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The One Non-negotiable Food Item In Your Kitchen


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Butter and Hellman's mayonnaise - no other brands allowed

+1, along with fresh ground pepper and nutmeg. Gotta have my garlic and onions, too!

"Commit random acts of senseless kindness"

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Running out of EVOO induces a panic attack and dropping everything to madly dash to the store to restock. I can do without butter for an (very short) amount of time, but not EVOO.

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If I only get one, it would be butter. If I get to make a list, it would include eggs from my own flock, hamburger only from my farmer friend, tomatoes and sweet corn from my own garden, fresh garlic and (hanging head in shame) Diet Coke. (Or Diet Pepsi--in my world, the term 'Coke' means a soft drink. As in: 'I am going to the QuikMart, want a Coke?' 'Yeah, get me a Mountain Dew.')

Ditto Diet Coke. Not Coke Zero, not caffiene-free Diet Coke, not any variety of flavored Diet Coke, and most assuredly not Diet Pepsi. Diet Coke.

Don't ask. Eat it.


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Whole Milk

Lemons - I have 2 trees Meyer and regular. If I cook somewhere else... lemons go with me.

Kosher Salt - Diamond Crystal

Fresh Pork

Mayo - Best Foods ONLY

Fish Sauce - 3 Crabs

Srircha Sauce

Basmati Rice

Fresh Ground Pepper



Ginger - fresh, powdered, and crystallized

Caravale Sweet Chili Sauce


Fresh Fruit - There has to be some sort of fresh fruit in the house.

Who can have just one. It would be like trying to choose which child to save.

I just picked some of the things that I always keep back-ups of in the pantry and freezer, or are always in the grocery cart each time I check out.

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