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Guilty Pleasures – Even Great Chefs Have 'Em – What's Yours?


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Lot of pork rind and Slim Jim fans in here. These are my people. I have to say that I love Stove Top stuffing. It always seems to come out at just the right texture... something I haven't quite achieved with my favorite recipe.

Honestly, the only thing that someone has ever actually given me a hard time about is cottage cheese. My mom made us eat it with dinner every night and it's just something that's carried over. When I set it out at dinner, people always look at me with a look of disgust like, "Ew... you eat that? I'm not eating that.".

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My family thinks I'm crazy because I love dark chocolate. The higher the cocoa content the better. They all much prefer milk. :blink: dunno.

What's wrong with peanut butter and mustard? What else is a guy supposed to do when we are out of jelly?


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McDonald's fish sandwich. I've always loved 'em and remember when they first came out and were 25¢ each! Mmmm...a square fried fish filet (filet? square?), a slab of American cheese, and that good Mickey D tartar sauce.

Now they seem smaller (or maybe my appetite's bigger), and they charge about $2.50 for the sandwich only, but they do steam the bun so the cheese-tartar sauce-fried fish combo still tastes warm 'n' wonderful.

My other secret love is our local (Seattle) Dick's Drive-in Deluxe Cheeseburger. That pickle sauce they put on there is superb. Two beef patties, shredded lettuce, pickle sauce, cheese, on a soft white bun. Mmmm.

Sacred cows make the best hamburger.

- Mark Twain, 1835 - 1910

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Taco Bell’s “Grilled Stuft! Steak Burrito with extra cheese and Baja sauce.

Chicken gizzards dipped in Krusteaz Instant Pancake mix, deep fried and dipped in Tabasco and ketchup.

Macaroni and Cheese with Spam.

Baked beans with chopped up Oscar Meyer Weiners.

My new hero. *sigh*

Don Moore

Nashville, TN

Peace on Earth

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Super chunk peanut butter and sweet pickle sandwiches. I love it! I grew up on it! It was also my dad's favorite, he and my mom use to have contests to see which I'd like better- her's was PB and bananas. I love that crunch of the pickle! yum :wub:

Also "white trash taco salad" as my girlfriend and I call it- fritos with Nallys chili on top, shredded cheddar, lettuce, sour cream. mmmmm.......

Cheddar Ruffles dipped in that dry onion soup mix that you stir into sour cream to make dip, can't remember the name but I like to call it 'dinner' :)

Also cream cheese brick with cocktail sauce poured over and little shrimp on top- served with wheat thins of course. Thank mom for that one!

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Frankwiches. Sliced hot dogs mixed with a can of Campbell's tomato soup, some pickle relish, some chopped onion, some mustard, a bunch of American cheese, spread on toasted hamburger buns which are then wrapped in foil and baked for about 15-20 min. to heat through and melt the cheese. My mom made this for us when we were kids, and I still have the 1970s Better Homes and Gardens Meat Stretcher cookbook that has the recipe. It's awesome.

Cheetos, the puffy kind.

Rachel Sincere
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My ex (AKA the Evil One) used to give me crap about celery. NO celery in tossed or tuna salad, or cooked in spaghetti or chicken noodle soup.

I got myself in trouble last Thanksgiving. I bought the ingredients for stuffing, including, of course, a nice bag of celery. As I diced it for the stuffing, I pulled the inner, sweet, pale green crunchy center out and began to munch it down.

About the time I started on the 3rd little stalk, my brother reached across the counter, smacked me on the top of the head and said, "Don't you think that is rude?" He wanted some too--first time I had had to share my celery center since I left home, I think.

Evil One wouldn't eat raw carrots either, and gave me shit about being too sissy to eat hot things, until I began to like them, at which point he gave me shit about making things too hot for his poor tummy.

Fuck him--I am pretty sure he is dead now. Run over by a steam roller, I think. Got his foot caught under it, and it rolled, slowly, slowly, all the way up til his eyeballs popped out.

I could be wrong about that, but I hope not.

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Boo Berry cereal. I buy one box a year, when it's on sale at Target (like now). It's a holdover from childhood.

Me too ! And I hid it from my kids, they would have devoured it in one day. :laugh:

Today is going to be one of those days.....

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Guts - I always cook and eat the insides of a chicken while it's roasting and company hasn't come yet; love offal.

I get a lot of crap for eating guts, and licking my fingers when I'm done.

Something is really very wrong with the above sentence, but I'm too tired to try and figure it out.

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cheddar cheese on triscuits nuked for 30 seconds in the microwave with soy sauce drizzled on top

Oh yeah...I love that soggy/crunchy thing the triscuits do after being nuked. :biggrin:


"Hey, hey, careful man! There's a beverage here!" --The Dude, The Big Lebowski

LTHForum.com -- The definitive Chicago-based culinary chat site

ronnie_suburban 'at' yahoo.com

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Here is a strange thing I like: Campbell's Chicken w/Stars soup, mixed with water & milk & butter and thickened with instant mashed potatoes.

