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  1. Got it, Thanks. What are the interior dimensions? I notice they're only giving away 12" wide things even though the appliance is considerably wider. Wonder if they make a 230VAC model. Looks a useful device. Does it get hot enough for bread making? And can you add water for steam? I'm asking because I'm seriously considering having a flutter at bread making. Wonderful though the bread is here it might be nice to have something different & home made.
  2. Excuse my ignorance, but what exactly is a BV-XL?
  3. Used to go to the Italian-American friendship club on Federal Hill in Providence, R.I. It was next to the porno movie theater. Ground floor restaurant was open to 'guests' , all upper floors strictly members only. Always at least two large men in tight suits standing around the car park. Great Italian food though.
  4. I'm no kind of pastry chef or even a particularly keen pastry eater. (I tend towards the savoury rather than the sweet.), but I thought this article by the BBC would be interesting to all the eG pastry chefs. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-24609525. Nice to see innovation.
  5. Smithy - I'm still amazed after all these years & I saw it first hand. I'd never seen it before, nor have I ever seen it since. Love your description of you first visit to Paris. Its a magic city and, I think, all who've been there have at least one special memory. Too bad we'd no doubt drift way off topic if we all started sharing those memories. Another time, another place; perhaps!
  6. Well, its a lousy TV night so I'll spend some time writing up another anecdote. This is a follow up to my little tale about Chez Bruno & the mother of all thunderstorms. The day after the storm Linda & I were walking along a small lane that ran by some small beached and coves. Very nice. We spotted a small beach side restaurant nothing at all pretentious, but what attracted my attention was their sign which said; "bouillabaisse avec 24 heur notice." Ah ha, our turn to buy dinner was coming up and I really wanted everyone to try a really good bouillabaisse. Nobody other than I had ever
  7. Thanks for the kind comments about the blog. Flattery will get you anywhere! Two little Chez Panisse anecdotes: #1 Paying the bill. Downstairs at Chez Panisse getting ones bill at the end of a meal could be an issue. On one occasion it was late, we were tired and no staff were in sight. Eventually I got fed up with waiting & went in search of somebody, anybody who'd take my money. (We considered just getting up & leaving, but as we knew we'd want to return we didn't think that would be a good idea. I heard voices towards the back of the restaurant, following them I found a table of st
  8. Great pics! I particularly liked the one of the tray comfit with the turkey cuisse next to it. Yummy stuff. Next trip buy stuff & come to our house to cook/eat it; we're not a million miles from the more Northern end of the canal. Free wine available!
  9. My ignorance of sous vide is nearly total, but I'm willing to learn. Thus, my question is why would you bother to make scrambled eggs via sous vide rather than the more conventional way in a pan? What are the advantages? The draw back seems to be that it takes a long time. I seek enlightenment.
  10. Cheffriis - If you cook as well as you write I'll pop over for a meal. I've always wanted to visit New Zealand again anyway.
  11. Smithy We just got back from dinner & read your post . We're still sitting here laughing. Great post. Thanks!
  12. I'm starting this topic because as I did my recent food blog I realised that there were quite a few food anecdotes & mini-stories that I didn't have the time or space to include. It occurred to me that many Gulleteers must have their own anecdotes & stories they might like to share. I hope so anyway. Given the vast experience and wide range of geography and tastes represented I'm sure there's some great stories out there just waiting to be written. Don't be shy! Anything goes so long as its food related and doesn't violate Society rules. -----------------------------------------------
  13. Like others I'm torn between my favourite market season. Like Shel_B I can go to a different market every day; well in my case except Tuesday. In spring its seeing the new local produce start to appear, in summer its seeing lots of good stuff & the tourists oohing & awing, this time of year its the end of summer vegetables plus in early crop apples and in winter its the local gossip. Right now is probable the best from a cooking point of view, but I'm still torn.
  14. Yet another interesting question. First you must bear in mind that a large proportion of the Chefs in Paris come from the SW of France. There are considerable differences between 'town' and country. Although many of the bistro dishes are fundamentally the same they will be more refined in Paris and, many times, have an innovative twist to them. This is, I think, because of two major things, Competition & price. Paris abounds in restaurants so you have to be good to survive thus innovation. Country folks have less money & tend to want what they're familiar with thus lower prices and not
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