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    Picnic Foods

    We have a few picnics coming up and I'd love some ideas on things that can be made the day before, kept and eaten cool. Of course pasta salads, cold chicken and cookies are standbys but what about some new fun ideas??
  2. little ms foodie

    Bok Choy

    So if any of you read my swiss chard post you will come to the conclusion that I don't do well with green leafy veggies. I'm trying to change that though. I've been getting a lot of baby bok choy in my organic shipment. Usually I steam them and then toss with sesame oil and seeds. Dumb question- am I suppose to just slice off the very bottom so they seperate and then steam them whole? or should I be chopping up the leaves and stalk? Or just the leaves or just the stalk?? Darn! This is why I eat a lot of meat, I KNOW what to do with that!
  3. besides DeLaurenti there is a place called picnic on Phinney and they sell a gift pack of 4 Scrappy's Bitters made right here in Seattle. They also carry Dolin & Cocchi.
  4. little ms foodie

    Recent Eats in Memphis

    Memphis is now part of my business territory so I am getting there about once a month or so. I like to stay downtown by the Peabody as it's nice to walk around. I'm always on the lookout for recent thoughts on great places to eat and I'm sure others visiting and/or living in Memphis would be too! Because I was on Beale St a few weeks ago we ate at Rum Boogie Cafe- I have a weakness for deep fried pickles But the lunch was not very good- their pulled pork sandwich was boring and predictable. Is there anyplace that actually has good food on Beale for lunch or dinner? Just made it to Encore last week. Chef Jose Gutierrez is a very nice man and quite the chatter, making his way around the restaurant and bar. Simple well prepared French bistro fare with a twist. The FOH could use some help as they didn't seem over the top knowledgable but it could have just been my waiter. The bar and drinks coming from it were nice. I'll eat here again but I think the price is a bit high for the dishes. Cozy Corner for lunch one day was great. Got the ribs and the bbq spaghetti. next time I'll get the hot and spicy. Cheap!!!
  5. little ms foodie


    absolutely! the food is wonderful and spring is a great time to go as they use so many in season items. They don't take ressies but you can put your name in and if they are busy head next door for a cocktail with 0ne bite amuse pairings. Lark is still my favorite. (casual dress)
  6. Oh that's good to hear--it's one of the places I'd been thinking about. Do you know if they take reservations? ← they do and I also think it's a good choice. I wouldn't do spur for my dinner though i love it for drinks and nosh bfore a dinner I like Spinasse and also would say that I still am a big fan of lark especially for a small group. Art of the Table is also just awesome. Union, Quinns, Boat Street or the much overlooked but really in the same price range le Gourmand (you don't have to do the tasting menu, they have ala carte) would be my choices~
  7. Amen!! I love Zig Zag and all the guys there but I hate it when all these others aren't mentioned as they rock! I was just at Liberty last night and had an Aviation old fashion- nice! If people do make it to Ballard for Hazlewood and Sambar I would add Traveler (on leary) to the list and the Copper Gater for their house infused aquavit
  8. Waterfront (they are owned by the same folks as Gaucho) has the tableside caesar.
  9. I'm pretty sure Gordo's is closed and the new location of Paseo took over that space. ← it has and it's worth going to this Paseo location! Also be warned, if you try to do a "Rocky" you need to train for that in advance! want to add in cocktails?
  10. little ms foodie

    Le Gourmand, Ballard, WA

    we went and had an awesome dinner about 2 months ago. the food and wine pairings were sooooo delicious! and unlike eden I love the decor except for the weird puppets that were hanging on the wall. do get there early and have a cocktail next door at sambar
  11. my favorite drinks at the cocktail party were the punch and judy and also the pampanito. kudos to the juice team, nice job. my personal opinion was that this years Tales was much less organized than last year. I hope that they will hire a proper production company vs trying to do it all themselves, it has just outgrown that. The conferences also should be staggered to aleve congestion at the hotel, especially when trying to get all the way to the roof level. Of course it is always fun to connect with those we only chat with on line and see friends that we seldom see! great job to all of those who worked their butt's off behind the scenes
  12. I think Quinn's is all 21 or over? maybe only after a certain time? on another site this was listed: "Thank you everyone for all of the suggestions. My friends are leaving tonight, so here are the places we ended up going to eat: Marjorie Cactus - Alki (lunch) Ray's Cafe (lunch) Pink Door Belltown Bistro Steelhead Diner You can see the theme here was outdoor seating. If anyone else is looking for places in the future, I would say that all of the restaurants were very nice about accomodating us, but some were of course better suited than others. I think since Ray's sees so many visiting families through that place, they were the best equiped, with special baby seat holders and blankets for sitting outside and all that jazz. Also for future reference, don't drink too much wine and then wander into Belltown Bistro just because it's close."
  13. little ms foodie

