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  1. Lol. I misread this as “Can I successfully freeze HUMANS?”.
  2. I made a milk chocolate and orange ganache with cloves that turned out nicely. Also, Coquito (aka “Puerto Rican Eggnog” -even though it contains no egg). It,s a traditional Puerto Rican Christmas drink made with condensed, evaporated, and coconut milk with nutmeg, cinnamon, and rum. I adapted into in ice cream base a few years ago and it was incredible. This year i adapted for bonbon centre by using white chocolate ganache with coconut milk, spices, rum, and a few tablespoons of Coco Lopez. Quite yummy. Also a cookie butter gianduja. Planning to make Greweling’s pumpkin spice caramel ganache tomorrow.
  3. Yes - that’s what i think i will end up doing...mixing translucent colours and backing up with white. My attempts to make opaque colours using Lake powders and titanium haven’t turned out well...although i think now that i was adding way too much titanium dioxide. I have used the layering effect with the translucent colours (albeit only the red, blue, and yellow -straight from the jar) and really like the depth it adds. Very early on i added some lustre powder to cocoa butter just on a whim (without any actual knowledge of how to achieve layers and depth) and was so happy with the result...probably still one of the most beautiful bonbons i have ever made. Of course, I absolutely love the Chef Rubber colours- which comprise most of my expanding collection - but i have a few bottles of Roxy and Rich, and Chocobutter that i grabbed when on sale and they are also quite stunning. Mixing my own is purely out of a desire to be more cost effective as I have a good source for relatively inexpensive raw cocoa butter. I don't mind making it myself. It’s a bit messy - but I have been keeping a couple of clean moulds at hand so that i can use the extra cocoa butter to try out new decorations. I also like that it makes coloured cocoa butter just a bit less precious - which is nice bc when i use my commercial coloured cb I am always fretting over not wasting a single, expensive droplet 😁. Do you have any formulas for mixing new colours...even if using Chef Rubber? Like how much red to add to blue to make purple etc? Thanks as always for your thoughtful responses to forum questions.
  4. Ah ok thank you! I think i used too much titanium white on my first try - it affected the texture of the cocoa butter ...made it quite thick. Will dilute and mix again.
  5. I recently purchased a few Lake colour powders (blue 1 and 2, red, yellow) and titanium dioxide..but have no clue how to make new colours. I searched the forums for info and i know that roughly 10% powder to cocoa butter ration (with 2% titanium dioxide for opacity) seems to be the “recipe” for basic colours but i cannot find any information on ratios to use to make other colours. I have looked at paint colour charts but am still having trouble. Can anyone direct me to “recipes” that would tell me exactly how many grams of primary colours to mix together? Also do i mix the powders together first and then mix into coca butter or do i mix at the same time as cocoa butter? The titanium white also seems to be a bit tricky...the only colour i manage to make is grey..as in everything ive tried to make just ends up being grey. 😞. I would be happy to just know how to make the colours translucent and then back up with white in the mould. I would also really appreciate a “recipe” for straight up white coca butter ie how many grams ratio of titanium dioxide to cocoa butter.
  6. Also this ready to go spray booth is one of my smarter purchases. Has velcro straps and flap at the back to attach an air fikter and standard box fan for extraction. Highly recommend it. Attached also are the airbrush and compressor i have.
