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  1. while I am here....can i ask opinions on this? I have a California Air Tools compressor 1hp 5.5gallons ( based my choice on @Jim D. ‘s experiences, and my budget), and one Sprayit LVLP mini gun - which i haven't used yet. I was going to wait until the weather cools down, and I do larger projects. That was assuming I could knock out some small stuff with the Paasche 😑😑. Can i just buy more cups/ guns to use with my CAT for backspraying moulds? Recommend brands? Can i keep coca butter in the spray gun cups and reheat later, ir do they need to be cleaned after each use?.
  2. Sorry that post was supposed to be a reply to @Jim D. . Thank you also @Kerry Beal . P.s. The EZ Temper is the only piece of chocolate equipment I have that has NEVER been a source of frustration. ❤️
  3. Thank you for responding so quickly! The trouble with me being 5 or 10 years behind everyone else, and everyone being so generous with information - is that I sometimes confuse the chronology 😬😬😬. I remembered a post from @Kerry Beal saying that as much as she loved her turbine airgun, she found herself using her Paasche brushes more often. I may have mistaken a gravity for the H series syphon - but I think this paasche came with a gravity cup that i will see if i can affix. Switching up the needle may only help if i can get paint to it 😂I enjoy your posts not only for the wealth of knowledge, but for your candour regarding battles with “new fangled” equipment - your first venture into airbrushing etc...I completely relate. Thank you again!
  4. Oy! Ok I am actually glad you did not take a photo 😢 would have been heartbreaking to see. On the plus side, it looked like everyone had a wonderful time - and i very much enjoyed looking at these pics of the workshop. ❤️
  5. Help! Egullet has been my sole source of education in bonbon decorating (the “how did they do That?” Thread, in particular). I have read, and re- read many, many threads for every question i have and have progressed beyond what inthiught i was capable of - however - airbrushing, argh. I used the Badger 250 and never seemed to get the nice smooth finish - so i rolled with it and started aiming for texture, and that produced some pretty cool results. I figured i would buy the highly recommended Paasche H and and all of my aspirations for smoothness would be met. Not so. After having a devil of a time finding adapters that actually worked for my Paasche to Master Airbrush compressor (tip - don’t use Amazon/Master Airbrush - just spend a few extra dollars and order directly from Paasche) I was finally ready to go! Today i set up my spray booth, chose my colours and molds, warmed my cb and.....nothing. Nothing is coming out of the airbrush. My compressor is at 60psi (and gave me all the oomph i needed with the Badger, and with the Master airbrush that came with it (it’s just a terrible airbrush), no leaks anywhere...but the cb is only being pulled maybe a quarter of the way up the siphon tube. 😢 It has the medium needle attached which i believe is the 3 (- i noted in the thread that other members have used this size without issue). I tried to find tutorials on switching out the needle, but thought i’d just go with this for my first run bc frankly, i didn't find anything that made me confident enough to try and switch it without fear of breaking the darn thing. I have had so much fun exploring cocoa butter decorating techniques, but I really want to get his airbrushing under my belt to continue my happy journey. Any advice would be most welcome.
  6. Of course, you must know that this just makes me more curious! 😂
  7. I don’t want to open old wounds but my curiosity is piqued. Is there a thread around here where “the incident” is discussed?
  8. I have quite a few closed bottom 3d moulds and i have had pretty good results hand “turning” them. Fill one side not quite to the top, clip on the other side and then just turn the mould in your hands making sire every surface is covered. If you have a particularly stubborn area just flick your wrist a few times until the movement pulls the chocolate where you want it. I use a medium sized roasting rack insert that i put in my fridge and stand them upright for about 10 mins, then i turn them upside down for another 10. Sometimes you can feel where there is a heavy pocket of chocolate and i just turn them to the opposite side. This works really well for pieces up to 8” tall. A bit trickier on some of my 10 and 12 inch moulds. I just love the ease, and no mess of the closed bottom moulds. All of mine are from tomric and again, i’ve had good luck with most of them. Some have seams that i need to take a warm knife to, to smooth out. There is one bulldog in particular that ends up with a matte patch on his nose no matter what i do - thats when i whip out the coloured cocoa butter and make him an art piece 😁😁😁
  9. I agree with all of these tips - having learned them the hard way myself. My experience has also been to make a statement with decoration. It amazes me how many people will “like” a photo of one of my bonbons without ever asking what the flavour is! We eat with eyes!
  10. Very helpful post. I know I’m kate to the game, but for anyone trawling the egullet forums like i do..here’s my 2 cents: I have both the cheap pc moulds from China, and very good Chocolate World moulds. I buy via eBay and as mentioned, as long as you anticipate a long shipping time - the cheap moulds are perfectly serviceable. I think investing in a few cheap moulds in different shapes is a good way to begin an adventure in bonbon making. However, there IS a difference. So don’t go crazy and buy dozens of them - like i did. They are thinner,- (still very sturdy though) but most importantly your release rate is going to be much improved with the CW moulds - which is something to really consider , as we all know the heartbreak of even the tiniest sliver of coca butter sticking in the mould and ruining your hard work. Also, most of the cheap moulds have 21 or 24 cavities. Your average CW is 32 to 40 which evens out the cost a little bit. I will still buy a cheap mould here and there if it is an interesting shape, that i want to add to an assortment, or something i want to see if i can work with (crevices, sharp edges) - but my modus operandi nowadays is to wait for some great sales, or craigslist, or ebay ( or if I'm buying myself a birthday present, Tomic😁😁) and spend a little extra up front for more consistent results. This is long, and a bit rambly - i apologise. Normally i would scroll back and edit myself, but it’s been a very long day. Hope this was helpful. Goodnight egullet - ❤️
  11. Haha. I have used egullet for so much info...and i already have a badger 250 that i used once. I know gravity feed is preferred now - what air brushes are folks using? Price range? Do i need to spend 350 on one?
  12. Ketchup on the side of my scrambled eggs for dipping purposes. Miracle Whip - meh. Prefer Duke’s Mayo on my sammiches.
  13. As others have suggested - apples are the way to go. Your other flavours will dominate any true apple flavour. Basic apple jelly is used as a background for many, many fruit, and in particular - herb, jellies. Personally, i am not a huge fan of Pomona pectin. It is very easy to use, but the texture of finished product, for me, is not quite right. As you are using for a filling -perhaps this will not be an issue. However - apples and lemons are both FULL of natural pectin, so I would encourage you to just go for it! Someone else has already linked to Christine Ferber - and that is exactly where to find additional info. In a nutshell - make apple jelly, add more lemon than recipe calls for (include zest before straining), as well as ginger and you are good. 😁
  14. I buy Callebaut in large 11 lb bars and use a Victorinox bread knife to chop up. I do the whole bar at once - make smaller bits for easy melting, leave larger chunks for seeding - and then keep in a food safe 5 gallon container.
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