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Sous Vide temp to initial ' pull apart ? '


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Im a big fan of SV.


once the bag is in the bath , time and temp


give you what want , over and over again.


I have an inclination to lower temps , longer .


thus keeping ' jus ' that might be in the bag 


in the meat.


at what temp , with of course long enough times 


would you get the ' beginning ' of ' pull apart  '


w the usual two folks.?


probably not @ 145 F.?  


so Im thinking , early pull apart , at the lowest possible temp


as time is not a variable bye of issue.


and Im thinking Pork as the meat.


and 145 F might be a good temp to try initially.



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I think it would vary with the cut of meat and the connective tissue.

Pork butt would be much longer than pork tenderloin etc.


I do pork butt at 150 for a day and get pretty easy pull apart. Though I usually do it longer

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Posted (edited)



thanks .


Im also thinking 150 F.  as a stating point .


I don't mind adding time at a lower temp 


but as I continue to think about this , for pork butt 


Ill use the ' jus ' one way or the other  , paying attention to its salt content.


145 F to initial pull apart might have less ' jus ' than 150 F .


but as i plan to use it later 


Ill start looking into 150F  trimmed pork shoulder 


for ........


carnitas ?   etc ? 


Ill get my mallard bit in a pan , and use the jus.



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I do pork shoulder or butt at 133ºF for 3 days.

But I'm not sure I understand what distinction you are making about the meat.


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there is pull apart tender


and meat @ 130.1 , until tender


it won't pull apart


ita more like a very tender steak


what do you do with that meat 


Im very interested,


pre season ?  some not ?


what do you then make with it ?

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For pull-apart, you want the collagen connective tissue to decompose into gelatin, which is not as good a glue.  As I recall, 140F is where collagen starts to fall apart, so 140+ and a good long time should get you there...


Read more here: https://www.chefsteps.com/forum/posts/collagen-conversion-what-is-the-threshold-temperature-3

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