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  1. I hadn't considered that a 1958 house might have a ground wire nor did I remember that many places in the east required conduited systems in which case, they have a ground system. A cabled system of that era might also have an armored cable system [bx] and that would likely have one of those 16 or 18 reduced size grounds. I have nearly zero experience with the old loom cable systems but I think they quit installing them around the end of the forties. I don't know if they had a grounding conductor or not. In any of these cases a properly installed 3 prong outlet would be acceptable but the kitchen should still be GFCI. Chris have your buddy get you a xerox of National Electric Code article 210.8, It will provide the knowledge of what to expect you will need when the electricians give you a proposal. Thanks MSRandell, good catch.
  2. Chris, your friend steered you dead right but for one little mistake a commercial electrician might miss. You can only replace a two prong outlet with a three prong IF it is a GFCI circuit. This is true any where in the home and has been in the National electric cod since the 90's. All the outlets down stream of a GFCI are protected by it if the wiring is parallel so they may be just standard three prong outlets, your friend will understand this. All kitchen outlets should be GFCIed so the few bucks will help keep your family in better stead. Don't know if a locking plug for an oven would be required here so I would check your local code. I would just hard wire it, I can't see a home oven need to be cord and cap connected. In a restaurant where appliances need to be moved often for cleaning, make sense though. I'm a half assed cook but I do hold a Master Electrician license in Washington State and a Journeyman IBEW Card since 1972. I do like that kitchen.
  3. I've now input the last of my books. I have cataloged 130+ in and recognized. I have about 60 to 70 unrecognized. If they aren't in EYB Library the system doesn't seem to have a way for me to put them in. Hence nearly all of my old Beard books are not in. Even as an inventory item. I want to print a listing of what is in EYB of my own and will then reorganise my Bookshelf so I can find the noncatalogged ones with out having to read every one of the publish pages. How? How does one get an ISBN for pre ISBN published books from say the forties or fifties? Can you manually add to the list of books the EYB folks have? I have used this to find a recipe for supper yesterday and I will love it even more when it grows up, I want to help it to help me. Of course maybe I need to learn how to uwe it better. I'll even give a try on Chris A's Indexing team [though I question my abilities in that sort of thing].
  4. Fat Guy says.I ask, can you buy stainless sheet pans and if so please give me a brand name. I kind of like what I perceive as clean pans and mine die in the smoker or Webber and build up all the brown oil stains. I've tried to clean them as I do my pots and pans with lye [Easy Off] but find most of what I own in sheet pans are Aluminum; Al doesn't take well to a lye bath.
  5. I've thrown out two of the Misto kind. I then thought about a query like Fat Boy's, and felt I had enough challenges in the kitchen that I didn't need the headaches these things caused. As you have pointed out, almost every thing can be achieved some other way. My son uses one to get oil on the grill bars, I showed him a paper towel with a teaspoon of oil on it. Yealp, nearly everything.
  6. RobertCollins

    Making Vinegar

    I'm only guessing but I wonder if it isn't more of the aceto bacteria that haven't formed a mat yet. You haven't said how long this run has been going. Safe, I would think that it isn't poison just because you said "good smelling and tasting vinegar". Good Luck
  7. Since I had never even thought of using a barcode scanner before this thread, I had to buy one. After driving around Seattle until I was dizzy and sick of being told I had to buy a Point of Sale system if I wanted one; I went to Google and found about a million. I learned that not all scanners will read ISBN but found one at Buy .com for $63 that would. It is a ADESSO Nusscan 1000 series. Plugged into a USB port and started scanning. I'm running about 20% misses. I have a fair number of pre 10 and 13 diget older books so I will have to figure it out. I'd like to see this program at least catalog ALL my books whether they will ever be indexed or not. This system has me excited.
  8. How does this work. For instance I have two of the three "Joy of Cooking" Each share the same name but are really very dissimilar, in fact, so much so in the shift from 2nd ed to 3rd ed that they probably shouldn't have the same title. Are you saying that you would give results for all three editions or only the one -maybe two- that we have listed in our collections?
  9. RobertCollins


    I once wrote Burpee and they sent me back a pack of gerkin seed and told me to pick them early. I intend to plan some this weekend.
  10. Yeah, gateway.... Then they will be so hooked thy will instantly call Pensey's and order a weeks pay check load of spices that are the result of expectations , not knowledge. So therefor, they will have boosted the economy but still can't cook. Maybe we should watch "Food INC" again.
  11. RobertCollins

    Pork Burgers

    Well, this is an interesting question. I do my own hamburger, almost always from chuck. I am scared of ground beef almost anywhere. In Seattle there is one butcher shop I trust, from them I sometimes buy ground chuck. I did about a month ago. While I was at it I bought an equal amount of his ground pork. I ended up mixing them and making burgers of them. Added some spices and they were better than OK. Were they better than a really good hamburger patty, I don't know but I thought so because of the fat addition. I have had and made sausage burgers before; I love them. Pork in this case, I think, lacks the ability to compete with beef for pure strength of flavor without a big addition of spice/herb to make it work. Is not that sausage?.
  12. RobertCollins

