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  1. Too many beans. What a great problem to have! The Bean Club isn't for everyone. You do get a few exclusives and maybe a little more attention but "a la carte" makes more sense for many people. The current club ends up being 1/2 a pound a week. A lot of Bean Club people order more than that. It really is for the fanatic, in the best sense. Our problem is that we're a relatively small company. After this holiday season and then the Bean Club plus a lot of press out of the blue, another model isn't practical for the foreseeable future. We just expanded to 8,500 ,members (from 5,000) and we thought that would be that. It sold out in a matter of days. We have well over 5,000 on the waiting list and a very low "churn" rate. It's not for everybody but it seems to be great for those that love it. Remember, we have dozens and dozens of the same beans available on the website for you to get as you like. Just today Evan Kleiman on KCRW's Good Food did this: <https://www.kcrw.com/culture/shows/good-food/mcdonalds-in-black-america-and-cool-beans/food-nerd-alert-beans-are-trending> I will tell you, after 19 years of pushing and working hard, I will never get used to this recognition. It's surreal and wonderful and I am old enough to understand that not everyone gets to work and and be rewarded. I am one lucky fellow.
  2. I went to the Napa WF yesterday and wondered, Where's the food? All the lettuces are in bags or clear boxes. The produce was abysmal and the things that are We sale for Prime members is confusing. The only good thing is it inspires me to join a CSA.
  3. That's what I'd do but she paid retail for a premium product and she deserves them to be perfect. And there were some cases of two bags bursting, making them mixed. That would be a drag to separate them. The hard part, as a modern business owner, is I've insisted on keeping customer service in-house. They're well-trained and frankly, delightful and I hate to say it but they sometimes make better beans than I do. We have a toll free number and an email. But people want their customer service via Facebook, Instagram and I even had someone ask for a return via Twitter. It's exhausting and inefficient. I don't come to eG often and when I do, it's really more as a fellow food enthusiast. I get excited about some of what we're doing but I'm careful not to sell or cross a line. Sorry if it came off too strong.
  4. I have to ask why on earth she didn't contact customer service and get a replacement? We have a full-time customer service staff available by phone or email, but not eGullet! The problem was a new bagging machine, not cramming the boxes, for the record.
  5. Bean Club is nice and it's one way to get beans. You can also just order exactly what you want and get it exactly when you want it. It's fun but it's not essential unless you are a very hard core bean freak, like me.
  6. yes. We just need your email to contact you. We don't even save it!
  7. Sorry. We had spaces for weeks. If you really want to do it, sign up for the waitlist. There are openings every quarter and once we can handle capacity, we add more spaces as well. There is no obligation. The wait list only tells you that there are spaces available on a first come first serve basis. So you can ignore if you like
  8. I don't know about the Premier machine. I haven't had luck with it but I know others have and really like it.
  9. I wouldn't worry too much about the puffing. It's nice but you can have an excellent tortilla without it. When mixing the masa harina, I just keep adding water until it has an almost play dough texture. And then I let it rest just so the flour can absorb all the liquid, maybe 10 minutes. I don't know if this is really needed. If the dough is too sticky, just add some more masa harina until it has the right consistency.
  10. I'm sorry. I'm somewhat confused. I'm old. Be kind. By the way I searched for the Rancho Gordo nixtamalized heirloom corn but found only white corn posole. What were you looking for if not the posole? By "freshly ground nixtamalized corn", you mean masa, right? It's best the same day but loses a little something every day. I would guess 4-5 days in the fridge before it goes off. I have never froze it well but I have heard others think it's fine. I would make a batch and then make and cook tortillas. I've had them last well over a week once they're formed and cooked. Not as divine as right off the comal but better than using old masa. Sorry if I'm being dense.
  11. And if you have Mexican friends who look confused (or angry) when you call the grain posole, gently explain that that's how it's done in the US Southwest and that we have our own traditions with corn as well. prepared Hominy=posole=dried nixtamal. Posole is also a finished dish in the US. Pozole is only the finished dish in Mexico. Maiz para Pozole is the raw corn and nixtamal is the prepared hominy. There will be a test!
