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  1. Rancho Gordo in the NYT... again!!

    it's been wild. We opened up 1,000 spaces but we had a 2,100 waitlist. Then the article came out. We have spaces open up every quarter so the waitlist is your best bet. The Bean Club is fun but we have plenty of other beans. Plenty!
  2. Rancho Gordo in the NYT... again!!

    For the record, I don't wear baseball caps or tennis shoe but I probably am built like a giant bean.
  3. Using Mexican Chocolate

    Sorry it wasn't great but I have to say, it's pretty cool!
  4. Mexican Street Food

    How is it sub-par? You know it's a different kind of corn, right? It's not supposed to be sweet.
  5. Cooking with Six Seasons by Joshua McFadden

    And re the salad, now is the time to do it with the new asparagus, apparently. He says not to do it unless it's early spring. I still may try.
  6. Cooking with Six Seasons by Joshua McFadden

    I don't know. Somewhere along the way, they should have said, this won't look good if our CEO wins. They have a reputation of being clubby and not so serious, fair or not, This didn't help. But it was in reality, Cookbook of the Year for so many of us. Not an easy situation.
  7. Cooking with Six Seasons by Joshua McFadden

    I've been making the raw asparagus salad with mint, over and over, and I decided to add some cooked scarlet runner beans. It's a meal! I love this book and can't stop cooking from it. You feel like you're learning something, not just following a recipe. Easily my best book from last year. And it's sad it was slightly tainted by winning Cookbook of the Year from the IACP when the co-author of the book is also the CEO of IACP. There was a small outrage and the prize was taken away. It's more telling about the IACP than anything else, but it's a shame it happened to this particular book. But then again, these book awards seem silly and arbitrary.
  8. Cooking Issues Podcast

    I think Evan Kleiman's Good Good from KCRW is great. The Splendid Table can also be very good, although sometimes super irritating. I haven't found a Heritage show that works for me. There's a sort of forced casualness that makes me nuts. I want information and lots of it and if you can deliver it in an entertaining way, all the better, but it see,ms like the hosts are most intent on showing what a good time they're having or how cool they are. I stopped listening about 2 years ago so to be fair, I should give them another shot.
  9. Amazon/WF 'update' NYTimes

    There are some other changes. They don't have a lot of what you need. I'm not a regular WF shopper but I went last week and was surprised how much wasn't there, just an empty slot. And the sale seasonal vegetables went down in price but twice on the same trip I had to mention the sale to the cashier. I feel weird being cheap but I wouldn't have bought the items if they weren't on sale. Amazon’s Changes to Whole Foods Mean Empty Shelves, Fewer Local Products
  10. Tulum in particular. When it's a punchline on comedies like Schitt's Creek for where tiresome hipsters go for fun, you know it's changed. Mexico City has changed but it still feels like Mexico, just evolved and appreciated.
  11. I can't put my finger on it but there's something sad about the whole thing and how the region has changed over the last 10 years. Places change and evolve, I know. This feels too fast and too much like others imposing their fantasies. I'm sure the dinner was wonderful, though.
  12. You can imagine how much fun it was meeting here in person at an eGullet potluck! I was kind of in shock. And just enamored with eG and the its community.
  13. Rancho Gordo in the NYT... again!!

    That's so sweet!
  14. Shipping Charges

    We get that sometimes. I'd love to have a lower price to ship one pound but we'd go broke with one pound orders.