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  1. I once made the decision to quit drinking for a year, Two months later Here came gout- go figure. I read up on the problem and some where and found a article that touted Tart Cherry juice for relief of gout. I bought "Knudsen's Just Tart Cherry Juice", problem gone with one jar. My soninlaw had flare-ups every few months, he started drinking it every week,gone. read the ingredients list; many others are really apple juice with flavors added. Good luck
  2. I spent much of Tuesday reading about the LOC stuff and had decided to use their LCC [Library (of) Congress Clasification] system. Then I called my books up in Library Thing. There I looked at the sorting and was I suprised. LCC use letters to tell what the book does. The letters for cookbooks are TX followed by numbers. The T is for technology, the X for home economics. So the first book in my list sorted by LCC is Rosso's The Silver Palete Cookbook, LCC is BD431.L42. BD is defined in the LoC as the subject "Speculative Philosophy". Now I hadn't opened that book for a while so I did so; I have difficulty with calling "Winter Pork And Fruit Ragout" speculitive actually I thought it good eats when I made it acording to my note in the book. So it gets worse a book of ingredents for Chinese cooking is BS is books about the Bible.... I scrapped that idea. I have decided that my answer is in your posts above. I shall put the 10 or so I actually use in the kitchen shelves and every thing else will be alphabetical by Author following CSTEFAN's method above. I think that will work and I want to thank all for their help in leading me.
  3. OK, I had found this before and decided that Dewey must have, deep down in it, an individual value for each book. But then I noticed that many CIPs only gave the 641 [?] and not what follows. If I had to open each book and find this, I'd spend the winter. So is there an easy way to get this. Could I take my Library Thing listing and download using the ISBN or LOC number. I had already pulled the LOC up to study after ChefPip's post. I don't think the sections by type of cooking would work for me well as most things do not lend themselves to my mind in that kind of order. For instance, Ruhlman's Charcuterie would belong right along side Ziedrich's Joy of Pickling because they are both about preserving. Having lousey organizational skills is a pain. BTW, thanks to everyone for the help Robert
  4. Hiedi, I tried going to our local libary but found that they had a part-timer filling that space. I got no answer. I want to give an answer myself, I can't. Robert
  5. I have amassed right at 400 cookbooks over the years. What I have no idea of is ORGANIZATION. I tried the Dewey Decimal System, seems it works far better for the rest of the Chemistry Section than cooking. I tried to do this by topic, what do you do then with Joy...?, It is very general, especially with N. Americian cooking, I have all three versions. I am really interested in curing or other preserving methods but this is really close to BBQ and grilling and Butchering.... So how does one type cast a book for that to work? You see my problem. How do you do this? What works for you?Thanks in advance for your help. I am a big picture guy in most things, I am terrible with details, this is where I have to deal with details or I find little.I use Eat Your Books and Library Thing but then I have to literally read the binding to find the book, what a pain.
  6. from Fat Guys thread by Lisa : http://stores.ebay.com/Vanilla-Products-USA
  7. RobertCollins

    Chicken Stock

    Actually, I simply make my own stock. For chicken, 10# of backs and I hope, a few necks, water to cover . Bring to a boil, pour off the water , wash the chicken parts[ rince with hot water] , simmer at 190 degrees for about 3-4 hours, then add couple chooped carrots, couple leeks including green parts, a stick or two of celery-- I don't, caUSE i THINK CELERY IS TOO BITTER, maybe you might want to add some Parsely, I don't 'cause I want a clean white stock. Cook at 190 degrees for another hour . Cool { Ice in a cooler around the pan} put it in the reefer, package. That is simple, now I come to my conundrum. I have been packiging in Deli containerins like used to sell you a salad or portion of beans. I got on a mission and found these things aren't BPA Free. Ideas please. Sorry, I can see spelling errors but I can't figure out how to use this sites stuff to solve my lack of knowledge. How do I now package this stock? I have 15 qt waiting.
  8. RobertCollins


    WOW, I would never thought about those fit everything Silicone lids. Not only am I glad that the kraut was wonderful but must thank you for the discovery.
  9. RobertCollins


