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  1. Thanks for the advice.. I forgot about the fine folks at Moore Brothers.. They did a lot of our wine pairings during the early days of Bite Club.
  2. So we have spoken with a few villa owners.. One looks like it might be perfect for us.. Its owned by a professional food writer and photographer.. He is very knowledgeable and will to help us down to picking the wines for the wedding.. I wanted to share his email with you and get your impressions: "Alba is really the center of the universe in the region, the VinCafe is a fun place to stop and have something to eat, we know them well. They are related to the Vietti's based in Castiglione Falletto. A good "view and food" restaurant is The Belvedere in La Morra. An absolute must is Osteria da Gemma in Roddino. My two favorites near us are Osteria dei Binelli and Il Verso del Ghiottone, both in Dogliani, the town closest to us. Binelli are our very good friends and they are not open. These are the people I would have cater your wedding. To put it simply, it is one of my favorite restaurants in the world and if they were to cater for you, it would be like having a restaurant at the Villa, not a catered event. It would include little bites, at least 4 antipasti, 2 pasta (or 1 pasta and 1 risotto), a meat course, and desert, cafe, etc. I can also assist with wine if you'd like. Il Verso del Ghiottone is also spectacular (both Binelli and Ghiottone you won't hear about from anyone but you'll just have to trust me) and they should be open in February. What I've learned as a resident of the region is that people who come and visit, no matter how much of a foodie or critic, they don't have their pulse on the region and they tend to be drawn to the places they get sent. And truthfully, being in Italy is so magical, and the owners wherever can be so charming, that sometimes they forget about the actual food or place. I've shot a number of features on the region and I always get sent to the same places because they are more well known, not better. Another definite to try is Ca del Re in Verduno (another Barolo village). And Boccandovino is the restaurant located within the Slow Food compound in Bra and worth going to. In terms of wine, there are many directions you can head....not sure you want to get me started on this one! As you can tell I'm passionate about Food and Wine as well as photography. I would need to know if you prefer the modern approach or traditional approach. The wineries that you listed are basically half and half. Traditional Barolo winemaking doesn't include any aging in Small Barriques, it is always done in Grande Botti (large slovenian oak casks). By the way, we have led food and wine tours of the region.....a word of caution, Barolo wines really are best with a bare minimum of 10 years of age (they are babies at that point) but really should be drunk between 15-30 years depending on the quality of the vintage. In other words 1999, 2001, 2004 (the last great years) are infantile and are too young to be appreciated. 2000 was a warmer year and thus more approachable young. Other vintages to seed out while you are there are 1998, 1997 (good now), 1996, 1985, 1982, 1978, 1971, 1967, and 1961....and 1931. Roagna is one of my best friends of the region and we may be planting vineyards with him on our property. Definitely go see him in Barbaresco, one of the most staunch traditionalists you'll find, Luca is the son's name, just tell him I sent you. He is just now selling his 2000. When you tell people I sent you, just say the photographer from Bonvicino. Scavino is one of the best producers in the modern style and well worth a visit. Brovia, I've never been too and is in the modern style, check it out since you love it. Mascarello is another friend of mine, assuming you are taking about Mauro Mascarello, he is a staunch traditionalist. Morino I don't know as well. Conterno, well there are a lot of Conterno's and they are all generally in Monforte d'Alba, but I'm assuming you mean Giacomo Conterno, another good friend of mine who came to dinner in the hayloft this past October. His wines, for me, are nothing short of brilliant. He only makes a Barbera (his is by far the greatest I've ever had) and two Barolos (Cascina Francia and Monfortino). Also a staunch traditionialist. Another three suggestions from me.... E. Pira in Barolo, a wonderful female winemaker named Chiara Boschis, she works in the modern style but in a wonderful way. Her brother owns the famous Borogogno in Barolo as well. Tell her I sent you. Bartolo Mascarello, for me up there with Roagna and Giacomo Conterno, and located also in Barolo across the street from E. Pira. Another spectacular femaly winemaker, very small producer, and phenomenal wines. Tell her I sent you. Also Vietti in Castiglione Falletto, a great winery to visit. More in the Modern style. I hope I haven't bored you!"
  3. Though, I use a higher priced olive oil, Goya makes a decent one that is not too expensive.
  4. Daniel

