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  1. Haha. I have used egullet for so much info...and i already have a badger 250 that i used once. I know gravity feed is preferred now - what air brushes are folks using? Price range? Do i need to spend 350 on one?
  2. Ketchup on the side of my scrambled eggs for dipping purposes. Miracle Whip - meh. Prefer Duke’s Mayo on my sammiches.
  3. As others have suggested - apples are the way to go. Your other flavours will dominate any true apple flavour. Basic apple jelly is used as a background for many, many fruit, and in particular - herb, jellies. Personally, i am not a huge fan of Pomona pectin. It is very easy to use, but the texture of finished product, for me, is not quite right. As you are using for a filling -perhaps this will not be an issue. However - apples and lemons are both FULL of natural pectin, so I would encourage you to just go for it! Someone else has already linked to Christine Ferber - and that is exactly where to find additional info. In a nutshell - make apple jelly, add more lemon than recipe calls for (include zest before straining), as well as ginger and you are good. 😁
  4. I buy Callebaut in large 11 lb bars and use a Victorinox bread knife to chop up. I do the whole bar at once - make smaller bits for easy melting, leave larger chunks for seeding - and then keep in a food safe 5 gallon container.
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