Kong. From the descriptions, it doesn't sound as simple as just putting kimchi and kalbi in a corn tortilla. If anyone can help with a few clues on how to make these, I'd be grateful. Here are the links: http://www.latimes.com/theguide/restaurant...0,4560062.story http://www.nytimes.com/2009/02/25/dining/25taco.html TIA
  19. My nephew and his wife are coming to town from NY (after having lived in Barcelona for 13 years) for the opening of his film in LA and they've asked me (Auntie Foodie) to take them to lunch at an authentic Mexican restaurant beforehand somewhere near the theater in Santa Monica. Does anyone have any ideas?
  20. I was in Santa Fe recently, and had this amazing chili at a cafe on the plaza. It was the spiciest chili I ever had, but not just spicy, intensely flavorful too. Just looking for a recipe that might replicate this...I feel like New Mexican chili powder is different from the stuff you buy in like a Safeway.
  21. I am in search of a great Denver Mexican market. I've got H-Mart for Asian, Bombay Bazaar for Indian, Internal Market (on Parker) for Middle Eastern, but I'm not sure what to do for Mexican. I see carnicerias all over the place, but how do I pick the right one? Does anyone have a good suggestion for me? I'd just like to be able to find authentic ingredients to augment the paltry selection at my local Albertsons. Thanks!
  22. If you could only read and use one cookbook on mexican cooking, which author would you choose and why? How would you characterize the difference between these two cookbook authors?
  23. Just wondering if anyone knows of a store that has a good stock of Mexican ingredients? I find it so frustrating having no clue whatsoever, especially seeing as Mexican is one of my favourite cuisines and I'd really like to make use of my Mex cookbook! There must be one somewhere because I do recall watching the Mexican episode of Food Safari and aha! there they were in a Mexican food store. Here's hoping the prices aren't sky high.
  24. Taco Mix

    We have gone a few times in the last couple of months.. It never has disappointed..Great tacos.. A little table in the back, the place is a small rectangle.. Counter running across the length where you can stand and eat your taco.. Free guacamole, free radish, free salsa verde.. Taco pastor, carnitas, pollo, cecina, lengue, they have it all..A couple of really interesting sandwiches.. The last time I was there these two guys ordered chorizo and cheese sandwiches.. It came with with lettuce, tomato, and some sauce.. Looked pretty awesome.. The tacos are $2.50 instead of the standard $2 bucks at most Mexican Places catering to Mexican's.. But you get a lot more meat then most places.. Really nice lettuce and salsa added on too.. Spinning wheels of meat are always a good sign:
  25. I saw a starter review in the Record for Rosa Mexicana at the River Side Sq Mall. As anyone been there yet? I wonder if it will be a mob scene like every restaurant there when it first opens.