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  1. is beef brisket braised with carrots and honey.

  2. TJHarris

    Kitchen Lingo

    Grass = Asparagus Chop-Chop = fresh chopped mixed herbs FNG = F***ing New Guy Farmers = Unsophisticated Special Occasion Dinners, i.e. "Could you please cook this Scottish Smoked Salmon?" Pumpkin Pie = Dessert Course Pie Man or Cookie Man = Pastry Chef
  3. Coffee, soda, cosmeticly inferior slice of cheesecake (sugar) to get through the shift. Large quantities of beer to help unwind and sleep so you can get up and refuel with the coffee, soda and ugly cheesecake again the next day. When I was in culinary school, there were soda and ice cream vending machines outside our kitchens. Diet Coke and Ice Cream Sandwich for breakfast!
  4. This just sucks. Another blow to unique and fine dining in Michigan. I see the reasoning for this move as just the inability to properly promote and market to the convention planners.
  5. is professionally perplexed.

  6. is professionally perplexed.

  7. I am the professional, managerial cook in a small kitchen with a staff of 10. I have run much larger operations as well. I hire, train and fire staff. I manage purchasing, inventory and costs. I create menus and recipes. I am responsible for all aspects of performance and quality. I have never directed my staff to address me in any particular manner. When I meet a potential hire or a new guest or catering client, I introduce myself by my given name. My staff all address me as "Chef" or "Chef Tobin". Most of my guests and clients do the same. Many of my peers address me in this manner as well. I accept this for what I believe it to be, a sign of respect and courtesy. If my peers believe that I am due the respect and courtesy of being addressed as "Chef", then I am grateful for their acknowledgement of my accomplishment and skill.
  8. TJHarris

    Chef abuse

    Improvement...Don't think so.
  9. Owning a small place, upscale, completely from scratch, dinner five nights a week, forty seats, thousand selection wine list, steady regular clientelle, positive cash flow, no drama, no having the gas and electric cut off by the power company, no raids by the department of revenue for nonpayment of taxes...
  10. TJHarris

    Working hours

    Now is the slow season for me. I am typically working 70-80 hours weekly. One day off. During the busy times my work week will jump to 90+ hours. I have topped out at 127 hours in a week.
  11. Knives are very personal. I think that the crap set is just fine for a starting student. It takes some time and experience to learn what knives one is most comfortable with. I would expect that as the rotations and semesters pass, a serious culinarian would be looking for his or her own knives to love and cherish.
  12. In our area (Southeast Michigan), there has been a wide variance in both quality and price. Major chain supermarket $4.00 each for small, loose ones. Small independent specialty markets $0.69 to $1.29 each for large, tight, beautiful buds.
  13. I have had good luck with both Univogue and Chef Works. Thought jackets from both were top notch. Univogue Chef Works
  14. Thanks everyone for the insight. I will check the local head shop. I guess not knowing where to find "specialty equipment" is one more disadvantage to not having been a stoner in high school.
  15. In the season premiere of Top Chef on Bravo, one of the contestants uses a hand held smoke generator. Has anyone seen this and know where to find one? It looks intrigueing.
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