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  1. I too have EYB but I find that over half of my collection isn't even recognized by ISBN or LOC or at all in EYB. I really want a list and really don't want to have to type all that info in by hand. So what to do? I really like the bar scanner EYB uses and can't help but think that my simple list has to be able to be made by some other program that will link to the ISBN or Library of Congress number or something. Any suggestions? I have just shy of 40 linear feet of cookbook collection and really would like to have a list of what I own. Oh, it is worth noting that I think that EYB is way beyond cool. Using it has forced me to find my books to make recipes from books that hadn't been open in ten plus years. That I find worth every penny of my investment. What programs will do the listing and look-ups for it using the above mentioned Scans and shortened typing ? edit: Oh why didn't I pay attention in 7th grade grammar?
  2. "they get kind of rough and don't move easily in and out any more." If you rub a few drops of your cooking oil on them, not just at the slide point but also on the whole rack this will become a non issue. I wouldn't do the cook the rack thing if I had bearinged {sp?} racks like someone above mentioned. If the 900+ temp will strip the old seasoning from a cast iron pan, it would seem to me that it would strip the grease from those bearings. My Dacor manual says only that the racks will discolor from the heat. It also recommends the oiling of the racks.
  3. Put a bit of oil, I use the closest at hand, on a paper towel and wipe the metal where the rack slides. The discolored racks seem a small price to me versus the black gunk coating them and the work of hand cleaning them.
  4. Couple days ago, I picked up a Lodge Dutch Oven that had been used. It smelled of rancid grease, I assume the previous owner had used vegie oil or something in a misguided attempt to season it. I put the pan and lid in my small oven and set it to clean for two hours. The oven is clean and the pan is totally down to bare metal. A wipe with grape seed oil to stop rust and I'll season the pan later. Edit: splling
  5. I'm not much of a reviewer. I bought it, I read it and think I will likely save my Ten Dollars next edition. I will say the cover was the part I liked best.
  6. Even at the $6 to 7 per Dozen at the local farmers markets that question has a less than a dollar answer. Please let us know; I have never thought of trying it even if my old neighbor did it with Quail Eggs.
  7. I had a neighbor who raised his "Chinese Quail " and his wife pickled the eggs. Her first act was to boil, then she peeled them by this method but she dissolved all the shell then washed. It tasted great and that has been since '75 so I'm guessing it isn't unhealthy either.
  8. Where is it 14.99 in Seattle? At Central Mkt at 155 and 99. Saw a sign for 9.99 at Queen Anne Metro Mkt today. 19.99 at Wild Salmon Fish Market on QA. Note: These that I have seen, are really small fillets, I'm guessing like 2# minus per slab.
  9. I saw the CR Sockeye this afternoon, I'll buy a bit for dinner tomorrow. $14.99 in Seattle.
  10. I think that the bottoms and maybe sides could be replaced with chair caning, from any upholstery shop.
  11. Actually, I asked my butcher where in Seattle was a wholesale supplier for his equipment because I needed a bone saw. He told me and then told me to wait a minute, A couple minutes later he brings that one out and tell me they don't need them often anymore as they have band saws now. Then he told me to see him when I needed new blades.
  12. I don't know if this is what you call a grid system but this is in my pantry. The wall hanging section is 4'x4', it has an 18"x 5' three shelf wire shelf below for Stock Pots, micro wave,IE heavy things that I don't need in the kitchen every day. The wall rack was purchased at a local retail fixture shop. It stands off the wall about an inch and a half.
  13. My link from FG's Query thread about Disposals I like this subject a lot. I have told, in the link above what I do and what I have been told. I guess I really have no need of the things [disposer] but I do wonder if they may not have a place in some communities. New York comes to mind. Having been there in the summer and smelled the streets as one walks by the piles of garbage bags, I'm surprised the health department doesn't shut down the whole city. If the ancient bldg. plumbing in some of those bldgs can't support the grinders, maybe it is time to update the systems. Other things I read do indicate that available quantities of fresh water used by the grinder systems may soon be more a concern than any other disposal issues.
