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  1. Not much has changed in Portsmouth. There is a fierce Portland contingent on this board--you may want to research some of the Portland postings. I liked Fore Street and 555 and the fries at Duckfat.
  2. l'As du Falafel on rue des Rosiers is a great experience. If you are foodies, you will enjoy la Grande Epicerie at Bon Marche. Foie gras sandwich is 4 euro 95. Visit rue Cler in the 7th--it's open on Sunday, and you must stop in at Davoli while there.
  3. With so many cheap, great eats, and such tight quarters, many Thais don't cook! ← Rich Thai people have cooks, whose entire lives are spent pounding chilis--way too labor intensive to do yourself.
  4. When we were kids in Bangkok back in the 60's, Likhit was one of the first restaurants my dad took us to. I still remember the hordes of mangy cats underfoot and thinking that they were what was on the plate.
  5. Peter, as our Sukhumvit expert, are you familiar with this place: http://www.bangkokpost.com/110108_Realtime...008_real012.php
  6. Here's an older post you may find helpful: http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showtopic=103539
  7. They should open a branch in Paris.
  8. FYI, Brattleboro is in Vermont, though you're right across the river from Keene, NH. Keene has all the big box stores and some good restaurants. If you want to avoid income tax and sales tax, NH is the place for you.
  9. If that's the case, then CSB is a must. I am an offal devotee. ← CSB is about as far as you can get from where you are staying ($30 cab ride) in a distinctly non-urban location--I find the sub-level room gloomy and the cult of Tony Maws a little creepy. I know for a fact that the T takes me into Harvard Square... how close is CSB to the campus? WHS (or anyone else out there who has been to O Ya), please do me a favor and read this post on my blog, and then tell me if you still think I would enjoy eating at O Ya. Thanks! ← If you are a sushi purist, Oiishi might be a better option. Ten minute walk to CSB from Harvard Square T--check their website for directions.
  10. If that's the case, then CSB is a must. I am an offal devotee. ← CSB is about as far as you can get from where you are staying ($30 cab ride) in a distinctly non-urban location--I find the sub-level room gloomy and the cult of Tony Maws a little creepy. O Ya is new face on the Boston scene--innovative sushi, but not open Monday night. (No 9 Park is open on Monday BTW). Much closer to your hotel. http://www.boston.com/ae/food/restaurants/...erene_hideaway/
  11. Weintraub's on Kelly Square is a great old jewish deli with hand-cut pastrami--looks like a time capsule from 1941. Good chopped liver and fries, matzoh ball soup--eh. Next door is a good Eastern European grocery store selling multi varieties of sausage, etc. Seedy neighborhood, great atmosphere.
  12. Surf restaurant in Nashua NH has an excellent raw bar. http://www.surfseafood.com/index.html
  13. Try Angela's Pasta and Cheese in Manchester
  14. Also check out www.chowhound.com--the Boston board has a lot of activity.
  15. Filipe, Europeans eat much later than Americans--what do you consider "late"?
  16. Eastern Standard is open til midnight during the week, and til 1AM on weekends: http://www.easternstandardboston.com/ES_viewer.html It's a brasserie along the lines of La Coupole or Odeon. Toro is a great tapas place--open til 1AM. No reservations, but a great crowd, friendly service. Peach Farm is a good Chinese place that stays open til 2AM.
  17. I was in there buying some pinot grigio last week...it's a good store. She talked me out of the more expensive bottle because it didn't have the characteristics I asked for--i.e light and dry.
  18. I go to the Lull in Milford--same great stuff. The heirloom tomatoes are so good (and relatively cheap--$2.99 a pound) and they always have fresh mozz for caprese.
  19. My wonderful wife Colette has tired of waiting for a table at Warren's, any suggestions in Portsmouth or Kittery for lobster where we can reserve? ← John, I don't know if you are still in the area, but we had a very nice dinner last night at Latitudes, at Wentworth-by-the-Sea in New Castle. The setting is beautiful, overlooking the marina and the bay. The lobster preparation was unusual--they wood-grilled the tail and steamed the claws in one of those chinese bamboo steamers, which was the way it was presented at the table. My ahi tuna was very rare, served with heirloom tomatoes.
  20. If you're near Becket (Jacob's Pillow), the Dream Away Lodge is quite an experience: http://www.boston.com/news/globe/magazine/...ible_to_forget/
  21. There was a recent thread on the New England board of Chowhound about Asian restaurants in Lowell. A place that seems to get consistent raves is called Pho 88. 1270 Westford St, Lowell, MA 01851 (978) 452-7300. Vietnamese.
  22. Oh man. Music to my ears. ← There was an article today in the Union Leader about a halal meat market in Manchester. It's called Spice Center and they feature goat brains and lamb testicles, among other things. If you're into offal...
  23. The dollar is weak now so you'll be able to feast on lobster every day and it will seem cheap! I know I'll get pummelled for this, but go to Summer Shack and have Jasper White's pan-roasted lobster with chervil and chives. The grilled clams with garlic butter are fantastic. EVOO has a great tasting menu, though it's a little out of the way in Somerville. Toro is a lot of fun for tapas. Eastern Standard has that NYC Odeon vibe. If you rent a car, go to the North Shore and have fried clams at the Clam Box in Ipswich.
  24. Try this: http://www.foodventure.com/ It's the website for Southeast Asian Restaurant, which we enjoyed. BTW, I picked up some wild blueberries from the stand in front of Cider Mill General Store on 101 in Amherst today--Lull Farm must have them in now too.
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