The first time my husband found me making this he just stood there staring into the saucepan with a confused look on his face. I used to eat it quite a lot when I lived alone, but now, not so much.

Or: Campbell's cream of potato mixed with broken up meatloaf pieces, and maybe some peas.

I really love almost all kinds of Campbell's soup, even the "wonton" one.

I also enjoy potted meat, but CANNOT abide Vienna sausages.

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Cry Baby Tears extra sour candies, even though these things have actually burned my tongue (and not with heat)

Altoids tangerine sours (sometimes eaten with a real tangerine on the side)

Limes topped with big chunks of good French sea salt

Lemons topped with big chunks of good French sea salt

If all else fails, a plate of plain raw limes or lemons

Underripe plums (I like them the normal way too)

Extra-sour pickles

Walkers salt and vinegar crisps (I don't live in the UK, so these require an expedition)

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i did NOT copy this recipe (munch munch)    :raz:

Ha! It's not just me and what do you think I'm eating right now? :biggrin:

Someone asked if you could substitute other flavors of Doritos and I'm sure you could but then you'd probably add some black olives and your own homemade mayo, maybe some micro greens instead of the iceberg lettuce and then the whole thing would be shot to hell. My advise is to stick to the orignal recipe and eat it out of the bowl with the big wooden spoon. With the shades drawn, of course.


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- A family holiday brunch dish known as "Spam'n'Eggs": White sauce cheesed up with melted velveeta and a pinch of dry mustard, enhanced with cubes of Spam and hard-bolied eggs quartered lengthwise, all served over toast... for what is essentially white-trash Welsh rarebit. Nowadays we still eat it, but with ham and cheddar. It's still embarassing enough.

- Mostly-drained Top Ramen seasoned with half a packet of the flavor-powder, with frozen corn added. In the absence of Top Ramen, egg noodles with butter will do in a pinch.

Spam is not embarrising...It is a way of life!


Is there any other way to eat Ramen?


It is all about respect; for the ingredient, for the process, for each other, for the profession.

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I am deeply ashamed to admit that I succumb occasionally to a childhood passion for Hostess Cupcakes - the chocolate ones with marshmallow creme (definitely not cream) in the centre, and the little white squiggles on top. Love them.

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Thanksgiving bump.

Any particular food this time of the year that you simply have to have at your meal?

Example: I mortify my family every year by demanding the canned cranberry sauce. Open can, plop it onto a plate, slice it into chunks, the end. I'm virtually the only one who eats it and my mom knows there'll be hell to pay if it's not there.

My mom's stuffing is made from a mix (not Stove Top): a bag of croutons and a seasoning packet. She finally revealed that little tidbit a few years back and my food snobbery was mortified at first but now, what the hell.

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Semi related to what Kevin said, that because I hated my Grandmother's canned cranberry sauce and yam's as a kid, I am leary of giving the "real" things a chance. just give me meat, potatoes, stuffing, a buttery roll, and a green vegetable (but not creamed) and I am set until the pumpkin pie with Cool Whip!

"Homer, he's out of control. He gave me a bad review. So my friend put a horse head on the bed. He ate the head and gave it a bad review! True Story." Luigi, The Simpsons

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I am a sucker for candied yams topped with candied pecans and browned marshmallows.

I know that apparently eG is marshmallow phobic, but in my mind, no better preparation of yams exists than covered in syrup, and baked under golden brown gooey marshmallow goodness.

Now, if I could only figure out how to do that sugar-free.

He don't mix meat and dairy,

He don't eat humble pie,

So sing a miserere

And hang the bastard high!

- Richard Wilbur and John LaTouche from Candide

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My guilty Thanksgiving pleasure? Candied sweet potatoes- no marshmallows, just sweet potato strips baked in butter, cinnamon and sugar...always sticky and mushy and overly sweet, but I live for it. No matter how much we make, there's never any left.

My dad requires a certain congealed salad made from green jello, cottage cheese, nuts, pineapple, canned pimientos and miracle whip.

My boyfriend swears he likes his turkey "so dry it sucks the moisture out of your mouth."

My sister always rallies for my grandma's microwaved broccoli-cheez whiz casserole.

How did a self-proclaimed food snob end up in such a family? :blink:

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For thanksgiving dressing balls, mmmmmmmmmmm

Otherwise, rice, eggs and hot chili black bean paste, sweet, hot, fermented, funky with egg yolk! Usually for Breakfast or a midnight snack. yum. Wife just abuses me over this one. Gokujang if I'm out of bean paste.

Cheeseburger, mayo, ketchup,pickle,onion toasted bun lettuce and a sunny side up egg on it. I used to get them in college in KY. A hangover prevention kit on a bun!

I better stop. My chest hurts.


Ah, it's been way too long since I did a butt. - Susan Fahning aka "snowangel"


One summers evening drunk to hell, I sat there nearly lifeless…Warren

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