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  1. I'll see your chicken feet and raise you a black olive and some squash. Those are the only two things I even remotely dislike. It has also become a game with me to conquer any dislikes when it comes to food. Learning to like squash has been easy and I'm diggin' it now, but black olives not so much. I've had chickens feet a couple of times at this dim sum place and they were just meh. Not much for taste and very little meat. I think you're right about them being good for stock.
  2. I've had good luck with habaneros for a number of years now. I'd recommend picking the red ones as soon as they're ready, there's really no advantage to leaving them on the plant. In fact, the others will ripen faster if you take the ripe ones. For storage, if you're not making a hot sauce or pickling them then just freeze them fresh. That's all I do with mine and then use them one or two at a time over the course of the year. They're fine frozen, don't lose any heat or flavour, but much easier to work with in this state. As far as keeping the plant over the winter, I'm not sure you'll get anything from it during that period unless you have really good indoor growing conditions. Even a sunroom won't really do it as you're getting so much less sun now than even just a month ago. Much less intensity too. If you have a fluorescent light and table to set the plant up for the winter, then you could cut it back, feed it lightly and baby it through the winter, but I wouldn't expect much from it as far as peppers go when the snow is flying. Good luck with it.
  3. Ya, I guess I was a little late with that one. There's always next time. --- I am here: http://tapatalk.com/map.php?mwza5d
  4. http://www.ottawaplus.ca/ottawa/venues/rideau-bakery google comes through again
  5. fresh ginger and fresh garlic (even though my wife is allergic to it). I use both rarely, but still, often enough to keep a little on hand. Problem is they go bad eventually and I forget to buy more, then panic when I need them.
  6. That was great, Chris. I learned a lot from your efforts. Many thanks. (looking forward to today's work too!)
  7. Trev

    Isla Mujeres

    Man, you guys are making me hungry!
  8. Trev

    Isla Mujeres

    You're right, Holly. We've eaten in La Gloria a few times and it was really good. There's also a place that we never found in the colony that sells puerco pubil on Sunday mornings, early, in someones back yard. First come first serve. We didn't make it because Saturday nights were always too much fun. The directions were kinda sketchy too... wandering around la Gloria in the pre-dawn trying to follow my nose just didn't appeal to me. It's been on one of the Isla blow-boards, I think that's where I first heard of it. If you happen to go, take a pic or two. I'm really curious about it.
  9. Trev

    Isla Mujeres

    EatNopales, it doesn't help the erosion of tradition when every other tourist is asking where they can find a good pizza. Just look at PDC, for example, it's got a disproportionate number of Italian restaurants. You really have to go off the beaten path to find local foods, but it is possible.
  10. Trev

    Isla Mujeres

    Zama is really cool. It's pretty new and the pools are infinity type pools with cascades and Jacuzzi tubs above. Kinda hard to explain the set-up but it's lovely with a great view. I believe the cover charge was fifty bucks for the two of us (actually 250 pesos, about 20 bucks now), but after a day there it's no problem recovering that money. We felt it was really worth it. The service was excellent and the staff really friendly, too. I had to go out to visit a friend the day we were there but my wife stayed behind to swim and drink. She was comfortably numb by the time I returned later, so they're definitely putting booze into the drinks. The change rooms and showers were clean, as were the washrooms. I can't say much about the food as we only had the comp chips with a few kinds of salsa (we went after lunch). The reviews may expand on that a bit. There are some pictures and reviews on tripadvisor --> http://www.tripadvisor.ca/Restaurant_Review-g150810-d1732148-Reviews-Zama_Beach_and_Lounge-Isla_Mujeres_Yucatan_Peninsula.html We love the after dinner 'poppers' at Velasquez! I think you're right that the pink and blue are the same. When they slam them down on the table and you've only got a second to get it into ya, well, you just know it's party time! Love the food there! Last May we took in ~30lb of fresh Mahi Mahi after a great days fishing and they prepared it for us 4 different ways. We likely ate about 6 pounds of fish but told them to keep the rest for personal use, or to use at the restaurant. They were happy and we were stuffed. Over the years we've come to be friends with the family that owns it and look forward to a visit there every time we go.
  11. Trev

    Isla Mujeres

    For some fine dining I'd recommend Rolandi --> http://villarolandi.com/isla-mujeres-fine-dining-restaurants-casa-rolandi.php I'd also recommend the stalls beside the market (a street up from Hidalgo) for a terrific breakfast and great hangover food. Breakfast and lunch only ( I didn't read the whole thread so this may have already been mentioned). The whole place is pretty dynamic so there's always places opening up and closing, especially in a fragile economy. Have fun, my wife and I have been going there for years and it's always fun. For something different I'd also recommend a day trip to Zama. It's a beach club near Rolandi, on sac bajo, just a little further than the tortugana. Last time we visited there was a cover charge, but it was subtracted from your drinks, so not really a cover charge. They just want to make sure people who come and use the amazing pools, hot tubs and beach, buy food and or drinks while there. We had a blast at Zama and will definitely go back. Do a day trip to PDC too, it's a cool town. Edited for a shout out for Velasquez! Never missed a trip to this place on the beach. 2 for 1 margaritas, fresh seafood galore and family owned for 28 years (maybe 29 now?). Love that place! If you meed Gilbert be nice to him, he's an awesome guy.
  12. Trev

    Lamb Roast

    That's quite the operation. I love lamb and that one looks delish!
  13. I prefer to take my time than to appease someone who may or may not be timing me. I have no problems with how anyone else eats, as long as they do it with their mouth closed! Articles like this need to be printed out, and laid in the bottom of a litter box somewhere.
  14. Good tip. I don't use much so I just pick up some whenever I go to Perolas, or Sol de Espana in Clarkson. I'll have to try nuking it next time. For now, I've got a Ziploc bag of the stuff with obvious hammer marks on it
  15. This is a real learning experience. So far everything looks so amazing, and I agree about the green clay pots. Love those. I also feel a little vindicated because for some reason I had pictured you as a tall woman. Great blog, PanCan.
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