  7. @Jim D. Well , I am sorry it has taken me so long to report back. I have to say that the SprayIt LVLP gun was pretty much a disaster. Chef Rubber sells a Grex that is described as LVLP. not HVLP - so thought i was being very clever by finding a surprisingly hard to find LVLP at a reasonable price. Loads of overspray. I cannot speak to the performance of their Grex but the Sprayit guzzled up my cocoa butter and left a hazy cloud of particulates hanging in the air. I think if you needed to spray large pieces/surface area (and you had good ventilation/spray booth) it could be worakable but for bonbon trays...not so much. I eventually got an Iwata cs (regular one, not the Kustom), hooked it up to my California Air Tools compressor and am quite happy with the set up. I agree that having to hit it with a heat gun to keep everything moving is a hassle, but for the amount i,m doing now it’s not too bad. My take away for any new folks starting out there would be to explore and have fun with the many stunning effects you can get using your fingers, brushes, sponges, daubers etc and save up until you can afford a decent air compressor. Its worth the extra for a “quiet” lower db model. I have a 6.6 1HP tank that is fine. As you have already mentioned a 2HP (or more) would be better, twin tanks also better - if you can afford to spend a bit more. Then buy a decent gravity feed airbrush. I am very happy with my Iwata CS - which cost about $120. On ebay. If you can spend a little more on a Grex etc do so. Don’t make the same mistakes that I did like: Master Airbrush kit with tiny 1/6 HP tabletop compressor. The airbrush is awful, and the compressor is puny. Boom $75 gone. I then worked my way through several cheaper siphon feed brushes, and the beautiful Paasche that i was never able to get to work for me..so all in all I would have fared a lot better if i’d just saved up and bought a good compressor ($250 to $600) with a mid range airbrush($100 to $200). If my business grows enough to warrant larger production I will splurge on the FujiSpray system (and a good pair of ear muffs). Thanks to all egullet members for your generosity in sharing experiences and information.
  8. I have a Wagner flexio for hvlp application of chcolate (50/50 with cocoa butter). Just too big for cocoa butter. I plan on using the compressor for airbrush and also LVLP gun running off the compressor. Will update once I've dome some more work.
  9. I have only been able to run it through to test - not for production yet as i am just getting my chocolate workspace together - and currently it is way too hot in my kitchen to attempt large quantities. I used it with a LVLP mini hun, not HVLP - and it seems to work fine. I will update in a few weeks once my chocolate work space is complete. There are mNy egullet contributors who have less than 1HP compressors that are making do - so i agree that 1.5 HP should be workable. That said - I absolutely would have bought higher HP and twin tank if i felt I could justify the expense at this stage of my chocolate making - but I can’t. If i am fortunate enough to outgrow this set up (fingers crossed) then I plan to purchase the Fuji spray system. This is the LVLP gun that i bought to go with my 1HP compressor.
  10. I loved it! Could only find the tiny bags at Trader Joe’s earlier in this year and now it’s too hot to deal with shipping...but the moment it gets cooler I'm ordering a big bag!
  11. I’ve just been through this myself. After much internet research and trawling of egullet forums I went with a California Air Tools Ultra Quiet 5.5 gallon. I suffer from migraines and noise sensitivity so it was vital that i have something I could stand the noise level of. I’ve run it a few times and the noise level is surprisingly low - just 60 decibels. They have twin tank options which i would have preferred but for the price. On advice of egullet and @Jim D. in particular - I knew i needed at least 1HP and a reasonably sized tank. This will not handle HVLP - its a big price jump to get to that level but from what i have researched (again - thank you egullet!) a good LVLP gun can handle/ compressor combo is sufficient for a small business. I don't know why, but it’s harder to find LVLP mini guns than HVLP. This is the one i bought..
  12. Ok great idea! I’m so used to expecting zero customer service these days that it didn't even occur to me to call a company directly 😬
  13. Sigh. I think there must be something wrong with my Paasche - getting very very little pressure to the nozzle - just trying to spray air - no cocoa butter added. It is performing as if there was a leak - but there is no leak. Using the same hose i dug out my Master Airbrush brush and the pressure is fine. So compressor is working, hose is woking. I cant imagine what it might be, and of course no troubleshooting instructions came with it. It’s such a shame because it feels like good quality and i am sure it’s spray would be nicer than my inelegant Master Airbrush - if i could only get it to work!
  14. while I am here....can i ask opinions on this? I have a California Air Tools compressor 1hp 5.5gallons ( based my choice on @Jim D. ‘s experiences, and my budget), and one Sprayit LVLP mini gun - which i haven't used yet. I was going to wait until the weather cools down, and I do larger projects. That was assuming I could knock out some small stuff with the Paasche 😑😑. Can i just buy more cups/ guns to use with my CAT for backspraying moulds? Recommend brands? Can i keep coca butter in the spray gun cups and reheat later, ir do they need to be cleaned after each use?.
  15. Sorry that post was supposed to be a reply to @Jim D. . Thank you also @Kerry Beal . P.s. The EZ Temper is the only piece of chocolate equipment I have that has NEVER been a source of frustration. ❤️
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