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  1. Gabrielle Hamilton's was a very good read. I flew through it in two days. I put down Jay Rayner's book when I learned Hamilton's was out. I like Rayner's book so far.
  2. If you are going to add the bit about the hat make sure you mention that they should carry their health insurance card in the front left pocket of their jeans as they will probably need it.
  3. Went about two weeks ago. I made sure to ask for them and to say I really like them so don't hold back on the lamb with hot sauce and they put a whole bunch on. It was the best version of the dish I have ever had.
  4. I had takeout Saturday night. Double Cooked Pork, Mapo Tofu,Lamb in Hot Sauce and Dumplings in Chili Oil. While I heard the Sad news that Han does not come round much anymore, I was told that Philly was treating him well. Back to the food. It was out of this world good! Screaming hot spicy and delicious. Whatever quailty bumps I experienced in the past this was what drew me here in the first place. Great food.
  5. The Yukejang (sp) spicy korean soup at August Moon in Norristown is a tasy warm bowl of goodness.
  6. Well I took the plunge and tried the Taste of the Tropics in Phoenixville. I don't know how fair a test it is since my wife and I ordered take out, we just did not have time for a sit down meal, and we have never had fillipino food before so Please do not use my comments to decide whether to try it for yourself because I don't know whether it was good or bad in comparison to other restaurants that sell this kind of food. I was curious as I never had this style of cooking before. I will say at the beginning that I have purchased items from their little grocery next store for years. The oweners are Very kind friendly people. I will also say that they were sensitive to the fact we had never tried this kind of food before and tried to make sure we were would come away happy so for service (at least take out) they were very caring. We ordered four items 2 apps, 2 noodle dishes. They are listed below. The Lumpiang was very good cooked crisp with a mild but satisfying pork filling. We saved two for our daughters the all knowing of dumplings and harsh critics who liked them. I liked the dipping sauce on this on which was a sweet chili sauce with rice vinegar and finely chopped garlic. Sweet, tangy garlic bite was a nice compliment to the dumpling, I wish they gave us more than the small container it came in. The second dish was also a pork dumpling also fried but in the flavor department there was not much too it, it seemed overcooked and had soaked up quite a bit of oil. The dipping sauce was like the one mentioned above but without the garlic or the vinegar which meant it was pretty one note. The Chami sa Tasa was very good with lots of flavor. The meat the veg and the noodles were all cooked properly. This was a pleasing dish reminding me of the better Lo Mein's I have had over the years. The quail eggs were a delicious touch. Last and Least was the Camanava Palabok. It was a rice stick noodle dish that was in a neon yellow sauce. I don't know what it is supposed to taste like but it had a overwhelming taste of fried fermented shrimp paste that we just could not eat. The smell was not very appealling as well. The texture of the rice sticks was not pleasant personally and I would not order this again. We tossed it. It may be a perfect rendition of the dish, I don't know it's just one of those things I think I could ever eat. In sum I would go back becuase two out of the four dishes were very good and the third not bad and I don't think take out is giving a restaurant, particulary one that appeared interested in pleasing their customer the best chance. There are a number of dishes on the menu I would like to explore. They are in a challenging location. I hope they make it because it is one more stand alone place that is fighting the good fight against gloppy chain restaurant food. TASTE OF THE TROPICS Philippine Island Cuisine) 277 Schuylkill Rd. Phoenixville, PA 19460 Tel. no. 610-935-1228 http://tasteofthetropicspi.com/taste_of_the_tropics_009.htm Lumpiang Shanghai - Fried, wrapped ground pork and fresh vegetables served with special sauce Pork Dumplings Molo Style Fried (or steamed I tried the fried kind) pork dumplings with herbs and spices, served with special dipping sauce Chami sa Tasa - Caramelized golden brown sauce, saute'ed yellow noodles, glazed onions, topped with quail eggs Camanava Palabok
  7. Anyone try the new fillipino restaurant "Taste of the Tropics" on rte 23 where Thai L'Elephant used to be? I know nothing really about Fillipino food, would like to know what's good and what to try. They have a website and it all looks good.
  8. I have stopped going to the royersford and exton locations all together. Since Han moved himself to philly both have had over a half a dozen meals there and there are not the same when Han is in residence. Service at the royersford location has been consistently poor 45-1 wait for entree items. I double cooked pork and got pig intestines. I went with it a GAAH I like offal, just not offal that tastes like Sh#$@. I have had pig intestine before, this was a cleaning issue and put me off the location for 4 months. The food with the noted exception is good but the service challenges again and again caused me to give up. I used to go 3-4 times a month. I would say something to Han but he is not there. I don't about you all but I don't think Sichuan travels well and don't like what happens to it in a take out container so if I don't eat in I don't buy it at all. I miss my favorite spicy restaurant.
  9. Aux Petite Delice did the cake for my, my wife's 40th birthday and my daughter's confirmation. I look for excuses to drive to wayne to stop in.
  10. Oseland flirting with the other judge, the brit, whose name escapes me was a hoot! I like this panel of judges there are interesting to watch. I get the impression from reading Oseland's cookbook that he must have a really sensitive palate which may explain why he reacts differently and rather strongly.
  11. Out in Royersford they have baby bamboo shoots in Chili Oil. If they have that a center city you should give it a try it was crazy good. One night Han went in back and made me chicken with dry hot peppers "his way" which means massive amounts of yummy garlic, if you can ever talk him into doing that for you, you should it made a great dish even better!
  12. Hittng town staying in Grafton, any must do places?
  13. We called them "gas house " eggs. I have no clue way. Awesome way to have eggs - it might explain the Zocor I'm on now!
  14. I had the duck in Beer sauce tonight. Its the tea smoke duck in a beer sauce with dried and pickled chilis, ginger, lotus root, garlic, leeks, shitake mushrooms and flower peppercorms. Oh man that broth! Hot, beery did I mention hot! Whoo hoo exactly what I wanted! This is a wonderful dish!
  15. I don't know if it is fair to throw rocks for being in a commerical. The guy has a right to make a living. Kids are expensive, I wish I could bag a commercial deal to help pay for mine. The first few epsiodes of this new season have been very enjoyable. I thought the street food episode while not gold was at least entertaining. Kind of like the food porn one. They have a lot of left over bits and pieces and I think try to make use of them. Given the alternative to this consistently entertaining show is something along the lines of Paris Hilton BFF and 16 and pregnant, I don't think I am going to channel surf anytime soon. If there is a show that is past its point I would have to say Mr. Zimmer needs new employment. I know there is that fear factor interest in what he eats but not for me. He also as the seasons progress is becoming rather condecending which I don't like. I also can't stand the clicking jaw and smacking when he eats its like being trapped at Grandma's house all over again!!!
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