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Just flew to Toronto from Calgary via Edmonton...Air Canada. The flight from Calgary to Edmonton is about 45 minutes so I was surprised they offered refreshments! Water, pop or juice.
Coming home was Toronto via Montreal to Calgary. You can only buy food , no meals are supplied. On the way we took our own sandwiches and chips. On the way back we ate at the airport. I bought a kitkat and some wine . Oh and complimentary mini pretzles:
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I pre cooked ( simmer ) this in its ear, then clean and cut


Yellow Corn/ bacon/ basil/ my red sauce/ Parm/  this is a cross b flour and corn meal crust


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Smile of the summer:) – apricot-peach shortcake. RecipeGullet


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It was but a matter of time.


Shinichi Watanabe is a pleasure to do business with.  And no PayPal!  I asked Shinichi for a quotation.  I then used google's currency converter and trudged down to the post office for an international money order.  It took about five days for the money order to reach Japan, and another five days for the knife to reach me by express.  I am very pleased.


Kintaro-ame.  Knowing my limitations I went with relatively soft stainless steel core.  The handle is enju.


The blade feels heavier than I expected and the handle is larger and longer.  All of which are good things.  The cutting edge is mirror finished.  The knife is a delight to hold and I have never handled anything so sharp.  It turns out 180 mm is plenty long for the purpose.


From the markings on the enju wood, it appears the knife I received is the exact one pictured on the Watanabe website.


I recommend Watanabe highly.
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We have a ton of venison burger that I need to use and also the usual glut of zucchini  so, I am making tons of meatballs and freezing them.  SO handy.  I used 3-4 lbs of venison and two grated two large zucchini along with a panade of homemade bread crumbs and milk.  Also grated two onions, a bunch of garlic, finely diced fresh dill, oregano, Lawry's salt, lots of black pepper and grated parmesan cheese.  I browned them first and then put them in the CSO to bake at 350F for 5 minutes.  They are now in the freezer on a parchment covered cookie sheet and I will vac. pack them later today.  I will be doing this again over next few days so that I have a lot for the coming winter

After I grate the zucchini, I squeeze some of the water out but you don't want to get it all out because it makes the lightest, most tender meatballs ever.


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It finally cooled down enough here to start thinking of fall fruits like pears and apples. I saw this on Food52 (https://food52.com/recipes/38766-the-green-is-gold ), a champagne cocktail type drink with sparkling hard cider. It's a variation on a Death & Co. Last Word variation, the Julien Sorel.
Mine was yet a further variation as I used lime juice and perry instead of lemon and apple cider.
The Green is Gold
1/2 oz V.S.O.P. cognac (brandy)
1/2 oz yellow chartreuse
1/2 oz Luxardo maraschino liqueur
1/2 oz fresh lemon juice (I used lime)
Shake with ice, strain into a flute, top with very dry sparkling hard cider (I used Ace pear cider with some extra bubbles from Purefizz)
I like the pear-lime-yellow chartreuse combo and really enjoyed this. A nice Sunday afternoon brunch drink with enough complexity to stick around for some evening conversation.
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from the freezer I pulled a fillet of char, served it with a nettle risotto and crispy skin. 
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I was looking through old posts to see how else I've used this sauce - it's great on polenta!  

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Got this and let's say that I am not going to buy it again! I like the crunch but not the after taste. Too sweet, make it very flat, missing salt and also the cranberries are just sweet. 
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Tonight. Beef marinated in Shaoxing wine with a little potato starch. Stir-fried with garlic, yellow garlic chives (aka hotbed chives), coriander leaf, ginger, red chilli, and green chilli. A little soy sauce and sesame oil. Very spicy dish. With rice.

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White chocolate whip with aquafaba with crumble topping and fruit - not to much complicated - RecipeGullet .


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More peach treats from Deep Run Roots - this one is the Country Ham-Wrapped and Roasted Peaches p 456. 

Peach wedges get wrapped in thin slices of smoked country ham (I subbed prosciutto) and roasted.  They're served on gingered goat cheese (goat cheese, buttermilk & grated, fresh ginger) with a drizzle of balsamic honey and a sprinkle of sweet & spicy pecans (the recipe calls for Viv's Addiction but I used my own pecans based on these Spicy Sweet Walnuts. 

Very decadent.
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I spent two hours waiting in line for a beach sticker yesterday morning.  Ugh.  By the time that torture was complete, there was no parking at any of the beaches.  We ended up giving up and bringing the cars back to the house and walking in to town for lunch.  Boring but we went back to Winslows to enjoy the lovely shaded patio. Oysters



Repeats for the kids of pear apple salad



and burrata salad



fig pizza



scallop roll



grilled chicken paillard



Pulled pork sandwich




salted caramel tart



chocolate strega



Later I grilled burgers for the kids.  Bean burger on left, beef on right.  The adults shared a grilled clam pizza.  Part of it fell into the grill so no picture.  What did not fall in was tasty.




we did get to the beach eventually



We are booked for a whale watch this afternoon.

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Quick Gobble meal: Thai red curry with shrimp and brown rice.  Quick and easy.  We extended it with additional mixed seafood and cherry tomatoes (they provided one roma).

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A selection of photos from our demo & tasting at Atelier Melissa Coppel on Friday, 19 May. What a gorgeous place to work & learn!
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Courgette cutlets


I found the recipe for courgette cutlets at www.gotujzcukiereczkiem.pl. It appealed to me at once for three reasons. Firstly, the courgette is my favourite vegetable. Secondly, cutlets, pancakes and crumpets are my children's favourites dishes. Thirdly, this dish is fast, simple and is always a success. You must not use FB while frying, because it may end with you ordering pizza for dinner 
<br style="padding:0px;">
The cutlets are mild and their flavour is spiced up with feta cheese. You can complement them with your favourite herbs. In my kitchen there is always basil, dill, peppermint, rosemary and thyme. This time I chose dill (in accordance with the recipe) and thyme.

<br style="padding:0px;">
Ingredients:<br style="padding:0px;">
400g of courgette<br style="padding:0px;">
1 egg<br style="padding:0px;">
150g of feta cheese<br style="padding:0px;">
110g of breadcrumbs (+ 4 tablespoons for the batter)<br style="padding:0px;">
2 tablespoons of minced dill<br style="padding:0px;">
1 tablespoon of thyme<br style="padding:0px;">
salt and pepper

<br style="padding:0px;">
Wash the courgette and grate it. Add salt and leave it in a bowl for 15 minutes. Drain it then mix in the egg, feta cheese, breadcrumbs and herbs. Spice it up with salt and pepper. Make small cutlets with the mixture and fry in oil. Serve with natural yoghurt.


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What do you do with all those leftover cheese ends in the fridge? How about cedar plank salmon, broccoli, and very rich mac and cheese?

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One of our members is having trouble getting Lardo to melt evenly --
can you help? https://forums.egullet.org/topic/155384-melting-lardo/
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