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  1. Welcome to Fla and back to Egullet


    Big change from NJ 



  2. Steven Shaw

    Most of the friends I made in the past 10 years are through Steven and Jason's creation Egullet. I had the pleasure of enjoying a few meals and rides around Cleveland with him during the Heartland Gathering, he will be missed. Tracey
  3. Corned Beef, Sous Vide

    Now corned beef is all well and good, but what I have been doing with the "on sale" prepared corned beef is turning directly into pastrami. After rinsing the packaged corned beef I let it dry overnight in the fridge and then rub it with coursely ground coriander, black pepper and a little garlic and smoke it for 6 hours. Another overnight chill and oven braise the meat tightly wrapped and there you go Pastrami. tracey
  4. Sfogliatelle

    This video doesnt have a recipe but it does show a novel technique for the home baker that doesnt have the space to roll out and roll up a full batch of dough tracey
  5. Shelf life of uncured bacon in a refrigerator

    "Uncured" is a term required by the federal government when they use celery juice or powder. I looked it up recently because I was annoyed by the term. The governments reasoning is that the amount of preservative action by the celery juice is undefined and it may not be as safe as a normally cured product. tracey
  6. Cooking While on Vacation

    You didnt mention where the house is....I go to a condo on Cape Cod every few years and bring my big ass pot to make lobsters along with a good knife and plastic cutting board...also aluminum foil and zipper bags. I try to bring some basic seasonings and dry goods because the supermarket is more expensive in a "resort" area I put most of it in the big ass pot : ) tracey
  7. Homemade Reubens, Rachels, and Friends

    Boars Head makes a Turkey "Pastrami" it may also be called Peppered Turkey. Excellent product for any application, it even goes well with eggs for a breakfast sandwich for those who wont eat (gasp) bacon.
  8. Skippy smooth with Strawberry jam on squishy white bread. There are certain things from childhood that are not to be screwed with, but since I almost never have white bread in the house anymore it can be served on Oatnut bread. On a day that I do buy white bread the first order of business is to put away frozen groceries then make PB&J sandwich - eat sandwich - put away the rest of the groceries. Grape jelly goes on toast with butter, Apricot goes on roasted salmon, Cherry goes on duck. tracey
  9. Stone soup recipes?

    That is the answer.... Beach stones - Seafood soup, Field stones - Vegetable soup, what else we got ?
  10. I forwarded this article to a local "specialty" supermarket last week and heard back that they are going to change the labeling of their Kobe beef to Wagyu....sigh, well it is a step in the right direction I suppose tracey
  11. Dinner! 2012

    If any of you have thought to yourself...that 1.99 ready to cook corned beef is a good deal but I dont love corned beef. I give you Saint Patrick's Pastrami Seasoned with Coriander and Pepper Smoked 5 hours, braised for 4 hours A traditional Reuben
  12. Kreplach. Only with soup?

    So thats what I have been making LOL... I had the idea to take leftover Saurbratten (not enough for another meal) and stuff it into wonton skins. I served the dumplings in a broth of carmelized onions and beef stock with a touch of sour cream. Even with the wonton skins it takes so long to make enough for dinner. tracey
  13. Breakfast Adventures

    What, no 2 if by Sea with a nice crabcake or smoked salmon??
  14. Chocolate Covered ... ?

    pretzle rods, marshmallows, nutter butter cookies
  15. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/rozanne-gold/pine-nut-mouth_b_1310216.html?ref=food&icid=maing-grid10%7Chtmlws-main-bb%7Cdl7%7Csec3_lnk2%26pLid%3D139534 I dont know how long these links stay active so I will cut some pertinant info in Rozanne Gold-Chef and author ""The condition is called "dysgeusia" or "metallogeusia" and not everyone is affected. The FDA says it is not an allergy but instead is an adverse reaction to something in the nuts. Its cause is still somewhat of a mystery. Lots of pine nuts have been shipped from China because they're plentiful and cheaper, but starting about ten years ago one particular variety of white pine nut grown there -- pinus armandii -- has been infiltrating packages of the good stuff. Pinus armandii is not classified as edible by the Food and Agriculture Organization, and is called "unfit for human consumption" by food safety experts at the European Commission. Strictly speaking, they're poisonous but don't cause permanent harm, which is why you still find them on food market shelves. These nuts, if you trouble to look, are much shorter than the more expensive ones from Italy that we once exclusively consumed; they should be avoided.""