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  1. I notice this too, with my Iwata airbrush. Specifically gold. I am definitely going to thin it out next time i spray, as you and Chocolat suggested.😊
  2. OMG these are flippin’ amaaaaazing!,,,
  3. Oh! Haha 😂 I am the same way 😂 I will give it a whirl with the cb. Agree totally about the metallics. I always save doing my gold backspraying for last bc I KNOW its going to clog up a million times and frustrate me, i have dabbled with making my own colours from FD and C powders and noticed how much easier the homemade stuff blows through my airbrush (if I could learn how to actually mix beyond the primary colours i’d be set 😁) Although, there is no matching a beautiful Chef Rubber Amethyst, or turquoise, or sapphire...
  4. Would you mind sharing the ratio that you thin your cb to? As in how much clear cb can you add to say, a Chef Rubber colour without diluting the result too much or causing transparency? Would love to be able to make my coloured cocooa butter go a bit further. 😁
  5. Hiya - i went to good old Amazon for these. Great price too!
  6. I have to agree with you both about this specifically. I really, REALLY wanted “recipes” for the cocoa butter colours, and was quite disappointed that there were none. Some of the directions on brush/airbrush technique are also a bit fuzzy. The photos are ok. It probably could have benefited from using a good editor, really. Bottom line is you can tell it is a self published book - and that is part of the reason that i have no regrets about buying the book! The gumption to do the whole thing, soup to nuts, on your own - is downright impressive, and i was happy to give my money to them. 😁
  7. Thanks for that - i dont know how i missed your response earlier. Will go over and look now.
  8. Thats pretty much the same thing i do. I use an immersion blender (aka stick blender). I usually don’t need to sieve colours - unless i am adding titanium white. If i need to sieve - i use new dollar store panty hose (a tip i found right here on egullet - i believe it was Kerry’s suggestion). I still struggle with making secondary/tertiary colours though. My colour wheel knowledge is minimal - i have finally managed to make other colours besides “grey” now - so plodding along in the right direction. 😁
  9. Arrrgh. I have the diffraction grating, still in it’s Amazon shipping box....somewhere. I put it “to the side” until after Christmas and now have no idea where it is 🙄🙄. Will update once i locate it. In the meantime, i took a page from Kerry’s (epic) book and bought some cocoa butter containers...i wonder what the neighbours think.
  10. I only got as far as purchasing the diffraction sheet - and have just been scrambling to fill Christmas orders since. I promise to post results/ thoughts as soon as I can though!
  11. I will add that if moving to an HVLP gun it is important that your compressor is up to the task. Generally speaking, compressors needed for HVLP are a bit beefier than the ones that many of us buy/settle for when using airbrushes. Most sites will have the specs - just make sure you check them. If you have a compressor that is under 2HP and has lower cfms you can get a LVLP gun instead of an HVLP gun. I Bought one from Sprayit for spraying bonbon moulds and it was not a success. Way too much overspray...with the cost of coloured cb it was like watching dollar bills fly out of the nozzle 😫😫. However, i thought at the time that it would be useful to have for larger moulds like Easter eggs and bunnies - as it was much better suited for large surface areas.
  12. If anybody has a recipe for marshmallow that can be cleanly piped into a shell without getting stick to everything and driving you crazy - please share! I make marshmallows a fair bit, plus nougat etc. I am no stranger to the stickiness of it all - So, when i see these cut bonbons revealing perfectly airy marshmallow layers i just think “BUBBBUT...HOW?!”
  13. I didn’t see prices anywhere on their site - I imagine they’ll be quite expensive. I sent an email inquiry and will post here when they respond.
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