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  1. ThermoWorks " Smoke "

    Good review and congratulations. I have the ThermaQ b/c I need to use the commercial griddle contact probe. But having the ability to monitor temps from afar sometimes would be nice. ThermaQ is available with a rubber boot that has a very strong magnet to stick wherever.
  2. Hawaiian buns

    If you like brioche style buns, you should try them. They're even sweeter, dissolve faster on the tongue, and can compress to nothingness. On the Glycemic Index, they're right between fructose and sucrose (JK!). They're sort of the Wonderbread of brioche, but like that "bread", can be addictive.
  3. Foodie Tech

    Yes, lasers have amused millions of cats and dogs, helped me remember which end of my pistol and thermometer was which, and kept Led Zepplin music popular...
  4. Foodie Tech

    A $20 refractometer will measure sugar. This thing is mostly a hipster solution in search of a problem, IMO.
  5. Demeyere Sauciers

    IMHO: Pros: Probably the best-performing clad sauciers made. Rivetless, welded handles Triplinduc base performs well on induction and stays flat Silvinox lining treatment is actually easy to clean (see below) Cons: Relatively pricey Silvinox is a queen bitch to clean of polymerized oils Hard to find a B&M retailer to fondle the wares Still not quite up to copper
  6. Foodie Tech

    I find it interesting in the academic sense, but if everyone at WAP (Whole Amazon Paycheck) is twiddling their fecally-infected smartphones in between picking up every piece of fruit, hoping to bump the needle to "good", there will be blood...
  7. I'm not exactly sure what you're after here, but I would suggest that you investigate winemakers' sulfur pastiles. These are small pucks of pressed sulfur that are burnt inside wine barrels in order to kill off spoilage bacteria. See, There are also nurserymens' sulfur candles for fumigating greenhouses. Be careful. Even a tiny snootful of SO2 is an unpleasant experience.
  8. Catastrophe At Take Off, i.e., totally and permanently broken.
  9. The wisdom of an extended warranty depends on the return policy of the seller. The BSO is notorious for CATO'ing right after the warranty expires. This is because the thermal fuse will blow at a lower temp than the oven reaches. In later models, this fuse has been made inaccessible to replace unless you're a sewing machine tech or brain surgeon. The BSO is one of the rare things I recommend buying at Bed Bath and Barf, because they will replace it on the spot. How do I know? Same way I know about the fuse. In my case, I was allowed to upgrade to the "Pro" by simply paying the difference. When this one CATOs, I'll try the "Air"...
  10. The only thing that makes sense is that it was perceived as a zonker gift, and 86'd without even opening it.
  11. Today: Thermoworks ChefAlarm, regular price $59, new in sealed box (with probe) at Goodwill for $3.
  12. Costco membership

    Not if there are more than 2 impulse items in the basket--or on the giant flatbed cart! When I find someone to share it with, I'll buy one Serrano ham...
  13. Today's find at Goodwill: A Reidel Sommelier Zin/Chianti for $0.69. Compare at $80 new. At that price, the wine is indeed better...
  14. Costco membership

    We're also a twosome, and it's still worth the membership price, IOO. No one has mentioned gasoline, which here is priced dependably below average. Staples, things we can break down and freeze, everyday clothes, etc. I'm getting their house-brand hearing aids this week, and the low price and 6-month no-hassle return/refund is worth a decade of membership fee. Likewise some over-the-counter meds, e.g., 5 bottles of Kirkland Aller-Flo for 1/2 the price of 3 bottles of Flonase. Interestingly, Costco is no real bargain for booze in my state, and the selection in virtually all items is poor. When we know we need selection, we go elsewhere. Our approach is to go only whenever we need something like gas, TP or paper towels, and then peruse the other stuff. We also have a rule to put at least 2 impulse items back on the shelf before checkout.
  15. Yep, that's OXO.