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Post in Instant Pot. Multi-function cooker (Part 5)
I am posting this here (it already appears on the breakfast thread) Because it was first cooked in the instant pot before it was carefully broiled. 

 But also because nobody’s curiosity was piqued by the object directly in front of the pork.  That is a hunk of brass wrapped in foil. There is one on the other side of the pork. It was the only thing I could come up with that would allow me to keep pork steady as I turned it to broil all of the curved sides.  Worked like a charm made the pan extremely heavy to lift. 
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Post in Gardening: (2016 – 2017)
I just tossed out my scraggly batch of fall basil, moved the winter batch up from under the lights and planted a spring batch near the woodstove in the basement.
The keen observer will note a bottle of Prosecco chilling outside for dinner.
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Post in Chocdoc and Chocolot take their hearts to San Francisco











Someone needs to look in David Thompson's Thai Food and find me a recipe for the Nam Tok Beans to give me a reason to pick up some Rancho Gordo Cranberry beans tomorrow.
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Post in Costco vs Total Wine for Spirits ?
Hi, rotuts:
  In Washington state, Total Wine is the clear winner as to both price and selection.  I've also been impressed with the helpful expertise there--I was recently recommended a Reposado tequila there for $25 (before taxes) that is definitely superior to the $50 one I had been buying.  You do not get that kind of help from Costco.
  OTOH, you don't get free samples of frozen, oversalted, pre-prepared food, or hellacious lines, either! 
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Post in Your Daily Sweets: What Are You Making and Baking? (2017 – )
Macarons. The shells are flavored with some lime rind. I'll fill them later with lemon buttercream. 
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Post in Japanese curry
went to the big city and bought curry at the cool big city super h mart. its 2.5 hours away by car so we stock up.
bought enough for one year (half a block about once a month which is good for about 2 dinners, maybe a lunch).
i admire glico for pushing the boundaries of curry blocks. strive harder for a better world!!!
all three glico ones are new for us. the s&b is new to me only in that its “extra hot”. java and vermont are our old standards.
i would have bought hot for all of them, but there wasnt a selection for all varieties.
our library for 2011

Post in Dinner 2018 (Part 1)
@Kim Shook, must be nice to be enjoying warm weather at this time of year. 

  Made a pitcher of Sangria, a salsa and guacamole and called it dinner.
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Post in Food funnies
Dishwasher salmon was around long before the Surreal Gourmet. I recall my folks doing it for a dinner party when I was a kid.

Post in Pimento Cheese
Pimento cheese spread on whole grain bread, toasted is a fantastic late night snack and a good I'm-feeling-sorry-for-myself snack.
You can run it under the broiler, too. Tasty!
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Post in Instant Pot. Multi-function cooker (Part 5)
 Perhaps one of the easiest recipes I have yet attempted in the mini.  Only two main ingredients – – pork shoulder and barbecue sauce.  It was a desperation move on my part. There was a small piece of pork shoulder in the refrigerator that needed to be dealt with and I was running very short on stamina.  I have always said I am not a fan of pulled pork but this was perfectly adequate for a quick lunch and there are two baggies ready to go into the freezer for the next time I need something fast and tasty. 
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Post in Salad 2016 –
Slightly different roasted squash, radish, parsley, St Agur cheese salad.
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Post in Challenge: Cook your way through your freezer (part 2)
Been AWOL yet again! Went down to Irving, Texas for an Edgar Rice Burroughs gathering (Think Tarzan and John Carter of Mars author). One of the events the ladies whose spouses are ERBfanatics always have is shopping! The spouses who attend the gathering are called J.A.N.E.S - just another neglected ERB spouse. I go shopping but I am an ERBfanatic
I was glad I went this time as there is a great shopping "Main Street" in an adjacent town - Grapevine, Texas.
There are lots of interesting shops and eateries. I hit the jackpot when I found The Spice & Tea Exchange. Picked up many different spices and some familiar ones.
I had pulled a bag of lean ground beef from the freezer and made Baharat seasoned burgers. They were lovely - could really taste the spices even after the BBQ.
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Post in Cooking with Six Seasons by Joshua McFadden
Compound butters look gorgeous!
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Post in Trader Joe's Products (2017–)
Picked up am Amarena cherries for $3.99 and black truffle butter for $2.99 today. Tried the cherries which taste just like Fabri to me but not the butter.Thought these were good prices. 
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Post in Matzo Balls, Kneidlach, etc.
*casts thread necromancy spell*
I made my first batch of matzo balls in 2017.









