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  1. Yeah, but.... Tejas has brisket and Tex-Mex...mmmmmm! And peeps who have the machines to make frozen margaritas!
  2. Okay, I'm stumped...what is an "indie" coffee bar? ← That would be "independent."
  3. Didn't see the article but all this talk about soft serve brought back fond memories of frozen custard. If you've never had this delicacy and are in a part of the country that has a frozen custard stand (Google it), you must try it. I'd be over 300 pounds if there were sources around here. Next time you're in Las Vegas, stop in at Luv-It Frozen Custard...it's an institution.
  4. The Chinese Wok at 4th & Blanchard is gone??? Say it isn't so! I loved that place. I have been lunching there since they were on 5th in a hole-in-the-wall. Does anyone know if/where they might have relocated?
  5. That sandwich is a myocardial infarction waiting to happen!
  6. Totally agree, kiliki. If the tables are packed at Salumi, I sometimes take my sandwich over to the Waterfall Garden. This amazing little waterfall niche can transport you to the mountains instantly. A wonderful retreat in the city. Now we have only to wait for summer....
  7. How did you like Bistro Magnolia, Carolyn? We went to the early sitting (5:30) and practically had the place to ourselves. Highlights for us were the lobster bisque, the scallops (exquisite!), the venison, and the chocolate souffle with pistachio ice cream. We had a nice bottle of Pinot Grigio with dinner which was leisurely paced. Complimentary Champagne came at the end of the meal. Not the best dinner I've ever had but worthwhile and enjoyable.
  8. Tres dangereuse, indeed. Stopped in for the first time at breakfast and had a Pain au Noisette. No, that's not "noisy bread," but a wonderful pastry with butter, chocolate, and hazelnuts and...did I say butter? It tasted like it was drenched in it. They heated it for me and I took it across the street to my office and devoured it with my morning coffee. Oh my, a slice of heaven for $3.50. Next to try, the Caramel Apple "Tatin' Bretzel, or perhaps the Fresh Berry Brioche, or maybe the Chocolate Walnut, or Pear Almond, or Classic Pecan? Decisions, decisions. And then there's lunch...Black Forest Ham and Gruyere Cheese Feuillette with Mornay Sauce perhaps? Be still, my aching artery-clogged heart!
  9. Dangerously close to mine as well. Stopped in this noon for the jambon et fromage which, as you reported, was superb. Can't wait to stop in on the way to work for a brioche and coffee. You're absolutely right, LEdlund, this is very, very dangerous! But then again, I enjoy flirting with danger.
  10. Maybe better than "Happy Endings"! ← Although "Happy Endings" has a few additional, er...positive connotations.
  11. This sounds like authentic Italian, Irwin. Thanks for the tip. I'll have to try it since it's fairly handy to me in Shoreline. Sounds like a great way to unwind after the Costco experience!
  12. My nominations for the Best Sandwich in Seattle list would include: 1) The Reuben from Three Girls Bakery in the Pike Place Market. A huge portion of extra lean corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss cheese, and thousand island dressing. The corned beef, cheese, and sauerkraut are heated in a microwave first, then placed on caraway rye which is buttered lightly on both sides and placed in a sandwich grill. This is what makes the sandwich special. 2) The Crumpet Shop in the Pike Place Market features fresh sliced turkey on homemade Scottish groat bread, usually still warm from the oven. Soups are also homemade and very good.
  13. Purple Cafe and Wine Bar...liquor license application noticed on 4th and University at the former site of the University Bookstore. According to their website, the Purple Cafe and Wine Bar currently has restaurants in Kirkland and Woodinville <http://www.thepurplecafe.com> and bills itself thusly: A multifaceted food and wine concept specializing in an eclectic northwest inspired menu coupled with an extensive global wine selection – including 75 wines by the glass, wine flights and hundreds more by the bottle. With café locations in Kirkland and Woodinville, the atmosphere is often described as an urban retreat with rustic elements; including wrought iron furniture, used brick walls, concrete tabletops & a curved wine bar. Menu is large and includes starters, salads, sandwiches, artisan cheeses, specialty pizzas, entrees, and desserts.
  14. Well, at least it's fresh. Wonder how one would cook that on the grill???
  15. I might add that the homemade steamed dumplings come with a dipping sauce that is delicious and very nicely garlicked!
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