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  1. Refrigerator Magnets

    I've had to squish them all onto the dishwasher, the fridge isn't magnetic
  2. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    I fired up my new toy Thursday. I was running about an hour later than I wanted, and the ribs took about 2 hours longer than I hoped. Fortunately I had started with a cryovac full rack that I did lots of trimming on, so dinner was a bunch of different shaped trimmings (more of which are now in the freezer) and the ribs were actually held until Saturday's dinner with tots and coleslaw
  3. Breakfast! 2018

    This local diner still doesn't compare to NJ, thankfully I ordered the hasbrowns "well done" but they have Taylor ham and egg sammiches so I'm a happy camper
  4. Electric coil stove glitches

    I'm just wondering if anyone knows if there is some kind of regulator for each coil, other than the knob... This morning I noticed I overcooked my eggs a little bit, not that unusual. Tonight I was heating up a good stainless steal pan with a nice thick base to make a few burgers. I looked back at the stove and there was smoke pouring out from under the pan. In one of my brighter moments I turned on the fan turned down the heat and tossed the burgers in, at this point I realize there are flames under the coil and I'm surprised the burgers aren't on the ceiling. Ceiling fan, window fan, doors open....I may need oven cleaner for that pan and I think I'm down to one properly functioning burner. tracey who won't again ask her mother how she set the kitchen on fire with an electric stove
  5. Breakfast! 2018

    Got some farm fresh eggs last night, so I went with cheddar grits and sunny side up eggs
  6. Breakfast! 2018

    I used about 3oz of cream cheese, a tablespoon of brown sugar and the zest and pulp from 1 lime...if I'd had any apricot jam it would have been simply that and the cream cheese and could have had double the filling really for the 2 sandwiches.
  7. Breakfast! 2018

    I don't know if it's nationwide (US) but Arla cream cheese has a Free coupon out at Winn Dixie so cream cheese and fresh off my tree, lime stuffed French toast
  8. Cuts and scrapes

    I'm truly amazed at how most of my wounds healed with no scars at all. So many burns, some even doctor worthy all healed up. Only scars I have left are from puncturing my palm with a serrated knife at about age 12, a gash from a large griddle spatula from my first cooking job age 15, and a tip of the finger nick from not using the guard while slicing a Swiss cheese "end" on a slicer. T
  9. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    I started a nice pot of black bean soup with some ham stock from the freezer yesterday. As I was reheating it I was looking in the pot thinking I so don't even want to taste this for seasoning, finally as it started to steam I forced myself. It was pretty damn good, just a little salt, a red chile from the freezer and I buzzed half in the blender.....ooops then I added cubed left over smoked pork from last nights dinner
  10. Breakfast! 2018

    After moving to Florida last year we discovered that an edible corn muffin is a rare and elusive thing, well actually it has taken 15 months to find one. Of course it turns out to be at the diner right around the corner, we had gone there for dinner once last year but it wasn't very good so never went back. I heard recently that they serve the original Jersey breakfast of Taylor's pork roll, egg, and cheese which was excellent....and discovered the plate of corn muffins, also excellent Take out muffins buttered and griddled oh, and I don't just make them because I bought a house with no oven, someday.... tracey
  11. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Finally did a little grocery shopping marinated kale and sweet onion in red wine vin, Dijon, sugar and salt while I pancooked a boneless country style rib. added olive oil, tomato and cucumber and the sliced pork
  12. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    4 slices of cheddar, 1/2 an apple, and 6 Ritz crackers. Hit the Sushi/Hibachi place for an enormous 2:30 lunch grocery shopping tomorrow yay
  13. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Sautéed kale with onions, garlic, and white wine -super tender pork meatballs with rolled oats and flax seed as binder- rotini all topped with Raos Arrabiatta sauce
  14. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    In a case of when the hell did I last go grocery shopping, we have part of a leftover black bean and chicken quesadilla topped with a ragout of chorizo, New Mexico green chile (from my now dead garden) 3 teeny green tomatoes (garden) onion, corn, and a teaspoon of tomato paste
  15. You moved!!!!!!!!

    guess you don't miss the cold



    1. rooftop1000


      I escaped, only problem is it was 26 the other night here by Tampa