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  1. Flies

    You and Walter White...
  2. Flies

    Hmmm, I wonder why you have flies. Are there watermelon rinds in the China hutch? I can jest because I've done worse...
  3. Just watch, the coating on that pizza pan will peel in short order. Also, try making sense of the "Frozen" v. "Fresh" and "Convection" v. fanless settings when making pizza. And who, really, needs a "Cookie" mode? As I said, the BSO is OK for non-toast tasks. Just overrated, overpriced and not that smart.
  4. IMO, the BSO is consistently overrated and overpriced. I have the biggest one, the 800XL. Most of the functions are unused. It's a lousy toaster, especially if you try to toast breads containing no sugar. Anything tall cooked in it comes perilously close to the upper elements. It's not even all that "smart"--unlike Sunbeam toasters in the 1960s, these units don't judge brownness with a sensor, they merely run (sometimes poorly) on set programs. The build quality isn't tops, either Still, the Breville is an OK Jack-of-All-Trades. And it's a somewhat manageable size. Knowing what I know now, I would buy that Oster for small oven use, and find a minty Sunbeam T-20 for my toast.
  5. Best new product

    Yes, $15 for a minty Super 3600 at a grange sale. The seller was tired of it cluttering her counter, so I owed it to her to take it off her hands. I probably could have dickered her to $10, but that would've been so wrong...
  6. It IS a great idea. Hydrogen peroxide is a very versatile and economic chemical to keep in your household. A neighbor recently gave me a gallon of 35% concentrate from here: The key to HP use is its dilution. 35% dilutes down to these proportions Use Mix Ratio 3% Conversion 1 ounce per 11 ounces water 1:11 Hand Wash 1 ounce per pint water 1:16 General Sanitizing 1 cup per 1 gallon water 1:16 Laundry 1 cup per load -- Vegetable and Meat Wash 1/8 cup per 1-gallon water 1:128 Plant Watering 1/2 ounce per 1-gallon 1:256 I keep a spray bottle of 1:16 around all the time or cutting boards. That strength is also amazing for removing red wine stains, pet accidents, etc..
  7. Best new product

    Looks very nice. But $21 for a rubber spatula? That's more than I paid last week for a complete Vitamix Super 3600.
  8. Ceiling Velcro has its own unique appeal and look...
  9. Wow! Congratulations. What material are the countertops?
  10. Your Home Appliances are Junk

    My 1905 Monarch solid-fuel and 1948 GE Airliner aren't junk ranges. Neither is my 1960 Frigidaire refrigerator or my International Harvester chest freezer. All are likely to outlast me.
  11. Unused Mauviel 4.9Q beating bowl for $7 at a garage sale this weekend. Marked Williams-Sonoma.
  12. That must be why the top restaurants with the best hobs use only thin, crappy cookware. LOL.
  13. Martha Stewart Cutting Board

    Return it if you can, and avoid anything with Stewart's name on it. If you want a poly board, get a Sani-Tuff or the like.
  14. OK, I'm still trying to get my head around the 10.5" bottom on the 5.5" coil. Are your Kenjiburgers evenly burnt or just at the pan center?
  15. Something to also consider is the high emissivity of the Falk if you're using gas. By using a contact probe, you've solved the emissivity problem--for measuring the lining surface. But even the brushed copper on a new Falk's exterior is going to reflect a lot of the radiant heat. That's the real reason why many cooks prefer to let their copper patinate to its darkest state. If makes it harder to play Downton Abbey, but it helps heat a little faster. The same high conductivity that moves heat up the Falk's walls is actually some protection against melting tin linings. That + the fat in the pan + food usually mean that you can goose the heat as high as you want. Just don't try it with one pullet breast in a 36cm saute with 1T fat...