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  1. It's not complete. It doesn't contain all the recipes.
  2. Help me translate. I do it in Google docs so collaboration is easier, and also maybe help set up a website or something. Idk how I'm going to format and subsequently monetize this yet.
  3. Yeah but I like money too..lol. It's not easy picking each recipe apart to figure out what exactly it's trying to say... Maybe I'll write a book when I've translated all of them..
  4. It's not like a simple Google translate will suffice. Language has simply changed too much since the 1700s. Especially with the amount of Era specific cookery jargon used. It comes out mostly nonsense in any translation website.
  5. Way over 100 Years old. So no. Also, with much digging, I found the original source material online for free in archives. So no its free to use. Even escoffier is free to use.
  6. I'm thinking about starting a blog featuring the recipes of antoine Carême that I've translated from 1700s French? No English versions of his works exist and his work is hard to find, even though he is the greatest chef who ever lived. After I get through his works I'd add menon, la Varenne, and other hard to find, but historically important masters of French cuisine.
  7. I dont believe that any English translation of Carêmes works exist. An incomplete version was published in 1842 (I think) but even the that version seems lackluster for the few recipes it does cover. I think it's time the world looks to its past, but I don't speak great French and it's a huge task to undertake. I hopefully plan on publishing this work and anyone who helps me will get a very fair cut, and if we decide not to publish it, I'll put it out on the internet for free. I'm working in Google docs so we can collaborate. I'm first cataloging the index to cross reference the pre-existing incomplete English version to give us a reference of what yet needs to be done, and from there we will go down the list of recipies and Translate them one by one. Simple google translate goes only so far, as it is 1700s French culinary terms and phrases being used. I'd like to preserve as much of Carêmes beautiful and flowery language as possible. Who's with me?
  8. I make my puree by placing halved potatoes (peeled or unpeeled, you'll see why in a bit) in cold, and heavily salted, and bring it to a simmer until they are sufficiently soft, then I strain into a metal colander with a mesh of small holes, shake to dry and then push them through this same colander with a large pestle or spoon and add around tablespoon of butter per potato and also cream cheese, and fold in pepper, garlic powder, and salt. I then sometimes fold in cheese, but that's optional. The skins are removed by the colander. I find cream to be too thin, and not as rich as cream cheese, as I like a solid quenelle rather than a soupy puree.
  9. I'm looking to start a cookbook collection and I was wondering what the best cookbooks are for French Provencal and or bourgeois cooking. It's ok if it's in French. Thank you.
  10. That's what mine says too. I'm beginning to think that Wikipedia misled me... But someone else on this forum (in 2011) referenced this stat..i just think he's gone now so I can't ask him where he found that info
  11. Ok so I guess I can cross that particular translation off as the harbinger of this irritatingly hidden information that I am totally stuck on.
  12. I have seen referenced in several places on the internet, including Wikipedia, a stat about escoffier recommending 40 minutes for scrambled eggs in a Bain Marie. I cant find where this number is from. On Wikipedia it refers to the book I currently own, the "Escoffier le guide culinaire" with forward by Heston Blumenthal by h. L. Cracknell...specificly page 157 for the 40 minute cooking time of scrambled eggs but it's not in my book on that page! Even tho there is the recipe for scrambled eggs on that page... I've seen the 1903 first edition online.. And it's not in there either.... Where is this number from?? Id like to know in case there is some even more complete book or something out there that I'm missing. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.
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