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  2. I hope you got some help with the cleanup! Everything looks fabulous.
  3. Seems like the batteries released some acid. After 3-4-whatever years batteries start to release acid, this causes problems with the contacts. For most cases it's not a problem since batteries need to be changed before that time, but I suppose you don't use your Thermapen for hours each day. There are plenty of tutorials on the internet on how to clean that acid, hopefully this will solve your problem. Teo
  4. OK my yearly baklava anxiety attack. People get so excited that I feel ridiculous pressure and I am normally Miss Calm Cool Collected. Nuts ground, syrup ready to boil, butter ready, oven pre-heating. I think the big stops for me are the cutting which I described to a friend today as "precision cutting of wet kleenex and getting syrup just right. A normal person would use a thermometer - but.. So... ready set go
  5. My mother, who canned everything, said she'd use non-regulation jars in things that don't need pressure canning, but just waterbath, so jams, jellies, pickles. Like others have said, I don't. I've had to clean up after a broken jar before. It ain't fun. Also, be sure to check the top rims of your jars for any cracks or chips. If they have either, discard them.
  6. liamsaunt

    Dinner 2019

    I have to say the same. Your dining room is beautiful! Tonight, chili-thai basil salmon with spinach and rice. From the anguished screaming I can hear on the other side of the house, it sounds like a New England Patriots loss is going to make for a bitter dessert for the football fans in my home. My football game territory in the house has Christmas carols and wine 🙂
  7. The workshop is closed for the season! Actually, it’s just closed until next Sunday, when I will do a much more toned-down version of this for one of my sisters who couldn’t make it today, her adult daughter, my sister who was here today, and her 10-year-old granddaughter. I don’t anticipate doing nearly the level of prep for that - and sadly @Kerry Beal won’t be joining us - but I am looking forward to it nevertheless. Meantime, here are the few pictures I was able to snap during the day. The crispy marshmallows and caramelized Rice cereal were a huuuuge hit and showed up in a lot of barks and clusters, so I suspect they will become staples in my repertoire. Lots of delicious things made all around!
  8. kayb

    Lunch 2019

    So glad to see Mousie back. He makes me smile.
  9. OK, if you take orders, I want a set of the trees. Just let me know how to acquire them. And you people are about to tempt me over the line into fancy chocolate making, and that is a step I do NOT need to take!
  10. My son brought this home yesterday. He said this isn't a joke but it is still funny. Cereal with no cereal in the box.
  11. Today
  12. "Fleabay." I love it. I'd venture that if the KA lasts another five years, or ten, and if you've returned the Magimix, you'll pay considerably more for it then than you just did. Also, there is the law of appliance failure that states that if you return the MM, the KA will die when you are in the middle of something critical you simply MUST complete. If you have storage room, a backup is not a bad thing, as many in this group will testify. I feel moderately uneasy about not having a backup CSO, but I DO have a backup coffee grinder, perhaps the most important small appliance I own.
  13. A bit of a mash up where I used the toppings from this Broccolini and Charred Lemon Flatbread on the Al Taglio Dough (50% bread flour + 50% stone ground, whole grain Glenn wheat flour) from Mastering Pizza. I had a lot less goat cheese than the recipe called for so I added some mozzarella midway when I turned the pan. I also blanched the lemon slices because of a previous and very bitter experience with lemon slices on a flat bread. Excellent flavor combo with roasted garlic purée, broccolini, sliced shallot and lemon, goat cheese and a bit of Parmesan.
  14. Erm, the fact these apples do not turn brown and their outlandish keeping qualities scream genetic engineering to me. Have fun with them, though. For me, I love a freshly farvested macintosh apple. To me that fresh macintosh, so crisp, so tart and so juicy is the very epitome of apples.
  15. Wow. Tough one. 1. Bacon 2. Strawberries 3. Pulled pork barbecue (when done right) 4. French onion soup 5. Cajun boiled shrimp with a very horseradishy cocktail sauce 6. Latkes with very runny egg yolks 7. Creme brulee 8. Berries with creme anglaise 9. Sliced vine-ripe tomatoes with salt 10. Lobster ETA 11. Castelvetrano olives
  16. My favorite posole article. I'd suggest using RG's hominy at least once - intense in the best way. https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-1994-10-13-fo-49542-story.html
  17. Shelby

