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  1. I think "terrible parking" accurately describes every restaurant in Seattle.
  2. We are making the lemon confit out of the Rover's cookbook (pg 95) and have a question about storage. The method is simple (water, rice wine vinegar and sugar, lemons - oven, 2 - 3 hours). It says that once the lemons are done to put them aside on a plate to if using right away or I assume that evening. But then it says you can make them up to 4 days prior to usage. SO -the question is........do I store them in the fridge in the liquid that I confit'd them in? Or w/o the liquid but just the lemon slices alone? My impluse is to store w/liquid but not sure if storing them in the water, sugar vinegar mixture will cause them to possibly break down over the next couple days. Thoughts? Opinions? Are we over thinking? Thanks! (della, posting on Adiabatic's name)
  3. Della (using Greg's computer again) It certainly wasn't meant to be harmful and the person that asked me if I had heard anything was sincere in their asking. I am glad they aren't closing........sorry to be the reason anyone is upset. Della
  4. I just heard Veil is closing........anyone know if this is true? Della (using Greg's log-in)
  5. I was thinking bread, crackers, cheese, fruit, meats - pate - etc etc - People LOVE SNACKS!!!!
  6. I'm not a fan of Hot Dish. Della and I went there and it was pretty ordinary. I am a fan of Jak's. They only have two things on the menu, steaks and potatoes (not really, but almost). But it is a good steak for the price. I haven't been to Union Bay Cafe in ages, but last time I was there I enjoyed quite a bit.
  7. I've mail ordered brisket from these guys: http://www.nimanranch.com/ Also Don and Joes in the Market.
  8. I've had a blue million dogs at that stand and didn't even know they were available with cream cheese. I guess that's what I get for ordering a dog at 2:00 am with a gut full of booze.
  9. Della and I were in Portland last month. We had dinner one night at Oba in Pearl district. The food was latin themed, and was just great from top to bottom. The menu read great, and the food was even better. I've got to go back to try some of the things I missed. Another interesting place we tried was Noble Rot. I don't really recall much about the food, other than it was good but unspectacular. But concept was pretty neat. Besides a resteraunt, it is a wine retail shop, and all the wines are available at retail prices plus a $7.50 corkage fee, which is shockingly reasonable. They also sold wines by the flight, and they had some interesting flights the night we were there.
  10. This isn't actually in Anchorage, and it isn't Alaskan but it is great food: Double Musky Inn At the recommendation of a eGulleter I had the salmon sandwich at the Glacier Brewhouse which I think was the best salmon sandwich I've ever had. That was lunch, not dinner though.
  11. Prime time is Emeril. He's okay but I'm burned out on his schtick. And then comes Unwrapped, which is a tour of a different gumball factory every week.
  12. I hadn't heard that, but I would be interested to read more. Incomplete combustion of fats creates a class of chemicals called PAHs some of which definitely cause cancer. Anytime you have burning fat, like fat dripping onto hot coals, in theory you are elevating your risk of cancer. I grill like a fiend. I figure if I've got to die, there are worse ways than dying from eating too much grilled meat.
  13. The $40 shows are all exactly the same, so I guess by definition all of them are repeats. "ask the locals for the inside track"
  14. This topic has been pretty well covered but in case anyone is taking a poll...Yes, the B vitamins definitely seem to help. Plenty of water of course. But that is all prevention. Once you are hung, the only thing that will take the edge off is a belly full of grease. Bacon, greasy eggs, that sort of thing. By the way, I read recently something like half of the serious liver damage cases in the U.S. were caused by Tylenol O.D., to the point where some doctors think it should be prescription only. If you drink, do not take Tylenol, even when you are not drinking.
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