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Lemon Confit Storage Question


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We are making the lemon confit out of the Rover's cookbook (pg 95) and have a question about storage.

The method is simple (water, rice wine vinegar and sugar, lemons - oven, 2 - 3 hours). It says that once the lemons are done to put them aside on a plate to if using right away or I assume that evening. But then it says you can make them up to 4 days prior to usage.

SO -the question is........do I store them in the fridge in the liquid that I confit'd them in? Or w/o the liquid but just the lemon slices alone?

My impluse is to store w/liquid but not sure if storing them in the water, sugar vinegar mixture will cause them to possibly break down over the next couple days.

Thoughts? Opinions? Are we over thinking? Thanks! (della, posting on Adiabatic's name)

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