    Dinner 2019

    I say this every time I see your dining room. I adore it. Food looks great too.
  18. Foods of Flavor?? Foods? In no particular order... Buffalo Chicken Wings Oysters Sushi Sichuan Spicy Beef Noodle Soup Soup Dumplings Most Soups Roast chicken Roast Prime Rib of Beef Duck!!!! Lamb!!!! Blueberries Chocolate Lemon! Tabasco Rosemary and Thyme Doubajing (spelling) black bean paste Black Pepper Grainy, flaky salt Olive Oil Butter Bacon
  19. I bought copper canele molds yesterday and have seasoned them following Paula Wolfert's instructions. They are cooling in the oven. Yesterday I also bought food grade beeswax. I bought a piece the size of a regular muffin and it cost all of $1.75. For my first batch I am going to make Paula Wolfert's recipe. I have found others that I would like to try as well but that will be my starting point. I will make the batter up today and will try baking a couple tomorrow after the batter has sat for 24 hours. I found a good article on canelles while I was googling about them, here it is: https://tasteofartisan.com/canele/
  20. gfweb

    Dinner 2019

    Late lunch/Early Dinner for son and fiance. Smoked pork tenderloin with lingonberry sauce and sides. Partially decorated tree.
  21. I don't really know HOW I could've left off yeast breads or vanilla.
  22. I've made her recipe in the past, with tweaks. It is quite good. If you have the energy I would suggest making a red chile paste/slurry using whole dried chiles rather than powdered product, but I know that's time consuming and a bit messy. Also I probably would not add the jalapenos if I had a good flavorful red chile sauce. It may be a completely strange quirk, but when I lived in NM we generally didn't mix fresh chiles with dried or powdered, nor did we often mix red chile with green in the same dish. Now that doesn't include the batches of fresh green chiles that had a few red ripening ones in the bunch; those were all roasted and treated as fresh green, and that was always my favorite aesthetically.
  23. since the French Apple Tart has been discontinued I thought i try the cranberry-apple one : note one is missing , as I CSO'd and tried it. I did use steam bake ,l which might have been a mistake as the bottom dough was , well very doughy and not so nice. I though id give the remaining one a better shot at redemption tomorrow on ordinary non steam bake but decided this pastry is not going to make it what ever i do.. too bad I like a crispy crusty fruit topped desert. back to Tj's it goes.
  24. of note , perhaps only to me : ive been wondering that the inside diameter is of the 8 qt iPot. Id like to get a SS bowl that fits in it for pressure steaming rice , say twice what I can make in the 6 qt. as the rice w mix-ins keeps nicely in the refrigerator w/o the nuts as i added them to each platful MC , the cat has been helping me w the box : he enjoys knawing on the bus in the PM. so I spend it and the inner diameter of the pot is about 9.25 or 9.5 " so I ordered this SS bowl : https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002DXBSW6/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 will let you know how it works out
  25. Top 11, in no particular order: Coconut (raw and "flowery" more so than toasted and nutty) Tahini Vanilla with cream / ricotta / other milky goodies Rose water (with a hint of lemon or with berries) Basil, with tomatoes Espresso coffee Caramelized onions Toasted nuts (esp. hazelnuts, walnuts, pistachios and almond. The latter only if they're really good) Cheese, if I had to choose one, than a good nutty and grassy Emmentaler (that's flavor-wise, taste wise I prefer a nice moldy ewe-milk cheese) Beer (a good Belgian ale, or a not-to-bitter IPA, tough a good porter, amber ale and German wheat beers are close by) Lychee Honorable mentions: Bread (wheat based, preferably spiced with some other grains and nuts) Grilled/sauteed mushrooms (with butter) Olive oil (even more so when coupled with garlic) Dark chocolate Tarragon, mint, anise and the like Fresh and brined cheeses - ricotta, sirene, feta, mozzarella (when cooked) Cumin Fenugreek Maple Mango Pineapple Plums, esp. those with a bitter almond edge to them So hard to choose That's not even covering stuff that are a combination of flavors e.g. five spice mixture and various spice & herbs blends used in Indian and Southeast Asia cousins, which I adore.
  26. Salt Black Pepper Garlic Onion Grilled Meats Bacon Avocado Lobster Crab Potato
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