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  2. 90% of my cooking is done in a wok and it sleeps on the stove/burner top. Two cupboards below hold the other three pots I sometimes use. And what I call a frying pan, but you may call a skillet. The rice cooker sits on the countertop. I'm a pot minimalist, I guess
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  4. I got what I believe is the same set (based on the above recommendation): https://www.amazon.com/dp/B002QB9TPS and the smaller one works fine. If it's exactly centered on the sensor then it'll lift up on the far side by just a millimeter or so (1/32 of an inch), but if you move the handle closer to the sensor by an extra centimeter or so (½ inch) it balances perfectly.
  5. Instead of wasting extra money, grab a few bricks, make a partition, put a tray of red hot lit charcoal lumps on one side and the pizza on the other. Indirect heat from the charcoal will radiate and raise the temp without burning the bottom of the pie. I just saved you $330. You're welcome.
  6. Margaret Pilgrim

    Lunch 2020

    Wow! Never would have thought of this. Thanks for the ride..
  7. Ankarsrum flocker in action. Dough for walnut oat cookies in the freezer.
  8. blue_dolphin

    Lunch 2020

    Fried Chicken Liver Po'Boy with Mint and Asian Pear from Everyday Korean This photo fails to show how delicious this was. Should have taken one of those mid-bite close-ups but I couldn't stop eating 🙃 The combination of gochujang mayo with the lightly pickled slaw of red onion, Asian pear and fresh mint was so good. I kept opening up the sandwich to add more!
  9. Margaret Pilgrim

    Dinner 2020

    Fresh cheese, sweet onion sauce Salad plate of shredded chicken, asparagus, beets, mushrooms, drizzled with Caesar dressing; sauteed potato sprinkled with truffle salt
  10. They were featured prominently in the most recent flyer for one of the big Canadian chains (Superstore/Loblaw's).
  11. I was gonna ask son to join me in Nola rather than NYC cuz he had vacation time. - probably not a good plan right now - lost track of the calendar I knew people on a Krewe never made it down there- a supercharged event., Ideas abound Share yours please
  12. We have been very happy with ours. It has served us well so far (about 5 years). I can't offer much in the way of a comparison, however, as I've never owned a similar unit from competing brand (had always been a renter previously). We also have an oven/stove, range hood, and dishwasher from the same line. They have all performed flawlessly save for a power surge that knocked out a control panel in the stove (but much of the neighborhood had damaged electronics/appliances so can't blame Thermadore). The damaged control unit was easily replaced.
  13. I’m shopping for a new fridge, would you recommend that brand?
  14. I agree! I’d love to see a report on your Wednesday dinners!
  15. Kim Shook

    Krispy Kreme

    Wish they had made them with Clark bars, which has REAL chocolate. Unlike Butterfinger. When I saw that they had supposedly “improved” Butterfinger, I hoped that meant they had switched to an actual chocolate coating. Alas, no.
  16. Yes, that's the fridge - Thermadore.
  17. is that you fridge on the right? If so, what brand?
  18. We have just been re-watching Downton Abbey and noticed it in the kitchen there as well!
  19. I love this. It looks like a pot rack seen in the kitchen of Downton Abbey, and I liked seeing it there. Thanks for sharing.
  20. Yesterday
  21. Two of our more recent solutions pictured below. The cabinets are from Ikea, are very inexpensive, and are much better quality than one would expect. The pot rack is by Enclume and is sold by a variety of places. It is excellent quality and comes in a couple of different sizes.
  22. But … but … I haven't seen any paczki?!
  23. Yep, it's that time of year
  24. Steel makes the problem worse, as it causes the bottom to cook even faster than a pizza stone does. You need something above a stone radiating heat back down on the top of the pie. KettlePizza makes a "Gas Pro" model that's basically a pizza stone with a slab of stainless steel sitting over the top of it, working on a similar principle to the MPO mentioned earlier. I can't say how well these things work, but they're promising attempts to solve the problem.
  25. I just sent a message to a good friend when I asked when would a good day to come and visit her(and Ace and Luna, the vizslas). She said she was busy Monday and church on Wednesday …… OHHHHH Mardi Gras is Tuesday. THAT'S why I said to someone I was craving shrimp etouffe and jambalaya.
  26. I wanted to be some kind of artist when I was in school...didn't happen, but IMO your back drop isn't bad at all. Too much empty space at the top though. Maybe everything could have been moved up a bit. But really, one gets all the information that one would need when walking by. Or am I missing something?
  27. Here’s my pile-up on my dining room table:
  28. Toliver

    Krispy Kreme

    I am referring to the regular Butterfinger candy bar. They changed the recipe. It actually used to taste buttery. There was much ado when they (recently) made the change to the recipe. The candy bar does not taste the same as it used to.
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