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  1. My go to is satay if you want to throw in an Asian touch. Meat on a stick generally goes down well with hordes.
  2. Probably sirloin. If I remember right that's what we used to use on our Thai restaurant.
  3. Omg me too! But after meds for fibro and then gallbladder removal it got worse.
  4. Sigh. I am that person at dr offices. Grew up in medical family.dr are not gods. Foodwise I need you rancho just beenputon gluten free diet. Need dal.
  5. Hrm. I have on old onieda set. People think im picky. I want an antique set like andie!!!!!!!
  6. Asia btw also doesn't have the "allergies" we do. Strange huh? Industral waste is bad for the US. But so is the level of cleanliness
  7. Yup its a snooty western re american more than any. Americans are a generation of picky eaters. No where else has it espesially asia where we are taught to eat what's in front of us. Even kids arent picky.
  8. Thai by birth but I eat mostly japanese. Then thai then vietnamese as their is a big vienamese pop here. Then indian and korean and chinese.
  9. Knives. I have an expensive henkels and a cheap chicago cutlery one. A few pampered chef one dollar oaring knives and bread knife. Of course I also have el cheapo chinese cleaved that is fun!!!
  10. My first thai cookbook when I moved out on my own was from a tiny asian market. Author was a dipllomats wife and her recipe for khao min hai. Chicken fat rice was the best....sin got lost in a move.
  11. Yum.dried shrimp is used in thai cooking as well as japanese I think.
  12. Those trees are awesome. I want one. Durian is usually a required taste most se asian markets carry. Them in the freezer section.
  13. OnigiriFB

    Cod’s Roe

    I'd ask over on the japanese cooking thread Hiroyuki is usually great with little tips to help with seafood.
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