  14. Here in Seattle we have a great City Compost program. I almost never use our two disposals. We dump about five gallons of kitchen waste per week. Add to that that green waste; pizza boxes, almost any paper product like paper towels and napkins and yes we can even throw meat products into the mix.{That is OK in the winter but too stinky in the rest of the year.} Our Sewerage Dept. says that it takes 13 gallons of water for the system to process one pound of disposal offal. I think I'd rather use my Vita-Mix and pour the "slurry" down the toilet.
  15. For fish, I don't think so. Pork, beef, even lamb and veal [which I have only used as stock and braising] You bet. I, like you live in the Pacific NW so I haven't fixed monk fish in years. I do remember it being very firm kind of like lobster texture but i think the sear and 300 degree oven method with most any other fish would end up with way over cooked outside flaking off as you try to get is out of the skillet and I guess I'll simply say I doubt the quality of the result. Wish I had seen this post, David, yesterday as I had a big chunk of the first Halibut of this season for supper. I would have tried it.
  16. I have made Thai Curry paste in a pestle w/ a mortar and I will admit, it is better than the store bought in can or jar. It is way more work than I want. edit: pestle not pistol
  17. Most food at home was sort of edible but that should be qualified. When I joined the Navy, I was sure I had died and gone to heaven; Boot Camp food was so good. I had never had beef or pork that wasn't dark on the outside and gray on the inside. Of course you could just glue the round steak to the shoe when you wore a hole. The formulas I learned were cook it 'til you are sure all those nasty germs are dead then add 15 minutes.
  18. Another purchase place: How to Cook and Eat in Chinese, by Buwei Yang Chao http://www.alibris.com/booksearch?binding=&mtype=&keyword=How+to+Cook+and+Eat+in+Chinese%2C+by+Buwei+Yang+Chao&hs.x=11&hs.y=15&hs=Submit This list of books sites for Public Domain may be worth browsing: http://www.techsupportalert.com/content/50-places-free-books-online.htm?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+gizmosbest+%28Gizmo%27s+Best-ever+Freeware%29
  19. RobertCollins

    Coca-Cola Ham

    My mom used 7-up. I never had Coke glaze and if I had in Mom's house it would have been RC Cola.
  20. I like and use VOLLRATH SS Stockpots. I have a 12 AND 24 QT VOLLRATH AND The12 qt ALL CLAD Pot that comes with a sort of colander for a hundred bucks. It is not near as consistent as the Vollraths. VollRath 12 qt should be about $100 with cover and they do have a 7.5 qt. They are standard dimensions so you can likely buy any lid you like-I agree with the comment above about the condensation.
  21. Jane Grigson's Charcuterie and French Pork Cookery I have a 2007 copy. there are two recipes one in all pork on pg 136 and another with beef added on pg. 142. Hope this helps. edit to answer Chris, Grigson says to hang it with good air flow and "If you are too impatient and try to eat the sausages too soon they will taste horrible; so leave them for six months." I think that is cured.
  22. I have never side by side tasted fresh vs frozen spinach. I made some ricotta and stuffed it and spinach a few months ago; I just pulled out some fresh and steamed, squeezed and chopped, then stuffed. I guess that with fresh here at any time I want it, why go buy a lump in a box that I have no idea when it went into that freezer.
  23. And another: http://www.onlinegardenertips.com/herb-gardening/herbal-medicine/garlic/How-To-Make-Black-Garlic.html http://snipurl.com/1u1dcc
  24. I had[actually still do]a Cuisinart.Then we bought a Vitamix. I have not looked back. Soups and other purees are so smooth. Of what use is the outboard ?
  25. I use almost all yellow onions but; I like purple in fresh [raw] preps and whites sometimes when they seem like the right one to use. I do hope someone out there knows an answer to what, when, and where, Also true Walla Walla sweets should be eaten like apples. It is a waste to cook them.
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