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  1. This may be the best link, as it offer an English equivalent for the cuts depicted (I have no idea of accurate the English names may be,). https://www.elespanol.com/cocinillas/recetas/carne/20190305/diferencias-secreto-lagarto-abanico-carrillera-solomillo-iberico/1001518898097_30.html Have a nice day
  2. There is no secrecy regarding "secreto". It is a small cut that needed the arrival of large farms to reach general customer. Just like lagarto, presa or pluma, secreto has been known at least since the first time I heard of (~35 years ago). Once the production of Iberian pigs growth enough, it hit the market (I mean, years ago it was only known in the areas where those porks were raised, still some cuts and even some cured meats like lomo doblado or lomito are hard to impossible to find in a random supermarket away from the producing regions).
  3. Of course, every one have its own palate and every one likes different flavors/strengths, nothing wrong there. I wanted to mentioned here because well, US "cuisine", for most of the world, is pizza and smash burgers (and mac and cheese), but the true is that there are just amazing products as good (or better) than anywhere else. I am already gathering good Stilton, good Gorgonzola, and in my way to get good Roquefort to make a fair comparison with some of the most renowned or well known/available blue cheese. So Far, this Oregon cheese is like the outcome of a Wild night between Stilton, Roquefort, and Queso Picon (a pungy blue cheese from north Spain), and this cheese was born with the best of all of them. Anyway, this cheese is not even widely available year round in the US, not to mention the rest of the world. For a widely available cheese, I am still stick to Stilton. But let's see what happen when I put then in the same dish, I'll report it here
  4. Hands down, so far the best blue I have had.... Well done "gringos"
  5. Thanks, I've done that . Anyway, my complain was a bit more on how the automated carts are generated, they know my preferences and what I regularly reject After months of weekly rejecting brocoli, for example, what is the point of include it in my automatically generated carts?. Process that does not require a lot of computing power, no time either (1 second per client?). Making the automated carts "better" would be awesome for those on regular plans. Cheers
  6. I have misfits on a weekly plan, so I either modify their suggestions, cancel, or get what they want. I am considering cancelling. Since the first order, months ago and on weekly basics, I have to remove from their suggestions celery and brokoli every single week, and other stuff that varies a bit. I am not sure why in the 21st century an automated generated cart from a company that have all my previous carts is not able to recognize what I do NOT like (and I have to reject and explicitly remove), and what I order every week...
  7. farcego


    Never check the actual numbers, but I always go for LIDL to get cheese/dairy and few/no other stuff.
  8. farcego

    Dinner 2023

    Pheasant, just roasted, I couldn't mess much with it as I had other ~20 to pluck and clean.....
  9. send it to china!
  10. certainly not at all
  11. farcego

    Dinner 2023

    Birthday's dinner: lamb chops, potatoes and rochefort cheese.
  12. I just got pork feet picked this afternoon, from an online store. Ill se how they are
  13. farcego

    Dinner 2023

    first marinated in lemon juice and black pepper, then sauteed. The dips are fried garlic, mayo, and adobo from chiplote in adobo.. Next time will be in a taco with pico de gallo, avocado, and some adobo :).
  14. farcego

    Dinner 2023

    A couple of frog legs that were living in the freezer since Christmas,
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