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  1. I hear ya. My rule on holiday moulds is ....only if i can get ‘em cheap! I got incredibly lucky last year and scored 8 sets of “World’s Best” magnetic Bunny moulds for $200 total - i almost cried with joy 😁😁 Those things are $100 each from Tomric.
  2. Haha...it is such a strange mould! Nice f**i g shine on your f***ing bunnies though!
  3. Hiya - i responded to your pm, thank you!
  4. Oh my goodness!! Please share when you’ve unmolded them - i cannot wait to see them a eggs! Your lambs are amazing! These really are little “works of art”.
  5. I saw these on instagram- beautiful. I really like them both very much.
  6. Yes those bunnies are going to be turned into new bunnies..good bunnies with shiny, perfect shells - at least that’s the plan 😊
  7. Oops..i was responding to @Jim D’s question. Chef Rubber gold cocoa butter applied with a natural sponge.
  8. 100% of the time for me too. If my chocolate is over crystallised/too cool. ....hello heartbreak.
  9. Definitely this. Frozen then sprayed... i was thinking he may have used an upside down pastry tip for the necklace shape...like maybe a leaf tip...then sprayed over again.
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