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  1. Hi Jason, I got your message and replied to it. I'll stop by this week and say Hi. Peace, Larry Delivery and the Pizzerias. Only 13" and 17" pizzas are available at the pizzerias. (BTW larry, I just sent you a message. Please email me if you didn't get it.) ~J ←
  2. When i get my tax refund I'll have to go to Costco and get a day pass.
  3. Thanks, I'll check them out (I don't think Dr. Stein's is actually bagels either, just similar dough).
  4. Does this apply to delivery or is it just walk in? ← In the very first post Fay Jai wrote delivery, too. I assume that still stands with the extension of the discount to all sized pies. ← Thanks, I guess I read his post too fast.
  5. Does this apply to delivery or is it just walk in?
  6. Does anyone know of any place in or near Seattle that sells Dr. Stein's Bagel Dogs (especially Jumbo Polish Dogs)? The store I used to buy them at went out of business.
  7. I'm disappointed at the reviews I've read so far of Loki. The hamburgers at Ebb&Flow/Jitterbug/Beeliner Diner were amazing!
  8. I have been laid up in the hospital since last July. Anything new going on in Wallingford? Did anything take the old Ebb & Flow Space? Is Wallingford Pizza House still open?
  9. Put it on the menu and I'll be there opening day.
  10. I haven't been to By' since sometime in the 80s and I'd love to go, but my friend, who is driving, would never get a hamburger he'd pay less than $7 for.
  11. A friend of mine wants to go to a store in Georgetown and we want to get lunch down there. What is the opinion on Muy Macho, Calamity Jane's, or Smarty Pants (or is there someplace better). We will be dressed extremely casual.
  12. A jamba Juice, along with a starbucks, has moved into the new condo at 45th & Stone Way (across from the Blue Star). C'mon Wallingford, get something good. At least an Ezell's, a Red Mill, or Pizza by the slice.
  13. Unfortunately I shop at the QFC on 45th in Wallingford, which might be the worst QFC there is. I should just take the bus down to the Market. I didn't realize that the place on Roosevelt was still open.
  14. I think the Ebb & Flow space is just a bit too cramped to be both a bar and a restaurant. Either rip out the bar and make it a straight up diner or to go place, or rip out the kitchen and make it just a bar. I will miss Ebb & Flow for its great breakfasts and burgers (I never got around to going for dinner) and the neighborhood could sure use a good diner type restaurant (something the Rusty Pelican and Blue Star are not). Wallingford seems to be set on various ethnic foods. An independent burger place or pizza by the slice place would benefit people who just want something quick before a movie or on their way home from work. I would also like a good deli where I can by cold cuts and cheese. I wanted to buy some good Bologna and Cotto Salami to make sandwiches today (I didn't want to have to take a bus to another neighborhood, and my only choice was QFC, which only had Oscar Meyer and Kroger (I bought neither). Now that Chutneys has moved into a larger space in the Wallingford Community Center and the old Beso Del Sol and Ebb & Flow spaces are free, there are now three empty restaurants on 45th within six short blocks.
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