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  1. lperry

    Potato mystery

    I don't know. Maybe if the culprit had infiltrated only part of the tuber, or if a portion was exposed while the remainder was protected?
  2. lperry

    Potato mystery

    My grandmother grew potatoes, and I recall her discarding a large number of them one time due to "blight." They looked fine to me, other than a vague concentric circle of darker material inside the potato when cut crosswise through the stem. She told me blighted potatoes will never cook through - they will remain hard. I have no idea what the "blight" was or is, but I'm curious if the potato in question had that little line in it.
  3. If you were pregnant or on chemo, or if you cooked for those who were, you might be grateful for information that could keep your friends and family from becoming unnecessarily sick, or worse.
  4. The skyline area is sort of a "Little Ethiopia." I asked an Ethiopian colleague about the restaurants there, and he suggested Meaza, I suggested Caboose for ease of access.
  5. Caboose Café on Mt. Vernon Avenue in the Del Ray neighborhood is run by a lovely Ethiopian woman, Rhoda Worku, and the dinners are very good. She has a new location on Queen St. in Old Town, but I don't know that they are serving dinner yet. The day fare is sandwich / salad. If you have transportation and want excellent Ethiopian, Meaza in Bailey's Crossroads is the place to go.
  6. If you are really wanting to use a centrifuge in the kitchen, I'd go for a used one at a place like LabX. You can get something that has horizontal separation, which is cleaner than fixed angle, and has a much larger capacity. Something used by soil scientists to separate out particle sizes would probably be perfect, and considering how you like to play with gadgets, you can also get a refrigerated one to keep stuff from heating up if you need to spin at higher speeds or for longer times. Clean the thing out, buy sterile containers, and you're good to go. Edited to say, he worries about "major decontamination" issues, but it's easy enough to check the history of something (you probably don't want a medical or vet one), and you can use closeable, sterile tubes or vials for your food.
  7. I would make deviled eggs using a fluted tip and a pastry bag. Small eggs look so lovely presented this way, and there's a fairly significant amount of playing with food involved.
  8. True, but because of the slope of the sides, much of the liquid in a full glass is held in the upper part of the coupe. That means that a four ounce cocktail still takes up about two thirds to three quarters of the visual volume (if there is such a thing), looks lovely in it, and there's enough room at the top that spills are kept to a minimum. I'm not a fan of a glass with the liquid teetering about the rim, especially at parties.
  9. I have these and love them. Elegant, light, and dishwasher safe.
  10. Brilliant! I'm going to retrieve one from the recycling bin.
  11. lperry

    what is this?

    Nestle choco-bake. I'm having flashbacks. Just substitute one ounce of unsweetened baking chocolate for each envelope. I use an old choco-bake brownie recipe and it is works fine (I would argue much better) with regular chocolate.
  12. I'm having the chocolate biscotti with tea. Delicious. I did have to bake a bit longer than the recipe suggested, and I used pistachios because that's what I had. Still a winner.
  13. Looks like metal fatigue. I don't know if it can be reforged, but I did want to register my condolences. I'd be crying too.
  14. I tried it at the Ministry of Rum festival in New York last week. I realize tastes differ widely, but this one strikes me as a mixer. I was told by the rep that it was crafted under the guidance of Dave Wondrich for use in classic cocktails that call for Jamaican rum.
  15. Interesting. I was always told that lemon-scented detergents would wreck your dishes and glassware, but I hadn't heard about things being "too clean." Luckily, I'm too lazy to rinse unless it's something that I think will make the glasses nasty. To be honest, I'm not even sure what etching is. I've seen cloudy glasses at some people's houses - is that from etching?
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