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  1. Completely unrelated to the Ocoo. This is one of my favourite kitchen gadgets...the Chef-n-Stem. Stems strawberries quickly, easily, and with minimal waste. It was a game changer for dealing with pounds and pounds of strawberries for jam.
  2. No, i haven't - but I think that is essentially what this setting is for on the Ocoo. It saved alot of time and hassle compared to my normal method of extracting juice.
  3. That’s what i thought too! The part about having to enrobe them...but then you lose all that aesthetic appeal! I was so surprised at how quickly my bag of freeze dried strawberries went limp. I opened the bag once and then sealed it shut! I guess i will have to do some practical testing...I was just loathe to do it bc those little bags are so dang expensive 😬.
  4. Ahhh. I thought about dessicants..I use them in my bags of English toffee. I didn’t think they would be up to the task of keeping freeze dried fruits crunchy - so that is good to know - thank you!
  5. Any advice out there on freeze dried fruit for bar inclusions? I see so many gorgeous bars with piles of freeze dried fruit on the and I keep wondering how the texture is kept crunchy? I opened a bag of freeze dried strawberries, resealed it, and a week later all of the crunchiness was gone - I cant imagine that they stay texturally pleasing Once they’re exposed to air on a chocolate bar. I am planning to give it a go - people are doing it, so it must be possible😁 - but wondered if egulleters had some tips for me?
  6. Finally success. Produced crystal clear juice and pectin was intact. Will be good Stock for making beautiful clear jellies. Made me realise this thing probably makes excellent consomme.
  7. Nope. Nope. Nope. Tried the black garlic again. It is hard to describe the flavour - there is definitely some deep umami going on..reminiscent of shiitake mushrooms, but burnt. I washed everything out with a tiny bit of bleach in a sink of water and am now waiting for my third attempt...apple essence. Different setting, much shorter cook time . The apples cook and release their juice into the larger pot. I’ll test pectin level in the juice. If it works then it will be a nice, quick, easy way to make my pectin stock. Will report back.
  8. Blarghhh! Yech. Ok...I am going to stop with the black recipes now. Once again, it looks black..like the pictures say it should but it tasted horrible. I only had a nibble bc i don't want to eat a ton of garlic right before bed. Will try it again tomorrow, with suspicion.
  9. Ocoo adventures day 2. Made black cauliflower. It was black. It was, as expected, mushy. I was not impressed with the flavour. I guess i thought there would be some super Maillard sweetness ..none. I threw it out, and i rarely throw anything out. Today..black garlic in honey. Almost finished it’s 7 hour session. I had not anticipated how strong the smell would be. The cauliflower yesterday wasn’t pleasant but MAN - Today my whole house smells like garlic. Like no escaping it., and I can tell it’s going to take days to get rid of it. Makes me think twice about all my fermenting plans.
  10. Yeah - no way i’d spend that much on another pressure cooker (i already own 3). I can rattle off at least 5 chocolate/confectionary pieces of equipment I’d spend $700 on i stead. But i got lucky and bought this For $150 With voltage transformer and couldn't pass it up.
  11. I would never spend $550-750 on one. I got really lucky and found one for $150 including the voltage transformer - so i was powerless to say no.😂 i have cauliflower in there now...so far nothing has blown up, and i had a lovely Korean voice Come out of the machine and give me instructions (that I don't understand.). Next i am doing apple extract and theN i’ll test pectin levels to see if i can use this for pectin stock for my jams/jellies preserves. After that “onion essence” - looks like it’s drunk as a broth - but i’d like to see if it makes perfect french onion soup attainable. After that...black garlic for sure. After that - not sure other than using it for the same thingS i currently use my pressure cookers for already.
  12. Lots about How great it is...not so much about how to use it 😂
  13. Thank you SO MUCH! I have been googling for hours and couldn’t find it! Lifesaver!
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