    Smithy, I can't quickly find any reference that says no to your stock pot but I'll take some time to more thoroughly look. I use Cambro Round polyethylene containers the lid drilled to hold a cork with a water air block which vents the carbon dioxide. The Cambro, at almost any restaurant supply, the cork and air lock, at brewer and wine making supply houses.
  10. The Bacteria that ferment Kraut can be kick started by adding a tiny bit of whey from your yogurt culture.
  11. I found that Himalayan Pink Sea Salt is called Pink Salt. I know it isn't #1 cure but honest that is what is on the Sea Salt package. I buy most of my salts from Saltworks [seasalt.com] and that is what their catalog on the site and packaging label Himalayan Sea Salt. I would be really bent if I tried to make bacon with it.
  12. No it hasn't been operated as a salt - I don't know what to call it- prosessing place in more years than I have been around. If you should get to that part of the world, the place is Booneslick State Park. It is a few miles west of a town called New Franklin, MO.
  13. Well, this spring I did a 5# kraut using Napa cabbage and it was kraut, I couldn't taste or see a difference. Now this summer I pickled some garlic and the Himalayan pink sea salt did not all desolve and the pink showed on the outside -but not the interior - of the garlic. ETA: Thinking that this was not complete I just went into the pantry reefer and opened one of the jars. No the salt pink didn't matter but the garlic clove did NOT work with the Petite Sirah I am sipping, yuck.
  14. RobertCollins


    A friend who lives on his boat in the Caribbean - right now in Guatemala - sent me this Recipe that he got from a lady whose husband did business with both my friend and I. I have not yet tried it and will small batch it to see if I like it. Mrs. H. Langston's Sauerkraut: cut up cabbage & stuff in 1 qt jar 1tbs salt1tbs sugar1 tbs vinegar1 sprig dilladd boiling water to fill up jarsit aside for 2-3 weeks and eat I'm guessing that the product will be kinda like the store bought stuff, if so why bother? We'll see. That said, my arms hurt. I started 37# of kraut cabbage this afternoon. About 6 Gallons. I'll check Saturday morning to see if I need to add brine to cover, then I'll check about Halloween. I'm out of the 70# made last Sept of 12. Of course I have a daughter who with her young sons, will take it home by the gallon. Thank God she has a small reefer [but a big love for kraut].
  15. Before I threw in the towel, I'd get a couple HVAC companies to give me a design build bid. I say a couple because different contractors, like other people, see the same task differently and often one will figure out something that another would never thought about. Also you might think about replacing ALL your condo's Smoke detectors with the new combo smoke/CO units. Make sure everybody there understands the real rules of CO detection; if a CO detector goes off, get everyone and you out of the building NOW and call 911. Luck to you.
  16. What is the real difference in an oil stone and a water stone? I used oil stones in my tradesman days and could shave with my electricians knife [it was crap steel but if you are an electrician cutting anything from plastic/sometimes rubber insulation to the copper itself, you would be sharpening everyday anyway] at least it started each day sharp that way. I have some diamond stones that have a metal grid over their diamond surface that want water not oil, they seem to do a very comparable job,maybe quicker. I do have an EP Apex, I just feel [likely wrongly] that I'm happier with the job I get with the diamond water stone, and a fine cutting edge in 4 or 5 minutes. So when and why do I want to use either or any of the three? An aside, I clean the [what I saw referred upthread as ]SMARF [i haven't looked up that yet] off at water stone and my ceramic "steel" with Bon Amy with water and a sponge. ETA: The first line of this thread refered to Chad Ward's wonderful writing for eG,which was what caused me to join and learn so much all these years from this. I hope to see more of this great teaching.
  17. We eat a lot of Kale and Chards. I heard a chef say it stored well in a plastic bag. I bring in the bunches, wash them and divide to two person batches and put them ,wet, in a 1 gallon ziplock. As I close I try to gently expel most of the air in the bag. I have kept these for three weeks in the crisper. So when they are priced right, don't be afraid to get them.
  18. So, how do we know; IS THIS STUFF REALLY, ..... or is it.... I think the idea of buying only Californian is wonderful BUT what protects us when they are/get corrupted too/ totally by the MBA 's 0f America TOO. I think we may have a really bad time coming because they, the MBA's of corporate America/the world care more for their profits than the health and being of people.
  19. RobertCollins