    Chicken Stock

    I bet somebody here will know and educate us! That is the best part of this [is this the right word?] place.
  13. RobertCollins

    Chicken Stock

    I know this is an old thread but I have learned a bunch. Thanks to all. I tried buying those 8 oz. throwaway cups and freezing them then vacuum sealing. Waste of time compared to putting 1 o2 cups in a 1 qt Ziploc, void the air, and freezing it flat. I did my last batch of chix last week. 10# of wings, cleavered them up and made about a gallon. Did it about 3 hours in the oven. If I had some red food coloring , sugar and marshmallows I could go to a mid-west potluck. [Actually remember them from childhood in Missouri]. I do my veal stock in the oven but I think the taste of chicken any more than 3 maybe 4 hours starts to loose that fresh taste and I guess i don't care for that. Also though, I have never reduced any stock down to 25%. Not sure I know how.
  14. It is just amazing what such a small amount of accent color does for the room. Shows it doesn't take much to make it sing. Good job.
  15. Copper river King were $34.99/# last evening at the fish monger I went too here in Seattle. I'll stick with the Columbia river run at $24.99, Although the Halibut I had Friday at 17.99 was to die for.
  16. I think the 6.5 qt in thisVolrath catalog may be exactly what you want. I is about 7+" wide and that tall. While mine are bigger, I do like my Volrath stockpots.
  17. I wonder if the heat will or would cause some sort of off gassing? Like BPA when you heat up baby bottles. [ I read something about that. My babys bottle days were still all glass.]
  18. Somebody straighten me out. I have the square, the round poly and a few of the poly carbon clear. It is my notion that the square do not really seal so to make what ever I am saving not pick-up reefer orders I most always use the round in the ice box. Am I tilting at wind mills? If the square do the job, they are hella better to use.
  19. As a boy in the early 60's I spent a lot of time on my uncles farm in NW Missouri. He was primarily a dairy farmer who milked Brown Swiss for their cream. The milk would be centrifuged to collect the cream and the whey was waste. That is not to say that it was dumped 'cause it sure wasn't. The whey was poured into barrels and mixed with wheat and barley. It was allowed to ferment and fed to the hogs uncle raised for himself and family. Those hogs wouldn't just knock you down to get to it, they would trample you. The mix [i don't know what it would be called- mash maybe?] really did ferment and become alcoholic at some level and pigs, like men are fond of their brew. This was the finish food along with slop but not much of that would be kitchen scraps, in fact, I read that Kansas for sure and I think MO too outlawed kitchen slop to try to eliminate sources of trichinosis. A friend of mine from Portland tells me there are some Willamette Valley Pork Producers that are finishing on Barley. He says the pork is wonderful.
  20. Up thread, somebody ask about avoiding insect infestation in grains and flours. A few years ago I had the little moths coming out of my grain sacks and filling my pantry. I wrote to Lundberg Rice Co. in California and ask what to do about them. They said that freezing the grains for 2-4 weeks would kill the eggs. So grains coming into the house to stay awhile are frozen immediately. After that time I put them into the pantry in jars and have not had the problem again. Flours are kept in the freezer except AP which gets used up before it could have a rancidity problem and I've never seen any moths from White AP. My old Missouri Farmer father-in-law once ask me,"If the bugs won't eat it, are you sure you want too?" ed: sp
  21. I think I might be a bit leery of systemic anything with food crops except maybe a good drink of organic compost tea.
  22. RobertCollins


    I do enjoy Triscuits but must say they are great when eaten as if they were Shredded Wheat cereal. I think it must be the extra salt or maybe it is as simple as the milk. Found it one morning while car camping in some Nat'l Forest in California years ago.
  23. I was reading NOLA site by Danno and he made reference to "Steens Pure Cane Syrup". In looking at that I read their product descriptions and looked at Molasses. Then I started wondering -hope this isn't too far off subject- If molasses is really just farther or further [not sure which] cooked cane syrup, isn't that almost caramel? Although I think of Molasses as sweetner, is it really? Does the extra heat kill the sweetness as Kerry Beal implies above? These sugars really have me lost. Is there a good reference that anyone can recommend? I can tell, I will never be a candy maker.
  24. Thank you all for the help. I'll have to make it at least once, then.... I was thinking about this recipe that Kerry gave and wonder, isn't that going to produce something like thickened Dark Karo Syrup? edit: spelling ability does not correlate with intelligence, I hope I haven't lost two times.
  25. cbread, I thought that you might live here in the 'burb of Seattle I live in. Your description fit the only 'Grocery' we have in this bedroom community, an Albertson's. Luckily, we have many fine places to shop in Seattle. I go into there even though the City center is 11 miles away. I do hope you sent that letter and wonder, did it accomplish anything? Chris, don't you love the heartland shopping experience? When my wife and I visit the family farms in Boonville MO; we drive 25 miles to Columbia to buy groceries. The U of Mo is there and they actually have lettuce the isn't just Iceberg.
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