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  1. I have almost the entire collection of those Better Homes & gardens cookbooks from the 70's and early 80's. For example: Meat Cookbook Best Buffets Meals Men Like Salad Cookbook Country Cooking Mexican Cooking and many, many others........ I just can't stop myself from buying them. I think it is more of a Lileks Regrettable Food Gallery type thing more than I would actually cook anything from them...although I do have one that has handwritten recipes inside the back cover. The one for "crumble" is delicious !
  2. jilli42

    Dinner! 2007

    Ok, the duck made me laugh out loud because it reminded me of A Christmas Story at the end... Those little flat pretzel things, I can find in my local grocery stores (Weis, Bloom & Giant), but not in cheddar horseradish flavor...I bet those tasted good !
  3. Ketchup, mayo/ketchup or sriacha mixture, malt vinegar, gravy, cheese sauce are all good. But it really depends on the fries: McD- Honey or their sweet & sour sauce. Or plain, they are always good plain. BK- Honey or ketchup. Checkers - Chili cheese fries. Wendys - Salt, always need salt and ketchup, if not dipped into a Frosty. Five Guys- Malt vinegar with cajun seasoning and ketchup. Chick Fil A - Ketchup & mayo, occasionally their Polynesian sauce. KFC- Ketchup. Popeyes- Cocktail sauce (they always have that b-cuz of their shrimp baskets !) Cluck U Chicken - Buffalo wing sauce &
  4. Ooooh the BK Rodeo Burger.....BBQ onion-ringy goodness. I am also missing the Arby Q...Arbys chopped BBQ beef sandwich..... (SOB)
  5. Jell-O pudding pops are back under the Popsicle umbrella. I bought them about two months ago. They come in chocolate, vanilla and your beloved chocolate/vanilla swirl. They still taste almost as good as I remember them as a kid. And I still enjoyed the icy/crunchy exterior of the pop. My favorite is chocolate. As for fast food favorites that I miss: McDonald's fries cooked in beef fat McDonald's fried apple pies Wendy's Monterey Ranch chicken sandwich Burger King's honey mustard chicken baguette Someone posted a while back that the KFC Little Bucket parfaits were gone. But I still see th
  6. - Butter & hot sauce - California onion powder and garlic powder with freshly grated parmesan - Seasoned salt or 'Hot Salt' with pepper - Penzeys 'Sandwich Sprinkle' with freshly grated parmesan - Wasabi powder with furikake - Penzeys 'BBQ of the Americas' seasoning - Unused portion of ramen flavor packets - Mini marshmallow, peanuts and chocolate syrup, or powder (my kids came up with that one) - Penzeys 'Bangkok Blend' with Sriacha
  7. Red Hot Cheese Curls. I can eat the whole bag in one sitting. I always hide the bag in the trash after I polish it off 'cause I don't want to hear, " You ate the WHOLE bag ?"
  8. My best find was a large cast iron chicken fryer. It was in excellent condition. It cost me $1. I use it all the time, it makes the best fried chicken. My grandfather is a great "yardsaler". He is always buying cooking related things for me & my granmother. Recently, I have gotten cookbooks, cake pans, a set of vintage glassware and a curly fry maker. The kids love it !
  9. I find that very alarming. I always read food labels before I purchase foods, I want to know what I am getting.
  10. Like: onions/garlic frying in butter bread baking chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven Hershey, PA - whole place smells like chocolate onion confit in the slow cooker chicken stock simmering on the stove roasting chicken fresh basil & cilantro, most fresh herbs actually lasagna in the oven pot roast cupcakes/cakes baking in the oven fresh roasted coffee Krispy Kreme donuts - when the HOT sign is on steaming shrimp grilling meat driving by the spice manufacturing plant lemon; citrus smells Dislike: burnt onion or garlic the lingering aroma after frying salmon cakes kimchee unfresh fish
  11. I do the same thing ! And I got it from my dad too !
  12. I am willing to spend up to $35 for the wine. The chicken will be sauteed and the wine will be used for the cream sauce to go with it. Other flavors in the dish as a whole are thyme, lemon and scallions. Thanks.
  13. I need a recommendation for a good dry white wine. I am using this to cook and drink with a chicken focused dinner. I am looking for something moderately priced but good tasting. I don't drink wine that often so I am in need some help. TIA
  14. I agree with you on the crabcakes !!! Nothing like a good MD crabcake stuffed with lump crabmeat & not much else ! Real cheddar cheese. (Recent conversation with the deli guy at my local supermarket..) "I would like 1pd NY Sharp Cheddar please" He grabs a hunk of cheese, not really looking at the label... "Ummm is that NY Sharp Cheddar ?" DG- "Yeah, I guess..." Yeah ok, it isn't going to be that easy with me "Can I see that please ?" I examine the label and proclaim "Oh I don't want this, it's processed cheddar not real cheddar" DG- "What's the difference ?" My hubby swears he is not com
  15. My grandparents are still living (they are in their late 70's) and I spend at least 2 weeks a year with them on their farm. Everytime I leave I am loaded down with fresh squash, zuchinni, tomatoes, corn, onions, cucumbers etc. I used to spend summers there when I was younger and was raised by my grandparents for the most part, before they moved away. I will always remember picking and preparing vegetables fresh from the garden. I would eat the vegetables raw most of the time, they were just so good. The tomatoes that my grandfather grows are beyond compare. I remember always picking the black
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