  12. So the posole is nixtamalized heirloom corn. It's just not ground. And you'd need a special grinder to get it fine enough for tortillas, which I haven't found on a home use level yet. I have to say I like that Bob;s Red Mill masa harina is organic but it's not my favorite. I wince as I say "Maseca...." which I really mostly dislike because they've taken over and pushed out a lot of small guys, not because the product is bad. They claim it's non-GMO corn. Who knows?
  13. Mostly they don't. It's hard to speak in absolutes when it comes to Mexican cooks or beans! I'm not so good at pressure cookers so I may not have the best advise. I know the staff here cooks samples every day with a slow cooker, always unsoaked and always perfect. I hate to admit it but they're better than me now.
  14. I'm not so good at the pressure cooker but I've never had that happen. They do take longer. And my advice is always start with a 15 insane boil from hell. It lets the beans know you are in the boss. Then turn it down to a gentle simmer (or even lower if you have the time). Add hot water from a tea kettle as needed to so they are covered by an inch or so always.
  15. This is my favorite part of the New Yorker piece: I remember a well-known foodie customer coming into the store for a party where she was making carnitas and cochinita pibil and wanted some "yummy beans and a recipe" to go with all that. Where do you start. I suggested she have really plain beans I could see she was disappointed with my answer. Any of these would be great: Ayocote Morado Ayocote Amarillo Ayocote Blanco Rio Zape Moro If the ayocote are really old, I would save them for another day or a pressure cooker. It could take forever and there's not much worse than waiting for beans.
  16. it's been wild. We opened up 1,000 spaces but we had a 2,100 waitlist. Then the article came out. We have spaces open up every quarter so the waitlist is your best bet. The Bean Club is fun but we have plenty of other beans. Plenty!
  17. For the record, I don't wear baseball caps or tennis shoe but I probably am built like a giant bean.
  18. Sorry it wasn't great but I have to say, it's pretty cool!
  19. How is it sub-par? You know it's a different kind of corn, right? It's not supposed to be sweet.
  20. And re the salad, now is the time to do it with the new asparagus, apparently. He says not to do it unless it's early spring. I still may try.
  21. I don't know. Somewhere along the way, they should have said, this won't look good if our CEO wins. They have a reputation of being clubby and not so serious, fair or not, This didn't help. But it was in reality, Cookbook of the Year for so many of us. Not an easy situation.
  22. I've been making the raw asparagus salad with mint, over and over, and I decided to add some cooked scarlet runner beans. It's a meal! I love this book and can't stop cooking from it. You feel like you're learning something, not just following a recipe. Easily my best book from last year. And it's sad it was slightly tainted by winning Cookbook of the Year from the IACP when the co-author of the book is also the CEO of IACP. There was a small outrage and the prize was taken away. It's more telling about the IACP than anything else, but it's a shame it happened to this particular book. But then again, these book awards seem silly and arbitrary.
  23. I think Evan Kleiman's Good Good from KCRW is great. The Splendid Table can also be very good, although sometimes super irritating. I haven't found a Heritage show that works for me. There's a sort of forced casualness that makes me nuts. I want information and lots of it and if you can deliver it in an entertaining way, all the better, but it see,ms like the hosts are most intent on showing what a good time they're having or how cool they are. I stopped listening about 2 years ago so to be fair, I should give them another shot.
  24. There are some other changes. They don't have a lot of what you need. I'm not a regular WF shopper but I went last week and was surprised how much wasn't there, just an empty slot. And the sale seasonal vegetables went down in price but twice on the same trip I had to mention the sale to the cashier. I feel weird being cheap but I wouldn't have bought the items if they weren't on sale. Amazon’s Changes to Whole Foods Mean Empty Shelves, Fewer Local Products
  25. Tulum in particular. When it's a punchline on comedies like Schitt's Creek for where tiresome hipsters go for fun, you know it's changed. Mexico City has changed but it still feels like Mexico, just evolved and appreciated.
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