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  1. My mother had breast cancer many years ago, and the surgery damaged her muscles (she even had to sell her manual car and purchase an automatic one). When I saw your post, I searched the gadget in Amazon Spain and purchased for her, because she struggles a lot when opening bottles, even with a specific multitask kitchen tool she purchased years ago. So thank you for sharing this (I would never ever had thought that such gadgets exists), you made an old woman very happy and placed a middle aged kid back into the good books
  2. I just found this story in tweeter: https://hakaimagazine.com/news/130-year-old-menus-show-how-climate-change-is-already-affecting-what-we-eat/ But I don't have access to the oroginal research article: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10641-022-01244-6 Not sure what to think before reading the full paper and see how they worked other aspects like increase of transport, refrigeration, and global fishing fleet.
  3. I used to keep a few large and beautiful shells of oyster and scallops. They can be used for cook individual rations in the oven, or present small, individual units of seafood/soups/creams or other stuff in the table in a fashionable way. Specifically, almost all the scallops I had in the past available to buy where processed, out of the shell. So I kept shells from the ones gifted by my predatory friends during the recreational fishing season and used them with the commercial ones.
  4. farcego

    Breakfast 2022

    Your previous posts regarding smoking sturgeon triggered me to find some (its meat is becoming slowly available back in Spain due the farms for caviar). Didn't found smoked meat like yours, but natural (in water) and liver, from Armenia. They should arrive around noon by today
  5. farcego

    Dinner 2022

    Hi, I am passing close to a LIDL this Friday. What can you tell me about this fondue? Anything else that I should not miss from the store?
  6. Some home made thick chips and "salsa Spinaler", a vinegar based sauce that goes very well for snacking
  7. farcego

    Canned sardines

    At least in Spain, and with the exception of very few brands that own their own fishing vessels, the fish is auctioned for professional sector. That includes processing companies, but also restaurants and retailers mostly. And yes, the starting point of the price depends on three main factors, size (the larger the better), abundance (when there is a lot of catches, price drops), and season (depend for what purpose, not all months are considered equal) plus some others like fishing method, not just from a point of labeling/marketing -(artisan catch, line catch etc in the label) but the product itself suffer much more in a trawler than in a seine net (if we think of sardines, I've seen the sardines out of a bottom trawler, and they cannot be sold in a fish market, they just too bruised, but can be sold for cheap tins). Also, in the US, for example, you may pay at least twice the money that you would pay in Spain (and probably applies to Portugal) Regarding the "Sardinillas", named little or baby sardines in english, It is quite a personal choice. My old man loves them, but I prefer much more the tins with just 2 or as much, 3 individuals inside.
  8. farcego

    Canned sardines

    Thank you for sharing the link to their website. Now I am seriously considering buying and shipping a couple of their sardine t-shirts to my mother's house in Spain Going back to the sardines, I feel Spain has been quite behind Portugal and France in terms of marketing Sardines, given that we share very similar ways of eating and canning them (and we share same species and ocean). I really like some of the art that is on some french and Portuguese ones. This is relatively new to Spain, but some beautiful cans/boxes (and delicious inside) can be fund too.
  9. farcego

    Canned sardines

    I actually love sardines. It was staple/cheap fresh seafood in north Spain during the season when I was young, and latter on, I also love them canned. I've been disappointed overseas when often cans marketed as sardines reveals themselves as sprats or herrings (I both like them, specially the smoked sprats "Riga way", but not in disguise). I got very jealous when I saw some days ago @liuzhou Portuguese ones, and now with @blue_dolphin shelves. What I eat as a kid (and still when I can if back home) are what British call explicitly "pilchards", and it is what typically you get from Spanish, Portuguese or french cans (Don't know much about UK, other than some regions are famous for their Pilchards, but in my briefly time in Scotland -St Andrews- I just discovered the kippers and I focused on them). In other places, I have to explicitly search for "Portuguese" or other word in the package because some brands does not always state the species canned under the sardines name.
  10. What an amazing post!!! This week I had a cheese I never had before, Saint Andre: It came well into a cardboard container and then, when we see the cheese: look at that! Really nice texture of a triple cream properly "affine", buttery and a bit "fungi", and the ripe add some pungent. I enjoyed enough to it at once without any help of other food, crackers, etc (it is how i normally eat cheese).
  11. As a kid, I use to eat them raw, straight away from the stem, I remember it as very green and a bit pungent, the texture sliglthly reminds me of chia, but dryer. Anyway, it happened decades ago and I completely forgot them till you post them (thanks).
  12. Lopez de Heredia Whites are particular ones, and not really representative of Rioja... at least if we talk about rioja's whites. I still have several that now are over 20 years old (some pretty older). Not my preferred type of whites (I have used them with game, often with woodcock), but very nice, and I got them for free (for some personal reasons). The same for some "rosados" I got and are really good.
  13. farcego

    Milk-fed lamb

    suckling lamb, and pig are really stunners on the oven!!
  14. farcego

    Dinner 2022

    And now my dinner today, as simple as it can be, fries and duck eggs. The fries are "fried" with some old onion I had, and some garlic cloves, and then, the ducks eggs for just a minute or so. Simple, not to complicated, and very nice
  15. farcego

    Dinner 2022

    You quoted @weinoo but i wrote that. Yes, I was unsure. for years they use to came from Peru for the factories, where often they are processed. But I have somehow the thing of having seen them tinned with origin China. I'll check and if i found something, I'll post. Never had engish asparagus. I assume from a quick search they are green. Are they wild or cultivated? (i.e. in spain there are both wild, and cultivated greens, quite different)
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