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Found 354 results

  1. Vickie, when I was a kid I recall a big deal being made about the steak & egg breakfast the astronauts enjoyed (we presume ) before launch. Do you know how that tradition got started? Do shuttle astronauts still have a hearty breakfast? Thanks, Chad
  2. And as the South serves the best breakfasts in the U.S. and quite possibly the world, I'm talking the best breakfasts, period. I can't decide between Skinhead's in Paduccah KY where the aroma of country ham acookin' fills the parking lot and the Loveless Cafe, where the country ham is just as good and the biscuits come by the dozen to be sopped in Red Eye gravy and topped with homemade preserves. Any other contenders out there?
  3. Brunch seems to be an odd meal in the restaurant world. I don't eat it out much anymore, because I can cook brunch-y food just as well at home using fresh foods from the Takoma farm market around the corner. I've seen way too many restaurants where brunch is just an afterthought; I used to live in Dupont Circle and at that time this was just about the only type of brunch available there. Just the same, sometimes it's nice to head downtown and enjoy a lazy late-morning meal with friends. Where do you like to go for brunch in and around DC? Who does a great job? We've talked about the dim sum brunch at Cafe Atlantico in detail before. I've had brunch at Cashion's Eat Place a few times. I believe this is the only Cashion's menu that doesn't change week-to-week, and it includes a nice trout with beurre blanc and hot house-made croissants along with the usual egg type dishes. I also liked brunch at Tabard Inn, where I shared homemade donuts with my friend and enjoyed a properly made omelet. I've always wanted to check out breakfast at Melrose; I asked Chef Brian McBride about his breakfast offerings when he did a demo at L'academie and his obvious pride in what he described as "the best breakfast in the city" piqued my interest. But is Sunday morning a good time to go there, or should I try for a slower Wednesday or Thursday morning? I see from searching OpenTable that Bistro Bis, 15 ria, Firefly and New Heights, among others, are open during brunch hours. (I'm assuming here that they offer a brunch menu to tables at 11am on Sundays.) I'm supposed to have brunch with a friend downtown next week, and these look like interesting options. Anybody tried them in the morning? Anything else I oughta check out?
  4. I have been placed on a liquid diet for the near future. I am consuming my weight in cream of name your vegetable soups, sorbet, Ensure, and other options during the day. I am running short on ideas for breakfast. The key rules are no chunks at all, no seeds of any kind (even berry seeds can be a trip to the ER), and must be liquid enough to drink from a cup. Smoothies are an option, but I want to hear other thoughts. Thanks! Dan ETA... yes, I have a vitamix and it be well used.
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