The balls were slightly smaller than a golf ball. They were just right too.
Not bad for a goy.

Bonus pic - the feet went into a batch of chicken broth.

Chicken soup with matzo balls.
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Post in Desirable Vintage Cookware
Old German "multi-tool"
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Post in Dinner 2018 (Part 1)
Beef pho with brisket, chuck and tendon.
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Post in Your Daily Sweets: What Are You Making and Baking? (2017 – )
Beautiful.  Each cookie is a work of art.

I promised Moe donuts this morning.  
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Post in Help Identifying China Pattern and Value
My mom came for a couple of days and brought the china   Some of the pieces are stamped!  Odd to me that they all aren't stamped but anyway it allowed us to look them up.  We ended up keeping the set.  She kept a couple of plates and the rest is in my china cabinet.
So, here's what it is:


Thanks again for all the help.
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Post in Ingredients via Internet
Latienda.com is fantastic.
I always buy piquillo and guindilla peppers (really chiles) from them, as well as Bomba rice, spanish chorizos (both grilling and precooked) and Iberico pork.
 I love the Iberico Secreto steaks which I vacuum bag and keep frozen until I'm ready to sous vide... it's unlike anything else... I first had it, grilled, at a José Andrés restaurant and it was incredible, so I was happy to find it online.

Post in Christmas presents for the cook and the kitchen
 I think we usually share our food and cooking related gifts each year. I don’t think anyone has started one for this year.
At the Nielsen household the tradition was always to open one’s gifts on Christmas eve.  And so I show you my bonanza. 

 Isn’t she cute? 

Two linen-lined oblong bannetons. 

My favourite boxed wine.  Don’t judge. 

For when wine won’t quite do the trick. Negroni makings because it’s my favourite cocktail and scotch because sometimes only the strongest medicine will serve. 

Perhaps the most appreciated of all because it keeps on giving for most of the year — an Amazon gift card. 
(And not shown — a bonanza of squash from the final day of the farmers’ market, some home-made cultured butter and 4 lbs of commercial butter so I can keep on making enriched breads.)
 I hope Santa is good to you too!
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Post in Unusual & unknown kitchen gadgets
OK, I could use some help here. A friend of mine has a small sterling silver cup which he believes to be a tastevin. To me, it simply isn't, but I cannot say what it is. Below are pictures. The cup itself is 2" in diameter and a little over 3" tall. (so it's more like a shot glass, whereas a tastevin is shallow and wide, so you can swirl the wine and observe and smell it) It has a smaller base, up to about half of the side is smaller (kind of like the top part of a double boiler) so it appears to have been made to sit inside another container. One side has a curved loop which appears to be designed to act as a hinge, or maybe just perch on the rim of something else. The other side has a stem and handle, about 3" long, which resembles a hat pin. The plastic/bakelite ball is very red. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

Post in The Food Photography Topic
Just a selection of pix shot throughout 2017. I stopped blogging a while ago and have since transitioned to social media but I keep the old site around as storage space for old photos and also for inspiration.
B and I went to NYC in late April and it was there that my camera zonked and died. Since my camera is my baby - even more important than my cell phone, I dragged my hubby over to Best Buy to pick up a new device - a SONY that I was initially skeptical but have since gotten used to. The below are pix from our kitchen, along with shots from farmers' markets and stores in New York and San Francisco, and food from excursions to local restaurants. Enjoy.




































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Post in Bread knife recommendations?
 I cannot imagine trying to manipulate a knife that is almost 20 inches long unless I was a contestant in a fencing match. But, as always, to each their own
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Post in Dungeness crab
I've been really frustrated this year about our lack of fresh and live Dungeness crabs.  Typically the season in the Pacific Northwest opens about the first of December, and we rush to get crabs for the Holidays.  Finally we saw an update on the news yesterday that said the commercial season off the coast of WA will open on January 15.  (Too late to make Father's hot crab dip for a holiday party, but I'll make it just for me).  This particular news story said it was due to a red tide issue, but really I'm not sure exactly why the season was delayed.  I have a former employee who was crabbing with her husband two weeks ago out of Puget Sound and she said it was slow going for the effort.  They have a commercial fisherman friend who will sell them fresh Dungeness crabs at $5 apiece when the season starts!
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