    Anna, pull the jar out onto the counter. It should start up again,if not, jump start it by putting 1/4 cup or so of a live yogurt in a small strainer with some cheese cloth and catch the whey. for you jar of cabbage I think 2-3 teaspoons of whey will kickstart it right back up. Most of your querys [or is it queries?] are really answered in the book Ttogull refers to; The Art of Fermentation by Sandor Katz, wow, this is a read. At best, I can only paraphrase and then not with real surety. I must say that my low level Chem knowledge is overwhelmed but this guy can get it across even to my low skill set. BTW, most questions here are answered on Pg. 102 at least about how time and temp are done. Please note that the fermentation can be done totally without salt. The product will lack crispness but some even prefer this. How do we use it; I do really get boring 'cause I do love it SAUTEED in butter. My wife braises it a bunch in beer,or apple juice w/ apple chunks, or w/ caraway seed just broken in the mortar.... I some times make beef short ribs braised in beer [usually a dark porter] with lots of kraut and potatoes[ baby reds...]. Kraut is stored summer goodness, I bet most can think up flavor pairings that are spectacular. Lastly, Katz says,"Salt also influences fermentation speed. I generally make ferments saltier in the summer heat to slow down the fermentation;less salty in winter." I hadn't caught that before. I hope I have helped and think this 10 year old thread has shown some real gain in sophistication of the members of eG, I hope that I am amoung them.
  20. RobertCollins


    Now I will answer Anna later 'cause I have had a bottle of wine and really don't want to think my way thru a decent answer tonite, I have no idea what to do to make Serrano Hot Sause nor what to expect when I do. Isn't fermenting a kick? Ttogul, yes the kraut will keep for at least months in the reefer.
  21. RobertCollins


    I did 65# last OCT and it was fermented in my pantry which is plus or minus a couple degrees at 68 degrees. It stopped bubbling at 5-6 weeks which I think means it is done. Sure tasted like it. It was done in two of the food service square buckets like MAYO comes in. I take a spare top to one of these and use a box cutter to remove the ridge and this is my weight plate in the bucket. I do make 3% brine in 1 gal Ziplocks as weights. In the lid I drill a 1-1/8" hole and put in a water trap like wine makers [ and I think beer brewers ]use [ I think it was a #22 cork but they can tell you correctly].. By doing this I never have to skim the white stuff. I also have NO smell. I agree that Sandor Katz is the fermenting expert but this ain't rocket science and can be looked up on most ag extension sites in the US and likely Canada. I can't stand the canned stuff , in fact, I will just pick a half pint or so raw from the frig with some left over meat or whatever and call it a good lunch. I guess I should say that 65# is about 6 Gallons [24 l]. This is a pain for reefer space at Thanks giving and Xmas but by then most places will be below 64 degrees so just move the containers to the porch, if you have a short heat wave the kraut might start fermenting again if you pulled it too early before, no big deal. Bye the way, I have about 2-3 qts left. Suggest you try Napa Cabbage, tastey. Also any kraut satated in butter is to die for!
  22. Can't tell you as when they closed they even took their sign. Too bad, it was a good store.
  23. Actually, I agree that we have long known of the adulteration but this article is more about the ways that have been found to identify with what and how much. Facinating science.
  24. I was back in the mid west last week and while in an agricultural extention office I picked up a copy fo USDA's Agricultural Reasearch, a magazine they publish ten time a year. This was the May/Jun 2013 ed. It ahs a great article on the Authenticy of Olive Oil. http://ars.usda.gov/is/AR/archive/may13/olives0513.htm I got hooked on the fact that foods aren't always what we think we are getting,eg pink slime, honey diluted with cor syurp.... Hope that those who are interested in such enjoy the read. Robert
  25. Found the seed here. https://sheffields.com/seed_genus_species_lot/Psophocarpus/tetragonolobus/9701/ and http://www.rareseeds.com/asian-winged-bean/?F_Keyword=Psophocarpus%20tetragonolobus Thanks GR, that was worth reading. I haven't yet found any seed for the cultavars which will fruit with greater than 12 hours daylight.
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