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  1. These bookmarks are all I had that I think someone may find useful. I too am interested in learning more. I have helped with a hog breakdown a couple years ago. Learned enough to know I need to learn a lot more. http://members.shaw.ca/masterbutcher/meat_cutting_tutorial/meat_processing.html http://members.shaw.ca/masterbutcher/home.html http://www.gourmet.com/food/video/2009/06/ruhalter_pig_butchering http://www.qmscotland.co.uk/cutting/pork-major/index.html Hope someone finds these links useful.
  2. Thanks Chris, Would you by chance know how to cancel an Amazon order that I made about 5 minutes ago? I do thank you for saving me ~$40. Robert
  3. RobertCollins

    Veal stock

    I have been making and using Non brown veal Stock for a few years. I got convinced by Ruhlman in 'Elements' to do it in the oven. I have tried some of the recipes I have found in my cook book collection and found that the way I use veal stock, just doesn't fit most other ways. I use the stock pretty much non reduced and white. For me, Veal stock is mostly, an adder that produces not so much taste but mouthfeel or maybe if I understand UNCTUOUS[sp], that quality. If I had a formula that I could report, it would be that I use this stock to add its depth by using it to replace about 1/4 to 1/3 of the other stock called for. To me it adds body, depth of flavor and mouthfeel. Ordered 10# veal bones and will pick up tomorrow. Tomorrow night will make Veal, Pork and the following morn Chicken stock. I cut Rhulman's veggie add'n's to at least 1/2- I do not want to taste them at the level and way I am using them. Having read this, I want to try a second run on the stock solids and see what I get.
  4. Although the high heat makes them blue like a Harley's exhaust pipes, I leave them in when I clean the ovens. After cleaning I use mineral oil, it seems to me to last better than olive oil. I have three, use two.
  5. I have tried it that was grown here in Washington. Done by a company that calls themselves "WOOLY PIGS". woolypigs.com Like you I found the pork to be ok but not enough better to be better than other local hogs. The lard was quite nice.
  6. I did this recipe two times a couple weeks ago. The first one was absolutely as per the book EXCEPT, I used panchetta instead of the bacon, WOW. The 2nd was close to the first but crumbled crisp bacon and onions rather than chives. The first Kicked the second into the next county. I love this idea, the sugar pumpkin would be better replaced with a Hubbard or Kuri[sp]. Good use for a winter squash. I wonder about a lentil filling....
  7. For temps I use another form of Corymoto's formula. Have used it for decades. FYI, it works because Co2's freezing point is the same numerically in F and C, -40.
  8. Last year Wine Spectator named a ham produced by Rick Friar of A & J meats in Seattle as the best city ham of the year. It is sold online by http://chefshop.com . I do like this ham and manage to serve one nearly every winter. I am biased, I buy most of my meat from A&J.
  9. So, who is going to tip their hat and say it is .....
  10. I thought muffins and cookies were supposed to be stored in one's tummy. Frozen, what heresy!
  11. Bought some Citric acid at my local home brew supplier. I used it for Ricotta from the local Organic and certified Raw Milk dairy. Made great cheese. Thanks for all these other uses. edit: no matter how dear I hold milk. it still is not deary.
  12. RobertCollins

    Onion Confit

    Now I have read the whole thing. It amazes me how much work people have gone to to develop this Onion Confit. In reading this the only thing I think I haven't really had answered is a true definition of what Onion Confit really should be or IS. I will add that the EYB [Eat Your Books ] program helped me to search my library but, no luck. I found three of the already referenced authors and they collectively did not seem to agree with each other or what I read here. I would love to find a book like "Stocking Up" or some such that would give me a definition of what an Onion Confit WAS. Absent that I'm going to try my hand at what the fine folks have charged 4 hour + against my reading time here and copy their recipes and methods. Wish me luck; I'm armed with 5# yellow,5# red and 2# shallots for the mix.
  13. Thanks for telling about this lecture series. I have now used up 4 hrs of my day on these delightful lectures.
  14. Lord, Please don't make me inventory my Pantry again. Last year when I did I found grains with moths in the bag and such things as canned Escargot- sp[?] dated with grease pencil in 1979, beans that were at least 5 yrs. old. What does one do with Pensey's dried Cilantro when it is 5+ years old? What does one do with it when it is new? I'm afraid to do this.
  15. I had the porcelain coated steel (thin not cast iron) on an old Webber, pre genesis; they chipped from the high heat cleaning. I replaced them with some straight cast iron grates that I bought at Wms-Sonoma. These I loved for their mass effect of holding heat-yes, the marks were superb, their ease of cleaning, but I didn't like that cast seems to flake and corrode in a couple years. One of my grills had the coated cast iron and worked great but the porcelain started chipping and sticking to the food. That I didn't like. Now my latest Webber Genesis has the SS grates. Stainless that has suffered high heat is ugly but still works well. I would buy straight cast if I could get them for this grill even though I had to replace them every couple years.
  16. I would follow these instructions and make like a two tablespoon batch. I supose one could make one tomali [ I Spell badly in english, no hope in spanish]. I don't know what else maseca is used for.
  17. Good Meat by Deborah Krasner caught my eye this morning and so I looked thru it. It looks great and has my interest but before I shell out $40, I thought I'd see if anybody has an opinion.
  18. Split 1.5# into small flowers, #Tsbn Butter 1/4 Cup preserved lemon 1/4" dice, saute till just still crisp. Eat along side fresh Halibut and Orzo with a touch of cayenne and a grassy french olive oil. Result was nothing left. EDIT to add: This was a first time to try this and it was just something made up after reading the above posts. It worked well. THX to all
  19. Freely taking the risk to expose my unworldliness, who is Gwyneth Paltrow?
  20. I just pre ordered Primal Cuts. If I keep reading and buying from this thread, I'll be so broke that I can't afford to send a request for quote to my banko attorney.
  21. I wouldn't touch the flat that goes toward the plate - the one with the extrusion holes- but would take a small square stone and clean up the side that is somewhere near 30-45 degrees off the the axis of the screw auger. In construction we used a triangle file on the wood bore bits we had and they - knife wise - are similar but for the extrusion plate. I just took a look in Chad Ward's "An Edge In The Kitchen" and found no mention of grinder or food grinder blades.
  22. I use just plain Cascade but not the complete. We also quit using Jet Dry as filling the compartment with white vinegar does just as well and is a lot cheaper. We also fiddled with the amount needed and discovered that not only did our dishes get just as clean with about 1/2 the recommended amount, our glasses no longer etched.
  23. This is an interesting thing you've built jmolinari. Thought some of you folks would find thes specs and standards fun: These are the links for building a pizza oven -Traditionally that is. http://blackoven.idkhosting.com/wfob.html?.State=Thumbnails&page=29 http://www.fornobravo.com/pompeii_oven/pompeii_oven.html http://www.fogazzo.com/html/glendale_oven_57.html http://www.considine.net/mac/brickoven/ http://www.traditionaloven.com/pizza_wood_oven/pizza_wood_oven.html http://www.traditionaloven.com/wwwboard/messages/625.html below is the official rules for making napoletana pizza: http://www.fornobravo.com/vera_pizza_napoletana/VPN_spec.html
  24. The old Track fixtures from that era that I remember were mostly not in residential. They would have been similar to these or maybe this. True enough a couple of these would give Chris his light.
  25. I would pick a period hanging fixture of some sort for that breakfast area and something along this directly above the counter, probably two of them about 24" apart. They did have track lighting back then but most of the fixtures looked like a tomato can on a stem with a reflector flood in them, personally, yech.
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