    Fish stock

    Made a fish stock last night.. I started with three pounds of bones.. To a pot I sweated leeks, carrot, celery, garlic and onion.. Added some wine and the fish and then let the wine nearly evaporate.. Next I added the water and some herbs.. Bay and parsley, no thyme in the house and white pepper.. (Why tie herbs together if you just mash everything in a chinois?) Let it cook for about 30 mins.. Then took off the heat and let it sit for another 15 minutes.. Mashed through the chinois.. It was cloudy I guess because it wasnt clear.. But I was not serving a clear soup.. I have a photo of it if someone wants to pm me on the proper way of sending a link. Cooked some shrimp in oil, cooked some cabbage in oil and then stock, then added some butter and a little creme fraiche.. Then added the shrimp back in.. Through in some tagliatelli I had made while the stock was cooking.. It was fantastic..
  5. I have received this link in my email box by no more then 20 people in the last two days..
  6. Its a cute idea that has to look better than it taste.. Seems all a little one note.. Looks like a lot of fun though.. I would guess a quick version would be to wrap bacon around a link of sausage.
  7. Beautiful photos Chufi.. So happy to see you are traveling and doing so well.. Looking forward to reading more about your trip.
  8. Wow thank you so much 2Pac.. Really appreciate the effort and time you took to share that with us.. Thanks for the congratulations.. We are really excited and are so happy that we are able to share this with our guests.. We are going to make this a fantastic experience. I did not know that your blog was a A Life Worth Eating.. I have read some of your wonderful entries unknowingly. I will definitely go through it more carefully.. I must ask, if there was one place to visit or do with a group of people there, what would you suggest? Do you remember any particular areas or special places that you could imagine a ceremony..
  9. So, I am planning a wedding in Alba.. The wedding will take place October 11, during truffle season.. I am headed out that way in 9 days from now to do some planning and check out some places. No decisions have been made yet and I have very little knowledge on the specifics.. Yes, there are truffles, snails, cheese, and the best wines in Italy.. But that's all that I know.. I would love to know if anyone knows of any great places to get married, Vineyards, Castles, Villas, Restaurants... Does anyone know of any wonderful caterers or cooks. I am thinking of renting a villa or castle for the guests.. I want there to be a main house where all of the younger people can stay. Here I would like to have a cooking class or go to cooking classes.. At least one nice dinner or lunch prepared there.. Which will hopefully include a roasting of several animals. I also know there is a large market and will be making at least one dinner for the wedding group by myself..Also, I need to find a place or person that will help me stock all the houses with groceries and wine.. Best bakeries, ice cream, breakfast, lunch, pizza, dinner places are all needed. Since there will be all out of town guests, I am responsible for filling there time.. Any fun group activities would be appreciated.. Like touring cheese caves, going truffle hunting, tours of vineyards(eh, been there), or anything you can think of.. We obviously want there to be one large truffle feast. If anyone can share experience and tell me what there perfect dinner there that would be great. Thank you Egullet, I have no doubt you all will assist on making this amazing..
  10. I think everything is going to drop.. If I was a betting man, which I am, I would wait to buy your new cookware at William and Sonoma's brankruptcy sale.
  11. Right, right. I was talking about the loin.. But the tenderloin was hiding in there somewhere.. I have been getting some really wonderful tenderloins as well.. I feel star anise really goes well in pork brines.
  12. I cooked 10 pound untrimmed, skin on tenderloin and did nothing to it besides basting the skin with a simple syrup that was salted and seasoned with thyme.. It might have been the best pork dish I have ever eaten.. If your pork tenderloin is flavorless you need to get a better butcher.. There are some really wonderful pigs out there these days.. Black Pig, Peanut Fed, Mangalitsa to name a few.
  13. I met Guy at an airport prior to Triple D.. He was a nice guy.. But there is something very feminine about him.. Maybe its his hair or something but, he reminds me of my old high school gym/health teacher.. Ms. Peterson. And there wasnt anything too feminine about her. He is as rock and roll as Donny Osmond. Never heard of Kitchen Bouquet before.. That sandwich didnt look particularly good but, I certainly respect the opinion's of its fans.. One thing I did miss while looking at the po boy is the amazing Bread down there.
  14. This is a great thread and I am happy to get messages about replies in my mailbox.. New Orleans is a wonderful city and am so happy to see everyone sharing such great memories..
  15. Daniel


    Really, it was a strange night.. We were kind of hanging out and didnt want to cause problems. If I say something and nothing happens then it just gets me angry.. I was with the little one and didnt want her night to be ruined.. She was happy sitting there drawing and talking. Rather write to the restaurant later.
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