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  1. There aren't any GMO vegetables currently in the market. Not to mention the fact that GMOs have been extensively tested for more than 20 years, and NO harmful effects have been found.
  2. Dishwasher Detergent

    I have hard water and lots of white spots on glasses. A repair guy told me to put a custard cup of white vinegar on the top shelf before I started the machine. The vinegar gradually overflows during washing and rinsing, and I have no spots now. Some people put vinegar into the bottom of the machine before washing--waste of time, because the dishwasher pumps out all liquids from the sump (which prevents sewer gas from coming up) and that vinegar is just pumped away.
  3. Ingredients List on Package

    Pumpkins are a variety of winter squash, and there a million sizes, shapes and colors of pumpkins. I make my pumpkin pies out of butternut squash, because it is not stringy or watery.
  4. One fall, long ago, I found a preying mantis egg case and tucked it into a vase on the windowsill. In April, I had five kajillion mini-mantises in my kitchen. Every once in a while, I still shake a tiny flattened fellow out of my cookbooks.
  5. Shelby, cowboy candy rocks. The syrup is the best part. The first time I made it, I had to improvise, because I had no cayenne or turmeric. I used an equal measure of Penzey's hot curry powder. Everyone who tries it raves about it.
  6. Kitchen Flies

    Sartoric, I think our dogs are separated at birth. This is Stella. I use the fly tape on the porch--and occasionally, when I want to feel like a real Ozark granny, in the kitchen.
  7. Kitchen photos

    It is a gas stove. It has all the pieces, but I have never hooked it up. The oven is too small. I think it is about a hundred years old.
  8. Kitchen photos

    Not the Appalachians--the Missouri Ozarks. Taum Sauk Mountain, highest place in Missouri (at an *astounding* 1609') is about 5 miles to the south of me. The 'mountain' in the picture is called Pilot Knob, the site of a small but important Civil War battle. Here is a picture of my 'other' stove. It is in the sunroom, and not working.
  9. Kitchen photos

    And the view from the window over the sink:
  10. Kitchen photos

    Inside, now:
  11. Kitchen photos

    My humble kitchen--small, but cozy. The house was built in 1883, and the kitchen was a small building behind the house, connected by an open breezeway. This picture was taken in the 40's and shows how the breezeway was enclosed (and a bathroom added!) See the clever flaps just under the eaves to let the hot air out?
  12. Things Foodies Say

    No, thanks. Those are not free range eggs.
  13. Fresh Morel mushrooms

    Morels are pretty much over for this year in my part of Missouri (70 miles south of STL). You have a year to do all your research.
  14. I have a Meyer lemon, from Stark Brothers, that had 2 lemons the first year, and they have been increasing in number every year. They are full sized lemons. A side benefit is the fragrance of the blossoms. I am in Missouri, and mine is about ready to make the sojourn from the sunny south window of the sunroom to the back yard.