    Smuggling Goodies

    We have had cheeses vacuum sealed in Spain, Italy and Netherlands. Have never had a problem with it unless they xray and then I usually say it is cake. I do this too! I can name a billion snack foods. I generally bring back lots of tins of pates from France and although most are perfectly fine the TSA doesn't seem to know that which is why I kindof of fib about it. Also I have had sliced Serrano and Iberico vacuum packed and then slipped between double bagged shopping bags as carry ons. I have brought home lots of sausage from Spain and Italy- only loosing one that the damn beagle sniffed out in carry on. Also biltong from SA. Yes I like to bring home meat and cheese product!!!
  14. Girls weekend is in vegas next weekend- we have ressies at Boulud and B&B for dinners. Looking for a late lunch spot on Sunday- say around 4pm. French bistro style preferred although american and italian are good too. We are staying at the Palazzo- suggestions? I wanted to do Bouchon but looks like just the oyster bar is open at 4?
  15. We just returned from a few days in Amsterdam- our first time there. Wow! What a beautiful city!! We stayed at 't Hotel on Leliegracht which is a wonderfully quiet and pretty canal just a few blocks from the Anne Frank House. The hotel was really cute, large rooms, breakfast included. We had a canal view which we loved. Next to the hotel is a nice little restaurant - de Luwte. The staff here were very nice, the food good. Nice outdoor seating on the canal, we ate here our first night as it was close, easy and not playing the football game that the entire town was watching! The next day was spent sightseeing and museum going. Right by the Van Gogh is a nice little brassiere called Keyzer. We sat outside here and had Heineken Extra Cold- a new marketing gimmick from the brewery and beautiful sandwiches. My was tuna with a poached egg and anchovy aioli, Dayne had a salmon sandwich with herb aioli. It's a tad expensive but we weren't surprised since they are so near the museums. The brassiere specializes in seafood. After lunch and the museum we went to the Bols Museum too!! So much fun, and what other museum makes you a cocktail before you leave? That evening we set out to try Indonesian food and had a wonderful dinner at Tujuh Maret 73. The manager was very helpful in assisting us pick dishes since Dayne is allergic to peanuts. The food was delicious and perfectly spicy! After dinner we wandered to Feijoa for cocktails with the very fun bartender Rob who Dayne learned about on DrinkBoy.com. they have a lot of fun making cocktails here and my martini (ok martinis!) were perfect. Rob even made a tiki drink for someone after we all started talking about them. The next morning we met Chufi at a great coffee shop De Koffie Salon 130. After trading tasty goodies (we definitely got the better end of that arrangement Chufi!!!) we were off to a huge street market. Chufi will have to chime in with the name of the street as I didn't write it down. This market had everything from bikes, to shoes, to spices, and flowers. I had some frites which were tasty but could have been a bit crisper. We also had herring which was delicious!!! Dayne and I had ours with onions and pickles, while Chufi had hers on a bun. The pickles are boardering on sweet which really played nicely with the onion and the raw fish. I really didn't expect to like herring that much but it was really good!!! The rest of the afternoon was spent sightseeing some more and shopping, there are so many awesome cheese shops in Amsterdam!! That night we met Chufi and Markemorse and their SA's for a VERY fun dinner at Marmoosh Moroccan restaurant. I had a tagine of lamb which was delicious. there was a slightly sweet, smoky flavor that I loved. It was so nice to see Chufi again and to meet Markemorse. Thanks guys for coming out!!! And Chufi thank you again so much for showing us some of your amazing city. We will absolutely be back!!!
  16. little ms foodie

    Fine Dining in Seattle

    I have been to cafe NOLA a few times- breakfast items are definitely the way to go here, lunch items have been disappointing. the bloody marys are great! Haven't been to Madoka as they are only open for dinner and I'm usually doing a day trip to Bainbridge. The winery is fine but not a go out of your way destination.
  17. little ms foodie

    Fine Dining in Seattle

    hmmm the only places I would consider to be fine dining in seattle would be Rovers and Le Gourmand Close to that tier but just a tad more casual in service would be Union and Crush My "must dine at" Seattle restos also include Harvest Vine, Lark, Tavolata, How to Cook a Wolf if you can get in (no ressies) & Sitka & Spruce. You can buy beers and drink them on the ferry to Bainbridge
  18. agreed and also if it is raining out the tourists aren't as bad. I love to go when it is raining!
  19. little ms foodie

    Cocktails in Paris

    OMG! Our little Forest is a full gin convert! I'd like to think that 2.5 weeks of gin martini's in south africa was the final decider haha! This is great and I know we will be benefitting from the info also
  20. We have also been to Art of the Table and found it to be great!
  21. Hi Dave, There is a thread here that should give you some ideas!
  22. It's another diner place- blanking on the name right now. Sorry to hear of your hospitalization!
  23. little ms foodie

    Eating My Way Through Paris

    Yes sir. L'Astrance, Gagnaire, and L'Arpege for sure, maybe repeating one of the latter two on the last day. I've heard that L'Astrance must be booked 2 months in advance- I hope you don't mind me asking how you may be repeating one (sounds like you'll decide later?) or have you had the ressies for awhile? Also aj do you eat at bistros and neighborhood joints too or just the haute cuisine?
  24. when is the annual Tilth sale?
  25. Just plan on waiting- it never takes that long. Get your name on the list and then either sit at the bar with a cocktail or if there is no room head across the street to Viceroy for one, they will call you.