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  1. In the same room with now closed Save-On-Meat (close to A&N) on W. Hastings, there was a a fish store where I used to buy Indian candy for much, much less than in supermarkets where the Indian candy is ridiculously high priced. Does anyone know where the fish store moved ? Or who was their supplier for the Indian candy ? Thank you.
  2. Please, have you ever in your cookbooks or restaurants in Mexico stumbled upon a true Mexican dish which uses flat layered tortillas and some filling between them ? Last week we were visiting friends (European) who have prepared so called "Mexican moussaka" ! Aside the word moussaka which comes from Greek, as they say it's their colloquial name for the dish because of the way it's prepared with layered tortillas. They could also colloquially call it Mexican lasagna. I asked for a recipe, and basically this is how they make it: A filling between three or four layers of tortillas is a mixture of sautéed julliened chicken fillet, thinly diced red, green and yellow bell peppers, garlic, corn kernels, powder for buritto or fajita sauce, diced zucchini, and a chile powder. Grate a layer of cheese atop of the vegetable mixture, and repeat layering with vegetables and cheese with next layer of tortillas. Tortillas will cover the dish, grate more cheese atop. I don't know where they got the recipe, but to me this seems to be just a looks-alike Mexican. Especially as they use bell peppers in the filling. It's actually Tex-Mex, or the dish that pretends to be Mexican, something from a modern, creative southwestern USA cuisine, but not really a Mexican dish. Am I right ? Thank you. Edited for spelling.
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